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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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By Master Jun Hong Lu

"Often times a person who is successful in his career owes his achievement to his attitude of “conquering himself”.

"Often times, a person who is successful in Dharma cultivation owes his achievement to his diligence, hard work and the wisdom of Bodhisattva".

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Wenda20160304 25:10 拜佛时菩萨来了,带来温暖感动和加持



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- Gratitude is the foundation of compassion.

We need to live with a heart filled with gratitude. Bring about your compassion and your sense of gratitude at times when we feel grievously wronged, when we are troubled and angry. When you hate a person, think about the many good things that person had done for you before, we need to resolve all animosity. Gratitude is the foundation of compassion. Every night, we must express our gratitude – be thankful for the joy that the children brought to the family, be thankful that I still have a life to live today, be thankful for the blessing of Bodhisattva that I am free from any terminal illness. We have to have compassion and be thankful for all things. Free ourselves from the frame of our emotion and defilements. Think about this: Where does our misery come from? We are the one who bring misery on ourselves. We need to undo the lock we set upon ourselves, do not allow ourselves to be tied down. Your object of desire, shall be the thing that ties you down. Today, if money is what you desire, in no time, you shall be tied down by money, your heart will be controlled by the financial ups and downs. Today, if you desire affection, you shall be trapped by the web of affection, weaved by you.

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Dear Dharma friends,

To allow our English speaking followers to understand better the teachings of Master Lu, our centre will conduct the next Dharma sharing session on:

Date: 13th March 2016 (Sunday)

Time: 1:30 - 3:00 pm

Venue: 11 Chang Charn Road, Shriro House, #05-01, Singapore 159640
Telephone no. 6222 2603

1. Buddhism In Plain Term: "How to eradicate worries in life?"
2. Testimonial on "Triple Dharma Gems help to instill harmony in family and son's success in 'O' levels exam"
3. Master Lu's tips on improving energy at home
4. Master Lu's story telling:
- Reshaping our lives through Dharma practice
- Reincarnation
5. Q&A

Note: Decent dress code (long pants, no skirt/low-cut designs/bare-back or sleeveless blouse).

Thank you with metta

Oriental Radio Practice Centre Ltd

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Buddhism in Plain Terms Vol. 1 (sharing with disciples on the topic of supernatural power)


Let me share with you today on “Ways to change your habitual outburst of bad temper”. The best method is of course, to perform recitation. The other method is to habitually think of the following phrases as soon as the first sign of an outburst is felt:

"I cannot allow this outburst, it is bad for my heart”
"My outburst will become a laughing stock to others”
"My outburst will deplete my virtues, etc."

When you often think along this line, a habit is formed. When the next outburst is about to occur, this will become your "natural shield" preventing it from happening. In reality, all of you possess this "natural shield" only that it was not put into use.

For example, a husband often throws his temper at home, his wife would have already put up this "shield". No matter how bad the outburst is, she remained unperturbed. She thinks “What a pity man, he is suffering from another psychotic outbreak…” This phrase is her very own "natural shield".

It is about "being expressionless". There is no expression of sentiment, emotion. There is no form. In fact, it is all empty. There is no sensation of the existence of any being.

You will have to find a few convincing rationales that could liberate you and instill it within you. The moment you feel an outburst is about to happen, think about these phrases and it will become THE obstacle that stops you from any wrong move.

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