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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Wenda20160522A 04:56
(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: I heard from the radio program that there are many ladies whose husbands were having extra marital affairs and you advised them to recite Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots (Jie Jie Zhou). However, if the person who made the call is the third party, then how does it work? In the event that both the third party and the wife recite this Mantra, what effect will take place?

Master Lu: It is very simple. It shows that the man has karmic knots with the two women concerned and it all depends on which one he has karmic knots with. Eventhough you may be the first wife, if your karmic affinity with this man has ended and you recite Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots (Jie Jie Zhou) the relationship will end without much disputes. As for the second woman, once she sets her eyes on your husband, and she recites the said Mantra, if her positive karmic affinity with your husband prevails, her relationship with your husband will go on. In this case, you will then have to bid this relationship good-bye.

This is a principle that has existed since the beginning of time. There is no two-way about it. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many people going through second marriages. This is also a fact, something that could not be avoided. If your karmic affinity with the other party is that “limited”. But you wanted so much to pursue this relationship, you should have treated him better throughout your previous life. The fact that you had dumped him in your previous life causes him to dump you in this life. This is all about karmic affinity.

Caller: That means, regardless of which party, it all depends on how strong your karmic affinity is with a particular person.

Master Lu: That’s right. Think about it. Divorce rate is as high as 50% - 52%. It’s alarming. There are some who say, “I don’t wish to leave him, but he wants to leave me”. It is all about karmic affinity. Back when he was treating you well, you should have worked on prolonging the good karmic affinity. Why didn’t you cherish him? And mistreating him as you wished back then?. Furthermore, it could also be that your karmic affinity with him in your previous life could only lasted till this stage. This is typical human nature - only to fear the consequences when the "effects" arise when he should have known better when creating such "causes".

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Master Lu’s Discourse on Question 105

      THEIR CAREER[emoji92]

Question:  Will mother and father-in-law who cook for their son and daughter-in-law gain any merits?  If so, will there be any depletion in the good fortune of the son and daughter-in-law? 
When too much food is prepared and it can’t be finished, is it right to say that the person who throws it away will have their good fortune reduced and it has nothing to do with the person who cooks it.  As such, the one who does the cooking will gain merits? and their good fortune will not be depleted?

Answer:  In the event that too much food was prepared that resulted in wastage, there will depletion of good   fortune for both parties.  For the one who cooked, he is responsible, as he has failed to make good estimation on the right amount to prepare.  As for the person who threw away the food, his good fortune will be reduced even more. 

Elderlies who prepare food for their children will not gain any merits.  On the other hand, younger generations who always expect their elderlies to "serve" them will have their good fortune depleted.  There are some younger people who let their elderlies do their laundry, many of them faces obstacles at their workplace. There is also sign when good fortune is lacking that is when couples quarrel.

As such, should you wish to have ample food and clothing, it is best to handle all these chores yourself.  Back in those days, in the temples, a person who did not plough the field will not be offered any food.

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An Excerpt from
Master Jun Hong Lu's
Public Talk in Belgium
May 10, 2016

[emoji92]CHERISH OUR

Wealth and fame are acquired from the good deeds and merits accumulated by us in our cycle of reincarnations. If you still have some wealth and fame in this life, including those who are able to lead a life overseas, it is considered a type of karmic reward.

Karmic rewards should be utilized gradually, just like how you should utilize your credit card. You will not feel the “pinch” when you are using it, until you receive the credit card statement and you will realize, “oh no! I have spent so much!”. We have to cherish our good fortune, do not waste it away. Do you know what it means by “cherishing one’s good fortune”? It means one should not splurge and should only spend when necessary.

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Zhongshu20160528 50:15

Caller: Master, please enlighten me on my lifespan. How many more years do I have to continue helping others?

Master Lu: Why do you wish to know? Don’t bother about it. (I felt that I have slackened lately and wish to enquire how many more days do I have on earth; this is to remind myself every day in order to advance spiritually. I am presently 27 years of age, born in 1988 in the year of dragon). Your lifespan is very long and you will live over 70 years of age. You can slowly and steadily help others. Your main problem in the near future will be your relationship. Your wife will be very fierce towards you eventually. (I know, Master, you are right). Let nature takes its course. (Thank you Master! Master, lastly, I would like to tell you that before I met you, I lived like an animal, wasted a lot of time and depleted much blessings. Disciple will prostrate to you here, Master). Be diligent and correct yourself. (Thank you Master! Master, what is the quality of my recitations? Presently it is very good. Do not commit bad deeds. Actually, you don’t really commit any bad deeds. However, you have to be careful with relationships. (Yes, Master). Master knows everything, that’s why I wish you children to remember that regardless of how bad the relationships are, no matter how much problems you may encounter in life and be deserted by whomever, but your Master will not forsake you all forever, do you understand? (Understand, Master).

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Shuohua20160506 07:02
Regardless of whether you are repenting for previous life or this life, it is more effective to add on with Little Houses.

Caller: “Buddhism In Plain Term” mentioned that we repent continuously and recite Little Houses to eliminate our karmic debts. However, when we have dreams of previous life’s karma, do we confess and repent to Bodhisattva on that matter directly or recite our repentance as usual?

Master Lu: You may repent single-mindedly on that issue since you have dreams about it. Basically, this dream is to fore-tell you of your forth coming problems. Regardless of whether it is your previous life’s karma that has passed, or this life’s karma or future karmic eruptions, you can do your repentance. However, you must pair up with the Little Houses because repentance without Little Houses will not have much effect.

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[Image: 41d8a46251a1089269ab8ba7cbfc3d97.jpg]

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Wenda20160527 22:57
(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: There is a discourse being disseminated on the internet that goes, “Master Lu advises those with health issues, including critical illnesses and cancer, if you wish to recover it is essential to make the following vows:"

[KEYCAP 1] To be a full vegetarian
your whole life

[KEYCAP 2] To refrain from the act of
killing your whole life

[KEYCAP 3]To perform liberation of
captive lives (more than

[KEYCAP 4] To offer 1000 Little
Houses to repay karmic

[KEYCAP 5] To share testimonial to
save other sentient
beings upon recovery

May I know if it is alright for Dharma brothers to use the points above as model answer to be disseminated to Dharma brothers who are terminally ill and who have just started on their cultivation journey?

Master Lu: Yes, they may do so as these are the basic obligations aside from those additional ones that I may have specifically advised others. Once you are stricken with cancer, you will need to do the above. Failure to do so will render the making of any other "Greater” vows worthless.

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Wenda20160529B 08:28
(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: I have a question. Let’s say I had a dream last month. How soon will the incident in the dream come off? Does it become invalid after a few days?

Master Lu: There are many possibilities. Generally, its validity spans from the next day up to 3 months. After 3 months, you may disregard the dream. Unless it is a dream about foreign spirits, as spiritual dreams are in their nature continual. Other than that, a dream that merely serves as reminder for you, for example, dream of road accident etc., its effect will lapse rapidly.

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Publicity video clip on "The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics" Public Talk by Master Lu, 2016 Hong Kong

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