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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Shuohua20130118 09:00
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: It is said that Guan Yin Bodhisattva answers all prayers. However, if we are not destined to have certain things in life, will our prayers still be answered?

Master Jun Hong Lu: You are absolutely correct! Generally, if you do not sow the seed then there is no ‘cause’. Hence, no matter how you water the seed, give it sunlight and fertilizer, this plant will still not grow simply because there is no seed! That explains why there are many who go to the temple to pray desperately but they never get their prayers answered.

For such cases, one may pray to Guan Yin Bodhisattva, “Bodhisattva, I shall now sow the seeds.”

For example, you know that you did not practise the act of giving in your previous life, hence you are poor now. If you start practising the virtue of giving you will still be rewarded in this life. This is because Bodhisattva will expedite the karmic reward. So, with the seeds you plant in this life, you are able to reap the reward speedily, this is what it means by “all prayers shall be answered”.

Caller: Yes, how do we tell if we are destined to have certain things in life?

Master Jun Hong Lu: One can definitely feel it. For example, whether you succeed in your studies or not that will tell you if you are destined to have wisdom in this life. As for those who want to get rich desperately, but they keep failing and can only survive on a meagre income, they should know then if they are destined to be wealthy. The same goes with relationships; if you have few friends no matter how hard you try, they are clearly lacking in your fate.

Caller: Thank you, Master!
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
Amsterdam, Netherlands
9 Sep 2019

To be able to succeed in achieving one’s resolution, one needs to amass his merits consistently over a period of time. We have to constantly introspect our heart, for our blessings can only grow when our heart is filled with compassion.

Only a blessed person is able to accumulate meritorious blessings; and with compassion, we will have even more good fortune bestowed upon us. Therefore, one who is blessed with good fortune must be a compassionate person.
Buddhism in Plain Terms
(Radio Program)
Vol. 2 Chapter 2
(An Excerpt)


Master Jun Hong Lu: The ignorant should contemplate karmic conditions. When you are clueless to the many things in life, and all you know is to pray for more, you should attempt to understand the law of cause and effect of the three periods of time (past, present and future), and the workings of karmic conditions. You must be aware that our life revolves around karmic conditions. Be it our past or present life, it is all about karmic affinities or karmic conditions.

Therefore, it is important for us to practise this contemplation. Even if you are ignorant, if you practise contemplation of karmic conditions, you will realise right away that, “It’s clear that I lack the affinity required for this position. Since I am not qualified for it, I’ll let someone else fill the position. After all, I simply do not have the energy and capacity to take on the role.”

This is how you overcome ignorance through this contemplation.
Zongshu20170624 31:27
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Master Jun Hong Lu:

Please remember that unwholesome thoughts led to the creation of negative karma. It is our thoughts that led to the chained reactions in our body, actions, and speeches. Therefore, it is imperative to learn empty mindedness in Buddhist cultivation. Without any thoughts in mind, you will not create any karma. If you have thoughts surfacing in your mind, they have to be wholesome. There are some people with unwholesome thoughts, thus, created negative karma for themselves. To create karma is to plant a cause. Why do you think a person has such heavy negative karma? It is because he keeps creating it incessantly.
When one lives his life with the interests of others in mind, understanding that all suffering in the human realm is temporary, and will find it easier to let go of things. Only then will one be liberated from sufferings and attain true happiness.

Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
Singapore 12 May 2019
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk
Sydney, Australia
27 January 2019


Master Jun Hong Lu: Once, there were two men who ran into a tiger in the forest. Immediately, the first man squatted down, took out a pair of sneakers from behind him and put them on. The second man saw what happened and scolded him, “What do you think you are doing? Even with your sneakers on, you can never outrun a tiger!” The first man replied, “Well, I just need to make sure that I outrun you!”

The lesson learnt from this story is that *the greatest crisis faced by humanity in the 21st century is having no sense of crisis*. When we hear news such as plane crashes, people falling ill with cancer, families breaking up or children falling out with their parents, does it ever occur to us that these things may happen to us? That brings us to *the importance of Buddhist practice and spiritual cultivation, i.e. to protect ourselves from any possible harm and crisis*. While non-Buddhist practitioners are susceptible to calamities and worries, we on the other hand have geared ourselves up with our ‘sneakers’ to deal with life’s sufferings. To save ourselves is an essential prerequisite for saving sentient beings.
Wenda20150717 56:04
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program) 

Caller: Would one’s meritorious blessings deplete when reciting the _Cundi Dharani_ with the purposes of advancing one’s career and fulfilling one’s wishes?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, it would. When one prays for success in career development at a time when such merits are there for one to dip into, the recitation of the _Cundi Dharani_ serves to speed up the process for the merits to be brought forward into a certain point in your present life. That is why it is so effective!

The recitation of the _Cundi Dharani_ is akin to moving out needful items from a storage or dipping into one’s savings. It’s impossible for Bodhisattva to conjure up some funds for you if you have none in your bank account.

In short, meritorious blessings are like the savings you have. Bodhisattva will make use of these merits to expedite the process of crystallising your wishes in the human realm. This is how the concept works.
Do not give too much thought to fame and wealth. Instead we should regard sentient beings with our purest loving kindness and compassion and be kind to each and every friend. Just work hard without fixating over returns, gains or losses. In return, you will naturally achieve a blissful life.

As the traditional Chinese saying goes, “Bestow kindness and sow a field of happiness”. As you sow, so shall you reap – whatever goes around, comes around.

Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
Singapore 9 May 2019
Master Jun Hong Lu
Buddhism in Plain Terms
Volume 6 Chapter 32
(An Excerpt)


On this path of spiritual cultivation, Bodhisattvas tell us over and over that we need to have faith, resolution and action.

Many Buddhist practitioners are very determined, but they have no action, they can’t bring themselves to do what is required. There are others who are willing to act, in fact, they go out to help others daily, but they lack wisdom and resolve. Hence, they too, cannot attain Buddhahood. There are also many that are resolute and action oriented, but their faith is not strong enough.

That explains, why every year, there are so many people who take up faith, but also equally as many who lose it altogether.

Why are there many who leave home to lead a monastic life, while there are also many who resume the secular life?

Bodhisattva teaches us about having “faith, resolution and action”. Our resolution comes from our faith. If you do not believe, you will lack determination.

On the same note, if your faith is not strong, your resolution is fake, and all your deeds are fake too.

Only when you truly believe, will you be able to bring forth the resolution which is of great brightness, that is both powerful and vibrant.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s 
Public Talk
Sydney, Australia
14 March 2010


Master Jun Hong Lu: The living room is very important. Not only does it require daylight, decorative items in a living room should be fresh. Fruits that you keep in the living room should be fresh straight from the market. This would help attract the yin and yang energy field of heaven and earth. 

The same goes for flowers. Buy flowers that are about to bloom, and display them in the living room. Fresh flowers will bring happiness and good fortunes. If you buy a bouquet of flowers to display at home, there will be far fewer arguments and less fighting. Why? Because flowers illuminate the surroundings, and have an extremely positive energy field.