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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)

[emoji92]TO COMMENT ON

Caller: Master Lu, you mentioned that “One is half way to achieving Buddhahood when he is able to guard himself from creating karma of speech”. May I ask if karma of speech includes making comments on others behind their back?

Master Lu: That’s for sure.

Caller: So, it means, regardless of whether the other party is in the right or wrong, we shouldn’t make any judgement about them, is that right?

Master Lu: Unless your intention is to help him, only then you can make a comment about him. Otherwise, if you do so, you are generating negative energy. If your intention is to help him and you talk to him face-to-face, this is positive energy, and as such it is not considered as creating karma of speech. For example, I am ready to help a person today. How can I avoid commenting on him? Do you regard this as creating karma of speech, then? On the other hand, if I am not with the person concerned today but I made some sharp statements and talked behind his back, it is then considered as creating karma of speech.

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Wenda20160529B 39:36 (Master Lu's call-in radio program )

Do Not Read Unnecessary Books And Listen To Deceased Singers’ Songs, Advance Your Cultivation Single-mindedly And Diligently!

Caller: A fellow practitioner admired a very well-known deceased person who was also good and knowledgeable. Sometimes, this fellow practitioner would read up the articles written by the wise man. Recently, he dreamt that the wise man was dying on his bed and was clasping fellow practitioner’s hands for a very long time. After that, he heard the wise man’s disciple telling him: “this wise man had taken all your power which you had accumulated in Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door's practice over the past few years. The wise man also exhausted a lot of his own power”. Master, please enlighten us if this is true?

Master Lu: It is probably true and is very powerful! This is the reason why Master had told you all before not to read unnecessary books! There is nothing I can do if he likes to read such books, just like some practitioners while cultivating Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, they also pray to all types of fairies and deities at home. Is it better to cultivate in one Dharma door or many others? Apart from reading notable articles, even when you listened to the songs of the deceased Teresa Teng, she would also come to look for you.

Caller: Yes, previously, I listened to Leslie Cheung’s songs and I dreamt of him.

Master Lu: So, now you see! When you think of seeing him every day, he will befriend you in your dreams and then it will become a love affair between human and ghost.

Caller: I don’t do it now. I did not know anything before; I just felt that the songs were nice to listen….

Master Lu: When it is nice to listen, you will be mesmerised by it!

Caller: Master, since this fellow practitioner has exhausted all his power, will his lotus in the heaven drop to the earth?

Master Lu: Probably not. Fellow practitioner probably read some of his books and the wise man’s cultivation may not be up to mark when he took fellow practitioner’s merits. This is just like a drowning person clutching at a straw, grabbbing whoever is trying to save him and pulling him down as well. Therefore, when he saw a good energy field, he grabbed!

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Wenda 20160605 55:20 (Master Lu’s call-in radio programme)

How To Change Our Fixed Karma Created From Our Good And Bad Karmic Deeds.

Caller: Master, please enlighten us: Is fixed karma referring to our bad karmic debts?

Master Lu: No, it is not. Fixed karma arises from both our good and bad karmic deeds. The good and bad deeds created by you in the past will form the fixed karma in your present life, thus the karma is fixed. Therefore, the Dharma we are cultivating presently will change our fixed karmic debts and eliminates them. Fixed karma can also be changed when you have accumulated merits from a lot of good deeds you performed every year. The merits gained will gradually help to change your fixed karmic emergence. For example, you are a bad person, you will have to do good deeds every day to allow others to be aware that you are changing for the better and gradually accept you as a good person, (Master, when the fixed karmic debts are transformed into good karma, will all the fixed karma be changed totally? Will some fixed karmic debts be left behind to turn into retribution effect?) All if possible, if not, it will take its effect eventually.

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(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)

[emoji92]HOW TO RECITE

Caller: Master Lu, you mentioned that we should recite sutras/mantras with “feelings”, how are we able to tap into the energy field of Bodhisattva, and enhance the effectiveness of our recitations?

Master Lu: In answering this question, let me ask you, at times when you are “touched” by something that someone did will that generate “emotional feelings” in you?

Caller: Yes.

Master Lu: That’s right. Hence, when it comes to reciting sutras/mantras, should you think about the wishes that Bodhisattva has granted you, for example she has blessed your parents to help them recover from an illness or she has answered your prayers and help you succeed in some matters, will you then feel “touched”?

Caller: Yes, I will.

Master Lu: When recitations are performed in this state of mind, this is when the “feelings” will arise.

Caller: I understand now. It means that we have to adopt a state of mind that is filled with a sense of gratitude towards Guan Yin Bodhisattva.

Master Lu: That’s right. For example, you have sought help from Bodhisattva and you managed to enrol in a specific school, or Bodhisattva has helped one of your family member, you had your prayers answered, etc. When you reminisced on any of these, you will feel “touched” again, and it is at this moment when you perform your recitation, the effect will be different from your usual recitations.

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(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Is it true that dharma practitioners are more susceptible to karmic retribution of present lifetime?

Master Lu: This statement has a certain degree of truth to it. Dharma practitioners are more “responsive” to the sentiments of present retribution as these sentiments served as reminders to deter them from continuing to commit more major blunders. Let me quote you a very simple example, a physician will be very sensitive to even the most minute disorder in his body. However, for a non-medical practitioner, any slight disorder in his body will be conveniently ignored, and before he knew it, it has turned into a serious disorder one day and it took his life away.

Caller: As dharma practitioners, through our dharma practice, we may have some dreams, some “sentiments” or we may even be receiving some “directives” from Bodhisattva, through which we are able to repent for and perform recitation to offer merits to our karmic creditors.

Master Lu: That’s right. One would rather suffer from some minor retributions. Otherwise, should such retributions be carried forward to the next life, the effect of bad retributions will be even more drastic. Here is another concept, in the event that minor retribution did not take place, what follows will be difficulties for a person to attain “perfection” from the many good deeds that he may have performed.

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(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master, you always emphasized on the importance of spiritual cultivation, as our mental states will determine our conduct. Could Master enlighten us on the guidelines and traits which we could reflect upon to gauge our progression?

Master: A person who has progressed well in his spiritual cultivation :

1. Will not quarrel;
2. Will not scold others;
3. Will not gaze at ladies seductively;
4. Are refined, they let others speak first, they will only tell the truth, will not sow discord.

The above are visible traits of a well cultivated dharma practitioner. Thus, to be successful, one must emulate Buddha in his behavioural conduct before others are able to perceive him like one. If a person does not behave like a Buddha, how do you expect him to progress in his spiritual cultivation?

Caller: Understand. Thank you Master.

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Dear Dharma Friends,

Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door Singapore will be organising a Sharing Session on 17th September 2016. In preparation for the program of the Sharing Session, we are seeking talents in choir performance and persons with experience in audio visual and stage lighting system to join us.

[emoji441] If you like singing and meet the following prerequisites, please join us!

Age: 18 to 40 years old.
1) Preferably with experience in choir performance
2) Possess basic pitch accuracy and vocal range

Please register (via text messages) with the following personnel:

Female Vocalist:(Lea Kien Shixiong 90237097)
Male Vocalist :(Kian Haow Shixiong 82685883)

* Note: There will be a few rehearsals before the actual performance. Selected choir members will be notified in due course.*

[emoji625]If you have experience in conducting, choral composition and arrangement and knowledge in sign language, please inform us upon registration.

[emoji625] If you have experience in handling audio visual system and stage lighting equipment, please contact Qiu Yu Shixiong 92394077 (via text message)

Please click the below link for last year's choir performance video

We look forward to your participation!
Thank you with Metta!


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(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master, one of our fellow practitioners had accidentally misplaced her handbag while taking a bus ride. She had 18 completed little houses in the bag. Most of the little houses were meant for her deceased mother, who passed away less than 49 days ago. Can she pray to Bodhisattva for those little houses to be voided and transfer to new ones?

Master: No, she can’t.

Caller: What will happen if staff from the bus company or other people found those little houses and throw or burnt them away?

Master: That’s why she can’t.

Caller: What should she do then?

Master: There’s nothing left to do. It’s gone.

Caller: Which means she has to start from scratch and re-do all the recitations? Not allowed to re-dot on new little houses after praying to Bodhisattva?

Master: She will be in trouble if someone found and burnt those little houses.

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Wenda 20160612A 05:04 (Master Lu’s call-in radio programme)
The Spirit Wants Only His Life And Not The Little Houses.

Caller: Master, presently there is a situation whereby the spirit does not want the Little Houses and insisted on taking the karmic debtor’s life, what should we do?

Master Lu: In situations like these, the only solution is still to offer him Little Houses. Let me enlighten you so that you can understand better. If you had accidentally run over someone’s child and killed him. Then the family of the deceased came looking for you and demanded: “You killed my son and I want to kill your child too”. At that moment you responded: “I will compensate you with money”. He replied: “I don’t want money; I want your child’s life”. You begged further: “Please don’t take my child’s life, I will give you more money”. “I don’t want. I want his life”. Then you keep adding more…up to a point where he felt contented with the amount of compensation: “Wow, so much money, it is worth not taking his child’s life”.

Caller: Oh, I understand now. The final decision is still the Little Houses. We just have to keep offering and increasing the number of Little Houses.

Master Lu: Yes. There is no other ways. Let me ask you, in this human realm, are there any other means other than offering money to resolve bad affinities? No way. You look around especially at people with status seeking divorces. They quarrelled, “I want justice!” What is justice? In the end, the court awarded more financial compensation, the house etc…..ultimately; is it not the money that resolved the case?[emoji18]

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Shuohua20160603 17:19
(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)

ELIMINATE IT?[emoji92]

Caller: Master Lu, when we dreamed of having karmic obstacles, and on top of that we feel that the karmic obstacles have indeed erupted in real life, if we are unable to make it in time to recite Little House, can we use our virtues to eliminate the karmic obstacles?

Master Lu: Yes you may do so.

Caller: What about if the person’s virtues are insufficient?

Master Lu: In such case, elimination will not be possible, that goes without saying. It’s the same logic as having not enough money to purchase something. You may ask me next, what about some others whom, though do not have enough money, but are still able to make a purchase? It’s because he took “an overdraft”, he used his credit card. Under this circumstances, making vows to Bodhisattva is like owning a credit card. He vowed, “Bodhisattva, I will definitely do ……when I recover from this illness. As as long as I have one breath left, I will use it to introduce dharma to others”. With this, he gained the trust of Bodhisattva and he is granted a credit card to spend in advance. Here comes the principle: if, after this ordeal, when he managed to recover from his illness, but did not make any repayment, his house will then be taken away and sold off eventually.

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