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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Q&A Session with Dharma Friends in Malacca, Malaysia
August 19, 2016

Q: When one insists on fishing despite discouragement from relatives and friends, we will instead persuade him not to eat the fishes caught, but to set them free.  We try to convince the person that fishing is a form of sport, not for the consumption purpose. As most people could accept this concept, hence those who managed to convince others would earn merits, as for those who continue fishing with this concept in mind would incur relatively smaller karmic obstacles. Master Lu, please advise if this approach is acceptable?

A: According to what you have said, I could catch it for fun and then release it? Fine, let me have some fun by piercing a hole through your mouth, and thereafter send you to hospital to get it stitched! Think about it, when you catch a fish, the fishing hook would have torn its mouth. How could you be happy even if you release it subsequently? How could you derive happiness from others' misery? It is wrong to do so. There are many other forms of sports, like walking, why has it to be fishing? If I beat you, it's also a form of exercise for my hands!  What kind of theory is this?

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(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Caller: If the leaders of Dharma practice groups spend lesser time on recitation of Daily Homework and Little Houses because of their greater dedication of time to helping sentient beings to attend Dharma conventions, will it affect the currently good quality of their practice and their ‘lotus flowers’ in Heaven? Is it necessarily for them to guarantee a minimum of 2 to 3 pieces of Little Houses every day while helping sentient beings to attend Dharma conventions and other activities of practice groups? Master Lu, please enlighten us as I noticed that they have been too occupied, leaving them with little time for recitation.

Master Jun Hong Lu: It’s the same. A person who is able to help sentient beings, is in fact putting recitation into practice. He is helping sentient beings, and that is tantamount to performing recitation, isn’t it?

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(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: We have Dharma brothers who are diligent in their cultivation and have shown improvement in their behavioural conduct. However, the only hurdle which they have difficulty overcoming is removing the hatred that harboured within them. Due to their karmic debts, the sense of hatred kept recurring rapidly. May I ask Master how do we effectively remove hatred from our heart?

Master: Hatred stem from lack of wisdom. Try thinking, what are the causes for lack of wisdom? Attaining wisdom is dependent on compassion. Thus, the way to remove hatred is to be more compassionate.

Caller: I see.

Master: If you try to change your perspective and start observing a person’s weaknesses with a heart filled with compassion, do you think you will still hate him? For example, you hate a swindler for cheating your money. But think again, with the meagre amount of money he got from you, he will end up being apprehended, shot dead, or sentenced to jail for a few decades. Nowadays, there are many swindlers locked in jail. When they first cheated other people, the victims hated them too, isn’t it?

Caller: Yes.

Master: But it’s the end for the swindler as he will eventually pass on in the jail. At this juncture, try to imagine the swindler as your child, brother or sister. Their life is ruined for cheating that little sum of money. In this way, you will be able to untie many of the knots that formed within you. In addition, you will also treat the money lost as a lesson bought. As human, the only way to gain wisdom is to reach an understanding progressively.

Caller: Understand. Gratitude to Master.

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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: We know that there are two approaches in gaining wisdom, i.e. through performing recitation and through “observing precepts, samadhi and wisdom”. Of these two approaches, which is more effective?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Of course, it is through “observing precepts, samadhi and wisdom”. Gaining wisdom through observing precepts and samadhi is quicker. As one is clear about the "Do's and Don'ts", he will achieve samadhi. That’s when he will gain wisdom.
Performing recitation, on the other hand, is depending on Bodhisattva to bless you with a little wisdom. However, if you do not observe the precepts, even though you are performing recitation, Bodhisattva will not be able to grant you wisdom. Do you understand?

Caller: I understand. So it means, for example, when we are troubled by something, recitation of Heart Sutra oftentimes will only help us to gain wisdom temporarily at that moment. Is that right?

Master Jun Hong Lu: That's right. Also, it may not even happen at that moment in time. For example, many people after reciting Heart Sutra, they will think, “Hey, I should take a listen to Master Lu’s “Buddhism in Plain Terms”. In this case, it is Bodhisattva who had guided him to listen to “Buddhism in Plain Terms” in order to help him gain wisdom. Recitation of scriptures may not be able to help you think things through immediately. It can only happen by connecting you to another avenue for solution to resolve the issue. It is like when we are ill and Guan Yin Bodhisattva helps us find a good doctor to help heal us.

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[emoji625]My reply to an ex-colleague's spouse who message me with articles and videos on negative news of Guan Yin Citta Dharma(XLFM):

[PENCIL]️Thank you for your concern.

I would like to share that in order to have a good understanding of XLFM, one has to personally cultivate it to have a holistic view and to reap its full benefits.

Beside reciting our daily scriptures, Master Lu also inculcates in us filial piety, respect for others, help the needy, to be compassionate, to have gratitude etc.

I have been practicing XLFM for more than a year and have participated in seven of Master Lu's Dharma events and volunteered in five. I met people from all walks of life and how XLFM impact them and their lives positively is obvious to all!

There is one practitioner with four types of cancer who recovered after cultivating XLFM! There is another who had a son with five years of drug abuse, it was XLFM that helped him come clear of drugs! The whole family now volunteer together for Master Lu's Dharma events . Now her son is polite, reciting scriptures daily and even helps reciting for his parents! (Reciting scriptures for family members is a form of merit transfer but as we are not monks or nuns, we do not have the energy to transfer merit to everyone in the world)

Master Lu wants everyone to be well, to have a good family living in a peaceful society and every country to be in the best it can be!

Master Lu tells us that there are 84,000 Dharma, as long as it teaches us to be good, it is fine and let us choose the one we find most comfortable with and suit us best to cultivate.

Since I started cultivating XLFM, Master Lu never asks us for a single cent! Even for live fish liberation, we are to buy the lives fish on our own. Was overjoyed to learn that the fish supplier has started reciting scriptures recently and has been attending Master Lu's Dharma Talks! Her current plan is to eventually operate a vegetarian restaurant. She started cultivating after she personally witness the positive impact XLFM has on her customers!

Guan Yin Pusa Bless you and your family!
With Gratitude and appreciation for your concern!
(Singapore Almaz Ng 28.08.2016)

[PENCIL]️Original Message was in Chinese as follows:

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(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio programme)


Caller : Young fellow practitioner’s memory is deteriorating very seriously, whatever has been said the day before is forgotten the next day. His daily homework on Heart Sutra is forty-nine times. Besides taking lecithin daily, what else must he do? The fellow practitioner is very worried that he will get dementia in his advanced age.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Many people feel that they will develop dementia in their old age. In fact, they already have dementia. This is simple logic, just like a person who feels that he has aching joints, in reality, he already has arthritis. Therefore, it is advisable for him to take lecithin continuously. Besides reciting more Heart Sutras, do not damage the brain cells by reminiscing unnecessarily. Why is it so? Some people think too much and in so doing will damage the good brain cells. Why do we ask an aging person to lead an austere lifestyle? An austere lifestyle means not to think too much and not to have too many desires, as a human’s pituitary will experience continuous enrichment and overwhelming thoughts will destroy many normal brain cells. Thus, in the advanced age without new brain cells being regenerated, normal cells will be greatly reduced. Younger people have good memories because good brain cells will regenerate rapidly during young age. Just like when you are young you could spend your money and earn it back quickly, but as you grow older, you will be spending money and not able to earn it back and gradually the more you spend the lesser money you have.

Caller: That is right. Fellow practitioner is quite young, slightly above 30 years in age. Heart sutra recitation is 49 times, is there any way to address this?)

Master Jun Hong Lu: That will not solve the problem. Actually, the best way to solve it is to do meditation, but I am afraid he may develop a problem from meditation. Therefore, it is better for him to just sit there and remain still. Do not allow the mind to wander, instead, look at Bodhisattva’s picture, then have a good sleep as maintaining a good night’s rest will generate more new brain cells. Ask him to take lecithin two to three times a day instead of once a day.

Caller: Understand. That is not to let him think unnecessarily.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Right.

Caller: Is Lecithin suitable for everyone?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Basically, it is suitable for everyone. Soy lecithin is very good as it can increase brain cells and brain capacities. When the brain cells cease functioning, a person’s life will also expire. Therefore, it is very good to take lecithin. Spirulina is also good.

Caller: What benefits does spirulina have?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Spirulina is a green and natural product. Master has been taking vegetarian for decades. There was a period my vision was not too good and sometimes felt very tired; then Bodhisattva came to me one night and instructed me to take spirulina. Actually, I was not aware of this product but through Bodhisattva’s advice, I am relaying this information to all of you. For those who are full-time vegetarians, taking some spirulina will supplement a variety of vitamins to your body system. It is very good.

Caller: Thank you Master Lu.

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