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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Q&A Session with Hong Kong Buddhist friends by 
Master Jun Hong Lu

July 5, 2016

Q: If there are a lot of Little Houses at home that are reserved for future use in case of an emergency, will this result in negative energy?  Will these Little Houses attract foreign spirits?  Please enlighten us, Master Lu.

A: No, these won’t attract foreign spirits, because a Little House consists of a combination of sutras and mantras like the Great Compassion Mantra and Heart Sutra, which are very good.  These are for emergency use.  So, not only there will be no negative energy, instead it will generate positive energy when you keep these Little Houses at home.

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Words of Wisdom by Master Junhong Lu, 13 December 2015


A wise person will always use his spare time to work on his own future.  For example, we should spend every bit of spare time we’ve got reciting sutras to protect ourselves from getting sick in the future, just as we spend our spare time exercising to stay healthy.

To acquire sustainable spiritual strength and success, we must use all our time to do what is necessary.

In every era, there are a great number of Bodhisattvas who have succeeded in their cultivation. The secret to their success is, when other people are indulging themselves in world enjoyments, they are quietly cultivating themselves, helping people realise the importance of spirituality, and giving a hand to those in need.  When other people still cannot see through the true face of the world, those who want to be Bodhisattvas have already gained insights into the true meaning of life. Therefore, when others begin to suffer and think it is about time to start searching for what truly matters in life, those aspirers have already succeeded in their cultivation, becoming Bodhisattvas!

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Testimonial of French Fa Shi who have been practising GYCDD for 5 years.

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By Master Jun Hong Lu


In reality, many of us are by no means “handicapped.”  However, our hearts are indeed so.  When asked to perform recitation of scriptures, many complain:

“I am not able to rise in the morning. I can’t do it.”

“I am very tired.”

“I have no time.”

Even if you have the healthiest body now, you may still be encountering various life obstacles and challenges in this human realm.  When such moments of downcast occur, that is when you will slowly start to feel dejected. It is your lack of faith, courage, and single-mindedness that make you disheartened and incapable of starting anew.
“A Buddhist cultivator should not wallow himself in self-pity.  Be strict to yourself when it comes to observing the precepts and repenting; reflect on what has caused our life’s troubles. Only then will you be released by your faint heart.”

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Shuohua20130118 05:07


Caller: Master Lu, you often mention to be filial to parent. Many children and their parents have very deep karmic knots, where parents owed them to their children in the previous lives and now the children are collecting their karmic dues. If the children treat the parents with filial piety in place of disrespects, at the same time the parents take good care of the children with proper upbringing, this will eliminate karmic debts positively and the family will eventually resolve their bad affinities. Can it be explained this way from the point of cause and effect?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Right, the parents owed the children, instead of seeking repayments from the parents, the children treat the parents very well, isn’t this rendering good for evil? Eventually, in the next rebirth, there will be no more affinity between the child and the mother.

Caller: I understand. However, with the added recitation of the *Heart Sutra* and *Chieh Chieh Chou*, will it eliminate the bad affinities speedily?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Absolutely correct!

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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Master Jun Hong Lu:  Buddhists should cultivate blessings and wisdom, alongside blessings and virtue. As only a blessed person will be able to come across Buddha's teachings and only a person with good moral will be able to encounter well-doers and good advisors.

I often tell others, a merciful person is one who is always compassionate.  On the other hand, a person who always holds on to hatred is someone who can never be merciful.  “To disregard his own interests and welfare over those of others”, such is an altruistic state of mind. 

As Buddhists, we should be concerned with our state of mind and equip ourselves with virtues.  For without virtue, we shall fail in attaining such state of mind.  Consequently, a person who often performs virtuous deeds is a person with a high state of mind.  That explains why Bodhisattva urges us to be compassionate.  It is for us to accumulate virtue.  At all times, trust that all sentient beings possess the Buddha-nature and regard all as Buddhas of the future.  At the same time, be strict to ourselves and do not allow ourselves to commit any mistake.

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