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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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(Master Lu’s call-in
radio program)


Caller : A Dharma brother discovered that, as compared to normal days, he is able to achieve a better composure when performing recitation of scriptures during 1st and 15th days of Lunar Calendar months and on Bodhisattvas' special days. Is it true that it is easier to connect to the Heavenly energy on these particular days?

Master Lu : Yes, there will be blessings, and that’s for sure. Why these are the better days? It is just like when we hold Dharma Convention - many Bodhisattvas are present. The 1st and 15th days of the lunar months, are days where Bodhisattvas get-together in Heaven, it is a day they descend to the human world to save sentient beings, and to visit all of us the disciples of Buddha. Bodhisattvas know that we are gathered in the Guan Yin Hall on these days and as such they will visit. And because there are crowds, Bodhisattvas will make their presence.

Caller : Is it right to say that the 1st and 15th days of the Lunar Calendar months, and the Buddhas' and Bodhisattvas' special days, are the days stipulated by Heaven for Bodhisattvas to visit human world and to bless the people?

Master Lu: It is not fixed as such, however, generally this is the case. As the 1st and 15th days of the Lunar Calendar months are days of festivities in Heaven.

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[emoji259]Tomorrow, 23rd March 2016 (15th day of the 2nd Lunar Month), is the Commemoration Day of Shakyamuni Buddha’s Nirvana [emoji259]

[emoji271]Please perform more virtuous deeds and recitations, be a vegetarian, refrain from killing, free captive lives, do no evil and perform good deeds[emoji271]

[emoji120] You may recite up to [KEYCAP 2][KEYCAP 7] times "Eighty eight Buddhas Great Repentance" (Lifo), inclusive of the daily homework*. Pray to the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva to eliminate the negative karma on specific misdeeds that we have done in our "current life".

[emoji120] Deepest gratitude to the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva, in giving us the opportunity to recite more Lifo to eliminate our negative karma.

Wishing all advancement in Buddhism practice, accumulation of meritorious blessings, wisdom and Dharma bliss.

* Note: 1) Except for pregnant ladies, all Dharma Friends (with or without altar at home) can recite the additional Lifo. Take this opportunity to eliminate negative karma.

2) If you have altar at home, you may offer First Incense at midnight tonight. Remember to prepare flowers and fruits for the day.

#Additional Notes:
A) Recitation of this additional Lifo is not compulsory. It would be good if you could do so. It is suggested that we match some Little Houses with it.

B) If you are unable to complete your intended number of additional Lifo, you may pray to Bodhisattva to allow you to complete the balance Lifo the next day (only 1 day postponement is allowed).


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(Master Lu’s call-in
radio program)


Caller: Master, if a person neither cultivates his mind and conduct nor performs any virtuous deeds, does it mean that his whole life will be as how it is "planned" for him?

Master Lu: That’s right. He will have to take what fate serves him. In such case, for example if you are fated to meet with a life threatening karmic pass at the age of 33. Even though you are not aware what cultivation is all about, you have been consistently performing kind deeds. When you encounter the karmic pass at the age of 33, you may be able to escape death, but end up as disabled.

On the contrary, if you are fated to be doing well at the age of 33, but because you have been performing numerous bad deeds, when you encounter karmic pass, you wil not able to get the better of it, and you will die.

As such, it is highly dangerous to just leave life to fate, because you have absolutely no control over what is going to happen to you. As for us, being Dharma practitioners, at least we are able to have control over our bad fate and destiny. That is why leaving life to fate is dangerous.

Caller: Yes. There is a Dharma brother whom continuous dreamed about automobile accidents on the day before and on the day after his birthday. He then started to prepare himself by performing daily recitation of Little House and scriptures. On the third day while driving, his car skidded on black ice (a thin coating of glaze on road surface) and crashed into the roadside. He escaped the accident unscathed. It is as if the karmic pass was dispersed just like that.

Master Lu: You see? If you do not practise Dharma and just take what fate serves you, you will end up dead in an automobile accident, just like how it appeared in your dream.

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Notice on Dharma sharing session.

Dear Dharma friends,

To allow our English speaking followers to understand better the teachings of Master Lu, our centre will conduct the next Dharma sharing session on:

Date: 27th March 2016 (Sunday)

Time: 1:30 - 3:00 pm

Venue: 11 Chang Charn Road, Shriro House, #05-01, Singapore 159640
Telephone no. 6222 2603

1. Highlights of Master Lu's discourse on Brisbane convention
2. Buddhism In Plain Term: "Can we change our destiny through fortune-telling"
3. Testimonial: "Recovery from 20 years old epilepsy illness "
4. How to prevent slacking in cultivation
5. Q&A

Note: Decent dress code (long pants, no skirt/low-cut designs/bare-back or sleeveless blouse).

Thank you with metta

Oriental Radio Practice Centre Ltd (Singapore)

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(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master, if Bodhisattva wishes to send us messages through our dreams, when will it normally take place?

Master Lu: To be accurate, it will be between 5am and 8am.

Caller: If during this timing, we are not asleep, or we did not receive these messages, would Bodhisattva send the messages through our dreams again on the second or third day?

Master Lu: That’s tough. If you fail to receive such messages, then perhaps the messages will be sent to you through others.

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WHAT IS CONSIDERED DILIGENT ADVANCEMENT Wenda 20160306A 14:47 (Master Lu’s call-in radio programme)

Caller: Master, the days of this Dharma age are getting more and more urgent and karmic eruptions are happening more rapidly. Should we emphasise the recitation of the Little House as very important? Should we recite 5 pieces and not 4 pieces of Little House to ensure physical safety and protection of our spiritual life?

Master Lu: Being extra diligent in Dharma cultivation is an advancement by itself. In this Age of Dharma Decline, you will not be able to accomplish it if you do not possess this mentality. (Guan Yin Bodhisattva said “to be more diligent in 2016”, therefore, what is considered to be a true diligent Dharma cultivation?) Being diligent means not wasting every single second. For example, you are now making a call and every minute you are asking questions concerning sentient beings. All the questions enquired by you are recorded and broadcasted over the radio for listeners to hear and you can accumulate virtuous merits too. After hanging up the phone, you help others; in between household chores, marketing as well as cooking, you are perpetually doing recitations, this is being diligent! Even when you are at work, talking to other people, all your words are Dharma words of wisdom, all your thoughts are thoughts of Bodhisattva‘s righteousness, even your behaviour is neat and proper, are you not advancing diligently? (All are good deeds….) Yes, Indeed. Do not commit any bad deed. Good people must do good deeds.

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Inspirational Stories 123

Dear Master Lu

I would appreciate if you can post my below story in your blog or home page, it is about my true life experience as a volunteer during the recent Dharma Talk in Jakarta, Indonesia.

My name is Christine Kho kim Kum

It is my pleasure to share with you today about my experience as a volunteer during the recent Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door Dharma Talk in Jakarta.

This is my 2nd time volunteering in Mater Lu’s Dharma Talk. My first was in Kuala Lumpur in Dec 2015. This time I was assigned to be in the Altar team, there were about 19 volunteers in total. Five were involved in the flower arrangement and I was one of them. Our aim was to help set up the Buddhist centre for our very first new centre in Indonesia and as well as the Dharma Talk’s venue at the Grand Mercure hotel. Our job scopes were: to arrange 30 flower stands, 50 hand bouquets, about 10 table flowers, flowers for the stage and event hall, flowers for altar tables both at hotel and the new Buddhist centre. Even before the trip, there were a lot of preparation work even up to the day before our departure, we were at the nursery ordering flowers. Even though the Dharma Talk was on 21 Feb and the new Buddhist centre opening was on 19 Feb, our group arrived much earlier on 16 Feb, because there were a lot of work has to be done before the actual event begin

The fact that the Buddhist centre and hotel is not within walking distance makes it even tougher for our job, we have to travel back and forth to complete our tasks. During the preparation, we usually finished past midnight and the next morning had to assemble as early as 6 am. We were left with only few hours of sleep. We faced a couple of situations, such as there were a lot of impromptu work to be done at very short notice, insufficient manpower, sarcastic remarks heard, confusion and misunderstandings among team members, etc. And there were a lot of tears and sweat. Therefore, it was rather stressful for everyone. Being a volunteer, we also needed to make sacrifices like missed out many events, such as performing life liberation with Master Lu, the opening ceremony of the new Buddhist centre, and many even missed the dinner hosted by Master Lu because work always comes first.

Before my trip, I was coughing and I prayed to Guan Yin Bodhisattva on Lunar New Year Eve’s at the First Incense Offering ceremony for helping me recover. I felt much better afterwards. Still rather worried, I almost thought about cancelling the trip. But then I thought that the team was already short- handed, I couldn’t back out.

Nevertheless, I felt very blessed. After the Dharma Talk, Master Lu walked past our rows, even though I was not standing in the front rows, he stretched his hand to touch my head and I felt very relieved and all my tiredness was gone. Also on the day of Master Lu’s departure, I was standing like 20 metres behind him. Before he got into his car, he turned his head to look at me and I felt the blessing from him through his eyes. Surprisingly too, my cough has gone despite the insufficient rest and not taking any medication.

What I have learnt from volunteering for Master Lu’s Dharma Talk is this:

Volunteering helps to train your patience and tolerance. It teaches me the importance of working as a team, going with a pure heart, and thinking nothing about gaining benefits nor merits. On one occasion, we were told to form a human shield to protect Master Lu from the huge crowd welcoming him. We had to hold arms in arms with volunteers from China. As some of them were so emotional after seeing Master Lu, they broke away from our arms, and dashed towards Master Lu. Luckily Master’s bodyguards stretched their heavy muscular arms and stopped them from coming forward. Otherwise it would be a disaster.

Upon returning to Singapore, out of frustrations I made some unwholesome speech and thoughts, I must therefore sincerely repent to Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master Lu.

Last but not least, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin bodhisattva, all the Dharma Protectors, and Master Lu.

Thanks with Metta,

Christine Kho Kim Kum


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Master Jun Hong Lu’s Dharma Talk:

Wisdom Is the
Foundation for an Awakening Mind

We need to get past the doors of life and death and transcend out of reincarnations. How do we relieve ourselves of reincarnations? We stop making the same mistakes again and again. In a way, reincarnations manifest in the way you repeat your mistakes: If you smoked before and quit but now you have started again; if you used to have messy relationships and now you are involved in similar relationships; if you used to gamble and now you are starting to gamble again; if you used to take care of your health but now you are not taking care of yourself; if you used to curse others and quit doing that but now you are back to cursing others again; if you used to eat meat then adopted vegetarianism, but now you are back to eating. These are all reincarnations.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s Dharma Talk:

Wisdom Is the
Foundation for an Awakening Mind

A long time ago, people used to have few desires, which made it easier for the seeds of Buddhism to grow in their minds. Back then it was the Proper Dharma Age, where everyone could listen to Buddhism when it was brought up. Sometimes people from remote rural areas became great Buddhist practitioners as soon as they started practicing. This was because they had a clean mind and didn’t have too many selfish thoughts. Why is it harder for urban people? Because they are more selfish. The grandma that never learned Buddhism may learn it very quickly, but those who have already been learning Buddhism for years might not listen. It’s hard to erase clean a piece of paper that’s been drawn on but it’s much easier to write a great essay on a blank piece of paper that’s never been written on. So those with few desires can immediately accept Buddhism and practice it diligently and it’s much easier for them to relieve themselves from reincarnations.

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Wenda20160327B 37:22
(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: One night, while outside, a Dharma friend was discussing with his son on Little House and Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. It was a very pleasant discussion. However, when they reached home, he dreamed of many strangers on the road acting fiercely towards them. Master Lu, could this be due to their discussion on Little House outside in the night?

Master Lu: Yes. That’s right. It is not something you should discuss on the road or in any open space as it will invite spirits. Let me reiterate, Little House is money in the underworld. Should you be saying “I have this many thousands and millions…”, very soon, muggers will come and rob you.

Caller: Is it alright, if they discuss it outside during day time then?

Master Lu: Do it in a softer tone.

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