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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Male Listener : Master Lu, our tendency of grasping the form of things often bewilders us and results in our attachment. How can we be like Master, always seeing things from the perspective of “cause and effect” and “affinity”, so as not to be bewildered and to look beyond the surface of matters?

Master Lu : It’s very simple. Think of yourselves as Bodhisattva, as Buddha at all times. Keep telling yourselves that, “whatever I do today, my words, my deeds, they must be emulations of Bodhisattva, I must live a life of Buddha in this human realm, I live NOT for myself".
Whatever you do, your very first thought should be "I am a Buddha, I am a Bodhisattva". With this, there is no way you will commit any mistakes. For example, when a man is charmed by the appearance of a girl, if the first thought that surfaced in his mind is “ I am Bodhisattva”. Don’t you think this sentiment will take a turn? If you see some obscene writings or images on your computer, and, a thought surfaced “Oh, I am a Bodhisattva”. Would you still have the courage to read further? You have to be strict to yourself every single moment. There is no two ways about it. Do not allow yourself to commit any mistakes, take it as if you are treading on thin ice. I am no different from all of you. It is all about having strict self-discipline. Do you understand? (I understand. Thank you Master for answering my question).

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Male Listener : Master Lu, you mentioned before when we pray for something through the recitation of Cundi Dharani (Zhun Ti Shen Zhou) it will expend our virtues. What about when we recite Jvala Mahaugra Dharani (Xiao Zai Ji Xiang Shen Zhou)? Will it expend our virtues too?

Master Lu : Yes it will. Why is that so? It’s very simple. Whenever you pray for something and if your prayer is answered, it will expend your virtues. If your prayer wasn’t answered, it is because you did not have virtues in the first place and that is the reason for not getting what you pray for. A person who doesn’t seem to find his prayer to be efficacious, is a person who does not have any virtue. It is that simple. Do you understand? (I understand. Thank you Master for answering my question.)

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Inspirational Stories 108 About Master Lu Junhong

About Master Lu Junhong

Master Lu used to live a very prosperous life. However, to help more people learn Buddhism and understand the Law of Cause and Effect, he sold his house and used the money to start his own radio station— the Australia Oriental Radio.

At the early stage, Master Lu had no helper because the labour costs were very high in Australia. Master Lu had to do everything on his own; he even wrapped the electronic wire by himself. Later on, after seeing Master Lu working so hard, several people decided to help him out.

Master Lu and his family live in a two-bedroom unit, which is smaller than a hundred square metres. Many of us have a living place much bigger than Master Lu’s.

Master Lu has been using his spiritual power to help people for decades, but this has a great impact on his health: Many spirits occupy Master Lu’s body and cause serious damage to his organs. As a result, Master Lu has little appetite and only eats very simple food such as vegetables and noodles.

Do you notice that Master Lu has lost a lot of weight?

Do you notice that Master Lu wears the same type of black suit every day?

Have you ever heard that Master Lu’s shoes were worn out and had holes in the soles?

Have you ever heard that Master Lu sold his house to start his own radio station?

Do you know that Master Lu spend all his income on promoting Buddhism?

Do you know that Master Lu declines the offer from his followers in France to pay for the venue for his dharma talk?

Do you also notice that Master Lu never accept any offerings from us?

Master Lu once said,

“I ask nothing of you. I only want you to live a better life! I want your life to be better now!”

“Help more people…We need to help more people by encouraging them to practice Buddhism throughout their lives, not just to recite Buddhist scriptures for a few months!”

No matter how hard we try to propagate Buddhism, we will never be able to repay the kindness of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Master Lu. I couldn’t help crying whenever I think about Master Lu. There is no reason for me not to recite scriptures and practice Buddhism diligently. Only by becoming one of the thousand arms and thousand eyes of Guan Yin Bodhisattva and introducing Buddhism to more people can we live up to Master Lu’s expectations. All the efforts that we’ve made and the disrespect we’ve experienced are in no way comparable to the hardship that Master Lu has been through.

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Male Listener: When a person is seriously ill, for example getting a stroke in old age, in reality this person’s karma has surfaced, and he is receiving his karmic dues. During the course of enduring his karmic debts, some people will experience emotional pain; each passing day seems like a year, it is a big blow and torture mentally. However there are others who are able to think positively and look on the brighter sides to live happily although they have to face the cruel reality that they are half paralysed and became incoherent, etc. Master, are these two types of people going through their karmic dues?

Master Lu: Yes, the difference is in the attitude in facing the karma (which situation will erupt faster and more thorough?) It will clear faster when a person is happier emotionally. In the prison, some people lived through the days like years while some people in prison felt that “alas, I am receiving my karmic dues, it will be over soon once I go through it”, facing each passing day with positive attitude and steadily eliminating their karmic debts; of course the latter type is better. Wenda20140103 45:46

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