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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Discourse on Hong Kong Dharma Convention Consecration by
Master Jun Hong Lu
1 July 2016


As winter approaches, many people are saying, “I would like to save people, but I'm worried that he might not believe in Dharma teachings; or he is wicked, instead of saving him, I might bear the consequences of his karmic debts and land myself in deep water.”

I, Master Lu, would like to tell everyone this story that happened during a cold winter day.
[emoji92] A Buddhist monk and his disciple found a snake stiff and frozen with cold, lying beside the road. The monk would like to save the snake, but was stopped by his disciple who said, "Master, have you forgotten the story of the Farmer and the Snake? The monk replied, “Of course not.” “Then why do you still want to save it?" asked his disciple. The monk answered, “There are many ways to save the snake. I may not use the same way as the farmer did. I don’t necessarily have to put the snake in my arms in order to save it.” Soon after, the monk picked up some firewood and lit a fire beside the road, and the snake was gradually revived by the warmth. The monk said, “There are always multiple ways to perform good deeds. The same applies to the sharing of Dharma teachings, we have to adopt diversified methods in helping people.” [emoji92]

When we encounter an evil man, we shall not hold ourselves back from doing good deeds for fear of bearing negative consequences. As Dharma practitioners, we should instead choose the approach wisely to introduce Dharma teachings to all sentient beings, so that we will not be penalised for our kindheartedness. This is what the miraculous Dharma is about – through an ingenious approach. It is Wisdom that enables us to help more people to attain enlightenment.

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Q&A Session with Hong Kong Dharma Friends
July 5, 2016


Q: If there are a lot of Little Houses at home that are reserved for future use in case of emergency, will this result in negative energy? Will these Little Houses attract foreign spirits? Please enlighten us, Master Lu.

A: No, these won’t attract foreign spirits, because a Little House consists of a combination of sutras and mantras like Great Compassion Mantra and Heart Sutra, which are very good. These are for emergency use. So, not only there will be no negative energy, instead it will generate positive energy when you keep these Little Houses at home.

Q: Thank you for answering my question, Master Lu.

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Discourse by Master Lu – Hong Kong SAR, China July 03, 2016


Based on the research done by psychologist, before information enters into the consciousness of the brain cortex and stored as knowledge / experience in our brain, it will have to be first processed by the part of human brain that controls our emotion, which is among the most ancient of human brain limbic system.

Whenever we encounter a situation, the brain limbic system will be the first to react. This explains why we develop feelings like fear, anger, and joy towards the situation. Thus, the information acquired from the situation will not reach our conscious mind until six seconds later. From there, our brain will process the information and translate it into our knowledge towards the situation. Essentially, impulsiveness is the act of a primitive man while careful deliberation is the act of a civilized man.

Therefore in today’s world, many of us committed crimes and did something awfully detrimental to our family due to the moment of impulse. To help us break away from impulsiveness, we have to make use of our civilized sense of rationality.

The fact is, whenever you encounter a situation, cool down for six seconds. At times when you are unable to curb your temper and tempted to resort to violence, you have to exercise control, take a few deep breaths for six seconds, recite Jvala Mahaugra Dharani (Xiao Zai Ji Xiang Shen Zhou) once, and you will free yourself from yet another worry and difficulty.

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An Excerpt from
Master Jun Hong Lu's
Public Talk in Singapore
April 22, 2016


In actual sense, all the happiness in this world stems from human being’s desires. The pleasure of eating stems from our desire in consuming food; the pleasure of wealth and fame, stems from our greed; our quest for sexual intimacy stems from our sexual desire, the pleasure derived from sleeping and our laziness, is also a type of desire, that is the desire to enjoy. As such, in this human realm, beware, that the happiness you experience today could become the foundation for your slackness in your cultivation tomorrow!

Why the practice of extreme asceticism? It is to allow us to be enlightened, as all things in this world are impermanent. They are all worldly desires. It is through cutting down these worldly pleasures that we are able to experience the “real” happiness within. Happiness within is something you sense on a spiritual level.

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Caller: Greetings to you Master Lu! I am new to the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door and I would like to seek your advice on how to achieve and maintain a balance on time spent between work and recitation?

Master Lu: Maintaining a balance between work and recitation is similar to maintaining your daily work-life balance. You have to first maintain the equilibrium in your heart. As long as you want to do your recitation, you should seize whatever time you have to do it. You don’t necessarily have to recite at a fixed timing. Whenever you have spare time on hand, instead of wasting it on unwholesome thoughts, you should just stay focus on performing your recitation.

Caller: Noted. Thank you.

Master Lu: Bear in mind, performing recitation has the benefits of eliminating disaster and resolving your troubles. So, you should try to do your recitation as and when you are able to.

Caller: Yes. I was on vacation recently and I have been performing my recitation diligently. During this period of time, I felt a sense of serenity. However, as I will be resuming work in February, I am feeling scared and at a loss as I do not know how to maintain the balance.

Master Lu: Fear not. Insist on performing your recitation regardless of whatever hardship and fatigue that you have to endure. Embrace Bodhisattva in your heart and you can be assured that you will never lose the Dharma.

Caller: I will do that. Gratitude to you, Master Lu.

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(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: I am one of Master Lu’s followers. However, I still harbour the feeling of resentment and vengeance within every time I encounter a difficult situation. Why is this so?

Master Lu: Everything happens as a result of karma. A true Dharma practitioner is one who is compassionate and able to forget the shortcomings of others. If you are compassionate, you should not hate others. If you still harbour the thoughts of resentment and vengeance, it shows that you are still lacking in your cultivation. Towards people whom we have lower expectations, we can only try our best to advise them not to hate others.

Resentment cannot resolve your problems but will only hurt you. Take for example, you hated a person to the core and eventually got him landed in jail for five years. When he almost completes his jail terms, you will be terrified as you are unable to anticipate what he will do to seek revenge against you after his release from prison. Such torment will go on forever. Therefore, a true Dharma practitioner must not hate others. Let bygones be bygones and you will be able to avoid a disaster.

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Q&A Session with Hong Kong Dharma Friends

July 6, 2016


Q: Now that there is _Self-Cultivation Record Form_ for _*Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra*_ (Wang Sheng Jing Tu Shen Zhou), which might come in handy when there is such need to transfer merits to a mass of small deceased animals or creatures. For some of our Dharma friends whose children and in-laws are not practising Dharma, their wedding banquets tend to involve the act of killing. As there are no ways to persuade their family members or the in-laws to have vegetarian wedding banquet instead, these Dharma practitioners have no choice but to start burning in advance the _Self-Cultivation Record Form_ for _*Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra*_ to transfer merits to those deceased animals whose deaths would be caused from the wedding; and continue to do so after the wedding celebration. In this manner, would the newlyweds get less punishment by Bodhisattva? In what way could the repercussion be minimised for the newlyweds? Please enlighten us, Master Lu.

A: He has raised a good question. All of you should remember: given no other choice when family members insist on serving non-vegetarian meals, even though the idea is not from oneself, one should not have the mentality, “well, if I can’t beat them, it’s natural for me to join them”. That can never happen, this is very important. Secondly, from the bottom of one’s heart, one should be thinking instead, “It is a pity, how ignorant human can be”. Thirdly, if you burn the _Self-Cultivation Record Form_ for _*Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra*_ before the fishes are killed, these fishes will not be able to receive the intended merits transfer if they die or are killed later. The _*Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra*_ shall be chanted after the fishes are killed, only then they could be benefited from the mantra. Thus, if you burn the _Self-Cultivation Record Form_ beforehand, they won't be able to get any merit at all. After they are killed, you have to make up more of the _*Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra*_.

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An Excerpt from
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk in Hong Kong
July 2, 2016

[emoji92] *VIRTUE IS GIVING OTHERS HOPE* [emoji255]

Someone once asked me, “What is Virtue?” Let me tell you that virtue is giving others hope, in other words, imparting wisdom to others. Virtue is not an external pursuit. It originates intrinsically from our compassionate nature that develops into selfless love for all sentient beings, with the aim of helping people in this world.

Dharma practitioners shall sow the seeds extensively in the field of merits and diligently cultivate wisdom to accomplish true purpose of life. The cultivation of both Merits and Wisdom is essential in practising Dharma. This is because merits and wisdom are just like a pair of aircraft wings. An aircraft could not take off when either of its wings is absent. Therefore, a blessed man certainly possesses wisdom, while a wise man is certainly blessed. So, let’s create a true life of Dharma through the cultivation of mind, merits and wisdom.

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