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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Master Jun Hong Lu's
Public Talk
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
30 December 2018

We should,
give in to others when situations favour us,
give ground to others when we are right,
and not to ridicule others when we are capable.

This is because,
a shrewd person will be disliked;
a fussy person will be loathed and
a conceited person will be hated.

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An excerpt from Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk in Singapore
April 23, 2016


In this world, no matter how intelligent, wealthy or powerful a person is, they will lack judgement when they are in a state of anger. Let me share a tip with you – the next time you are outraged, when you think that “I must let it out!”, the best way is to wait for one minute. This is because a person will lose all of his judgement when he is outraged, and this ability will only return to its normal state after one minute.

So, the next time you are at the verge of an argument with your spouse, look at your watch and do not say a word. After one minute, put it down and you will say, “There is no way that I am going to fight with you. I am a Buddhist practitioner, I have regained my senses”.

Please remember never make any major decision when you are in a state of outrage, as you will regret it for the rest of your life.

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Wenda20160327B 28:07
(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, we have been cultivating our mind and conduct for quite a while, but we are still not sure if we are able to put it to use. When nothing happens, we seem to be well-versed in theory, but there are still critical moments in life where we fail to do the right things. Though we understand moral principles in the course of spiritual development, unwholesome thoughts such as jealousy still arise, Master, is it a test of our cultivation to gauge the level of our cultivation? How do we rid ourselves of unwholesome thoughts?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It is very simple. When one hasn’t attained thorough awareness, one may understand the principles in the theoretical aspect but it doesn’t mean one has complete understanding when it comes to reality. For example, after you have got a bachelor degree, you still need work experience to get a good job. Similarly, when it comes to cultivating your mind, you need to put it into practice daily. If you don’t interact with people, you would not know how to be tactful and tolerant when dealing with people. Once you start quarrelling with others, anger arises in you. If you know nothing about being tactful and tolerant, you would have been cultivating in vain. This is because you have not practiced what you have learned.

Caller: So we really must try to practise them in everyday life…

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, while you practise cultivation, you need to enrol yourself as a volunteer and be exposed to different kinds of people including people who are weird. Learn to deal with people with tolerance and diplomacy. This is the so called “Practical”.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
Melbourne, Australia
10 November 2018


Master Jun Hong Lu: Is spiritual cultivation a working of miracles? No, there is nothing miraculous about it. Spiritual cultivation is the good deeds that we perform and our accumulation of merits little by little. It is when, in times of adversities, amidst our struggles with our many worries, we are able to save ourselves and become our own master in life; and when we successfully harness the power to overcome our tendencies to worry and our selfishness — this in itself is the essence of spiritual cultivation.

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*It is best to adopt a vegetarian diet on the fifth day of the first lunar month, the day when the God of Wealth brings good fortune (20130210 Q&A)*

Caller: Dear Master Lu, it’s Chinese New Year now and we will absolutely adopt a full vegetarian diet on the first and the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. Due to the many gatherings of relatives and friends during this period, could you please let us know which days we should avoid eating meat?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Firstly, keep in mind that you need to adopt a vegetarian diet on the first and the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. Do you know why? It is because many Bodhisattvas come on these days. As you are not a vegetarian yet, after Chinese New Year’s day you may return to your normal diet on the second, third and fourthday. However, it is still best not to eat animals that are slaughtered alive. The fifth day is when the God of Wealth brings us good fortune. People commonly pray for prosperity on this day, therefore do you think eating meat on this day will help? Compassion could bring you wisdom and prosperity. When we are merciful and compassionate, we abstain from killing and eating animals slaughtered alive, don’t we? Adopt a vegetarian diet on this day to welcome the God of Wealth and see if you gain better financial opportunities.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
Sydney, Australia
26 January 2019


Master Jun Hong Lu: We live in agony because we care too much; we hurt ourselves as well as others because we are filled with doubt. Take things lightly and we will live life happier; learn to let go and we will gain wisdom. After all, we exist as mere visitors in heaven and earth -- our relationships with all matters in the world are entirely governed by the law of causality and the affairs of our past have since gone with the wind. Hence, the essence of the Buddhist mentality of letting go lies in understanding the law of causality and having the ability to accord with all conditions.

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Zongshu20190105 09:06
(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Master Jun Hong Lu: In life, having a stable mind is of the utmost importance as when one develops this ability, he is able to eliminate most of his worries and overcome a lot of pressure. From a stable mind, one derives wisdom. Hence, The Threefold Training of Morality, Steadiness of Mind and Wisdom; that is to say, wisdom can only be reflected by virtue of a stable mind.

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Wenda20160226 00:40
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: We have Buddhist friends who are diligent in their cultivation and have shown improvement in their behavioural conduct. However, the only hurdle which they have difficulty overcoming is removing the hatred that is harboured within them. Due to their karmic debts, the sense of hatred kept recurring rapidly. May I ask, Master Lu, how do we effectively remove hatred from our heart

Master Jun Hong Lu: Hatred stems from the lack of wisdom. Try thinking, ‘what are the causes of a lack of wisdom?’ Attaining wisdom is dependent on compassion. Thus, the way to remove hatred is to be more compassionate.

Caller: I see.

Master Jun Hong Lu: If you try to change your perspective and start observing a person’s weaknesses with a heart filled with compassion, do you think you will still hate him? For example, you hate a swindler for cheating you out of your money. But think again, with the meagre amount of money he got from you, he will end up being apprehended, shot dead, or sentenced to jail for a few decades? Nowadays, there are many swindlers locked in jail. When they first cheated other people, the victims hated them too, didn’t they?

Caller: Yes.

Master Jun Hong Lu: But it’s the end for the swindler, as he will eventually pass on in the jail. At this juncture, try to imagine the swindler as your child, brother or sister. Their life is ruined for cheating you of that small sum of money. In this way, you will be able to untie many of the knots that have formed within you. In addition, you will also treat the money lost as a lesson bought. As humans, the only way to gain wisdom is to reach an understanding progressively.

Caller: I understand. Gratitude to Master Lu.

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