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Master Jun Hong Lu
Buddhism In Plain Terms Audio - Episode 26, 1 January 2020
(An Excerpt)


"To illuminate and see the emptiness of The Five Aggregates” (i.e. form, feeling, perception, volition and consciousness) means we need to practise contemplation that is to watch over ourselves so that we do not commit bad deeds and be free from greed, hatred, ignorance, arrogance and suspicion. This is what contemplation is about.

Just like how you take care of your body. If you overeat, you will have gastrointestinal problems, won’t you? If there’s a lot of hatred in you, you will put stress on your liver, won’t you? When you keep an eye on yourself every day, you will have no problem. Be mindful of the grounds you tread on, the state of mind you are in and steer away from greed.

Learning and practising Buddhism is a way to watch over ourselves. When you guard yourself well, you will definitely be successful.
Master Jun Hong Lu
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
22 April 2016


In this society, no matter what we do; there will always be comments and judgements from others. If you pay special attention to other people’s comments on your views and thoughts, you will develop a sense of fear in whatever you do. Thus, many people do not succeed because they developed anxieties in this way. Some people live their entire lives based on what others say or see of them. They are afraid that other people might criticise them.

Regardless of what others say, this a negative mentality making our lives very exhausting. So long as you are truly cultivating and not putting on an act, other people’s views are just passing clouds. In this way, you will become fearless and there will be no anxiety and nothing to fear.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk
24 September 2017


Master Jun Hong Lu: Even though many of us may be outstanding in our own unique ways; we should not forget that no matter how good we think we are, there is always someone out there who is better.

Hence, we must always remind ourselves to keep our head down and be humble; let us be steadfast in our endeavours and we will realize there are so many more people who will hold us in high regard.

A genuinely successful person, will still shine when he keeps his head down and will still be respected and held in high esteem by others.
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- 台湾·台北世界佛友见面会开示20161004

Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
Taipei, TAIWAN, 4 October 2016


Master Jun Hong Lu: Sometimes, if you are overwhelmed by a lot of noise which annoys you upon arriving at a site. Such a place has bad feng shui. Many houses are located near highways, the noise from vehicles zooming along the highways is capable of blocking good feng shui.

Many houses are also built below street level, and this is very bad feng shui too, owing to their ‘Yin’ (negative) attributes. It is a taboo to purchase a house that is built on a downward sloping hillside, because it can bring upon great disaster to the owner of the house.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Buddhism in Plain Terms
Episode 60
(An Excerpt)


Master Jun Hong Lu: All our endeavours in this world must accord with the dharma (the “right way of living” and the “path of rightness”). The viability of the teachings can only be proven through one’s personal experience; only you can tell whether your path of cultivation is right. You have to understand that if you rely on the words of others, it is impossible for you to gain true understanding.

The teaching is something you need to validate through your own personal experience as only then can you fully understand and gain a deeper insight of the truth.

This is just like teaching a child. Many parents often tell their children, "If you continue this way, you will suffer." However, these children have yet to experience any kind of suffering, hence they are clueless; naturally they are nonchalant towards their parents' advice.

It is only when they get a taste of pain and the joy that things start to make sense to them, and they will start to believe and act accordingly. Therefore, putting Buddhism teachings into practice in the human realm is a very crucial method of cultivation.
*By Letting Go of Resentment, Buddhism Helps Restore A Life Wrecked By An Accident*

It all feels like a dream but this is a true story. By practising Guan Yin Citta, I was able to throw away my wheelchair that had accompanied me for eight years. Because of Guan Yin Citta, I was able to walk out of the valley of darkness and regained a new lease of life. 

Imagine what would have become of me had I gripped onto my greed and resentment and chosen to fight for my ‘justice’. Instead of miring in lawsuit, I chose to use Buddhism to transform my mindset and restore my health, something that no money in the world is capable of acquiring.  

*Get the full story from the link below*:

For more inspiring sharing from our Buddhist friends, please visit the link below:

Please feel free to share this with your family and friends and share the dharma bliss! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Compassion is the foundation for changing our destiny.
Spare more thought for others, and less for ourselves.
In this way, we can reduce our desires and our heart will be pure and calm, unperturbed by any circumstances.
We can then gain control over ourselves and be the master of own destiny.

Master Jun Hong Lu
Words of Wisdom Vol. 1
Wenda20130526B  01:07:55  
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)
(An Excerpt)


Caller: Some fellow practitioners think that they are more advanced in their spiritual cultivation than others. They are of the opinion that some of the teachings of Master are for the masses and have nothing to do with them due to their comparatively higher level of spirituality. We are puzzled by their views. Can Master enlighten us?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It’s very simple. This is someone who is haughty and arrogant. You think others’ level of cultivation is lower than yours; you think that your seniority makes your level of spirituality higher than others’ and you look down on them.

This essentially means that you have not fully understood the notion of equality and you are arrogant. You might have started earlier than others, does that surely mean that you are better than them in your practice?

If this is the case, does this mean that you are better if you entered university earlier than your batch mates but you have retained for five years while your previous batch mates have already graduated? It is about one’s spiritual state of mind. 

Basic knowledge should go through rounds of revision. You should be tireless when strengthening your foundation. In other words, you need to reinforce the foundation of the Buddhism mindset in you. In this way, you will be able to build a taller building.

Some people think they can ignore the importance of this foundation and put all their efforts into adding on more levels to the building. Lacking the foundation required, the building eventually collapses.
sharing a marvelous story ........................


Deepest gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva!
Deepest gratitude to all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Dharma Protectors!
Deepest gratitude to Master Jun Hong Lu!
Deepest gratitude to my fellow Buddhist friends!
师兄们,晚上好,我名叫Reagent , 来自雅加达。我今年18岁,我父亲刚在7月1日过世,我在一年前已经开始念诵经文做每日功课,可是没有勇气念诵经文组合小房子。因为这件不幸的事,我立刻下定决心给父亲念诵经文组合小房子。我因为还不曾念诵小房子给我自己的要经者,因此母亲就劝导我。母亲比我早修,也比我早念诵小房子。于是我就去请教一位师兄,那位师兄建议我先念诵7张小房子给自己的要经者,然后再念诵3张小房子给已经去世的父亲。
A good evening to all of my fellow Buddhist friends. My name is Reagent, I am from Jakarta. I am 18 years old. My father just passed away on the 1st of July. I started performing my daily recitations a year ago, but I did not have the courage to recite Little Houses. Due to this unfortunate event, I decided to recite Little Houses for my father. Due to the fact that I had not offered any Little Houses for my karmic creditors before, my mother gave me some advice. She started her cultivation and recitation of Little Houses earlier than me. I then sought guidance from a Buddhist practitioner, who advised me to start off by offering 7 Little Houses to my karmic creditors and before offering 3 Little Houses to my deceased father.
Not long after, I dreamed about my father. He was in our old home, relating to me his life after death. My father said that when he was having breathing difficulties, he had actually been brought down to the Underworld for judgement. He said that there were so many deceased people down there. One of the officers there, who was large and tall, was knocking the table with a golden bar. It seemed like he was calling out for the spirits to queue according to their religious beliefs. I asked my father if he was abused over there. My father replied that he was not abused, he only followed the queue and awaited his judgement. He also said to me: “I could share this with you because I had permission from the Bodhisattva of the Land.”

My father said that he would have a good rebirth as a human being, but would also die in a disaster. Later he said, “My time with you is up, I must return now.”
In my dream, I was heading downstairs at home. My father was no longer speaking. However, when I was on the first floor, I could feel someone that looked like an officer guarding my father.
我很恭敬的问道: “ 官老爷,我可以请教您一些问题吗?”官老爷的脸还是看不清楚,我弯下腰请安,然后我问道:“官老爷,我想要知道,我念诵给我父亲的小房子,我父亲已经收到了吗?”,官老爷很开心的让我看一个类似包包的东西,包包里有关系到父亲的证件,小房子也收在里面。
I asked respectfully, “Officer, can I ask you some questions?” I could not see the Underworld Officer’s face clearly, so I bowed, paid my respect, and asked, “Officer, has my father received the Little Houses I recited for him?” The Officer happily showed me a bag which was stuffed with my father’s documents and the Little Houses.
I felt very happy, because the Little Houses that I offered were with my father. I also noticed that both my name my father’s name were listed on the Little Houses. However, the difference between those Little Houses and the ones in the human realm was that the ones in the Underworld were larger in size. What surprised me was that I even noticed a Chinese name I did not recognize listed on the Little Houses. So, I asked the Underworld Officer again, and he replied that my father could not close his account for the time being because the total number of Little Houses had not yet reached 20 pieces. Before this, I did have a dream in which my father requested 20 pieces of Little Houses from me.
The Underworld Officer said that they had not yet calculated the total number of the existing Little Houses, but in order to help my father ascend to the Asura Realm, he will need 40 Little Houses, and in order to ascend to Heaven, he will need 60 Little Houses. Now, he is still waiting for his turn to be reborn. If my father does not use the Little Houses, then he will be reborn as a human. The Underworld Officer also said to me, "If you have time, please help me ascend to a better realm because Little Houses have extraordinary energy." Later he said to me sadly, "You can't help me to ascend to a better realm because there is no affinity between you and me." After that, the Underworld Officer and my father left. I was astonished to see my father return to the temple which we would visit later on to pay respect to him, situated exactly near the crematorium where he was cremated.
I shared the dreams that I had because some of them were astonishingly miraculous.
Firstly, my father told me that he is now in a good condition because he had blind for many years. However, when he reached the Underworld, he became liberated and could see again. Secondly, I was very astonished because the Chinese name listed on the Little Houses that I did not recognize before was actually my mother’s Chinese name. I could hardly believe it myself. I did not even know her Chinese name. This showed that the Little Houses that my mother recited had reached there. We were very glad. Lastly, my mother and I had offered a total of 16 Little Houses. I did not even know how many Little Houses my mother offered to my father.
Hre, I would like to reaffirm the extraordinary energy of Little Houses; they can really help the deceased to ascend to a better realm. I am also grateful to Guan Yin Bodhisattva, because I am able to start recovering from my severe stomach illness after offering some Little Houses to my karmic creditors.
This is some sharing from me. If there is anything improper during my sharing, may Guan Yin Bodhisattva and the Dharma Protectors please forgive me.
May my fellow Buddhist friends guide and correct me. I shall bear my own karmic consequences.
Deepest gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva!
Deepest gratitude to all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and Dharma Protectors!
Deepest gratitude to Master Jun Hong Lu!
Deepest gratitude to my fellow Buddhist friends!
Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk
9 May 2019


Master Jun Hong Lu: Even a strong predestined relationship cannot survive if we are hasty and superficial; even the most profound love needs to be cherished to be sustained.

When others are willing to act naive for us, please remember, there is no absolute fool in this world. We are forgiven, only because they do not wish to lose us.

Stay true, and we will be able to savour the love; be appreciative as only then will love endure.