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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Caller: One night, a fellow practitioner talked a lot about Guan Yin Citta and Little Houses with his son outside. They had a great discussion but ended up dreaming about many strangers on the street glaring at them fiercely. Master Lu, is this because they talked about Little Houses outside at night?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes. That’s right. Don’t talk about Little Houses in open space or on the street. Let me reiterate that Little Houses are money in the underworld. If you ever talk about how many millions you have when walking on the street, you would be likely to get robbed, right? (Can he talk about this outside during the day?) He may lower the voice.

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Shuohua20170818 19:22
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, how do you derive at the number of fish to be liberated during totem reading?

Master Jun Hong Lu: The amount of fish to be liberated is a figure.

Caller: Is this figure advised by Bodhisattva….?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It could be a message from Bodhisattva or the person’s predestined affinity. The amount of fish that ought to be liberated will appear. For example, the figure that appears frequently is 1200; many people are required to liberate this amount of fish.

I reckon 1200 fish is a cardinal number. For instance, when there is predetermined calamity, we should not worry but to liberate the fish gradually; when we reach 1,200 fish, our fate and destiny will start to transform immediately.

Caller: You mentioned 1,200 is the cardinal number. In that case, when a Buddhist friend encountered a calamity, he should make a vow to liberate 1,200 fish, am I right?

Master Jun Hong Lu: That’s right. When you are unable to call through the Totem enquiry hotline, make a vow based on 1200 fish.

Caller: What’s the amount of fish on the next tier, after 1200?

Master Jun Hong Lu: 1800.

Caller: What is the following amount?

Master Jun Hong Lu: What comes next will be our perseverance in performing life liberation. Let me reiterate, 1200 is the cardinal number. It means that with this amount of fish liberated, we will be able to notice the changes taking place. The main point is, when we follow Bodhisattva's advice of 1200 fish, we will start to see our fate and destiny taking a turn after fulfilling this amount.

Caller: I understand. Once again you have divulged some information to everybody today!

Master Jun Hong Lu: If you didn’t ask, how would others ever get to know? There are many other things that I wish to tell all of you but I just couldn’t recall. The moment you ask, I can then share with you!

Caller: I understand. Thank you, Master, for answering my question.

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Please be reminded on the English Dharma sharing session today.

Date: 18 March 2018 (Sunday)
Time: ‪2:00 - 3:30 pm‬
Venue: ‪11 Chang Charn Road, Shriro House‬, #05-01, Singapore  159640
Telephone no. ‪6222 2603‬ 

1. Photos and video clips of 2018 Jarkata’s Public Talk
2. Video clip of Master Lu’s Discourse in 2017 Singapore Public Talk
3. Highlights of Master Lu’s Discourse in Jarkata’s Public Talk:
(a) Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s unconditional love
(b) How to Become a Happy
4. Master Lu's Discourse: Why our Prayers go Unanswered
5. Totem Enquiry: Upright man guarded by Dharma protectors
6. Questions and Answers

Note: Please be dressed in decent attire (no skirt, bare-back, singlets nor sleeveless, shorts/bermudas allowed).

Thank you with metta 
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Master Jun Hong Lu’s 
Public Talk
Jakarta, Indonesia
9 March 2018


In this modern age, it is important that we incline to kindness and instill kindness in our hearts.  Let the compassionate heart that sprang up, just like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, help us eliminate the negative karmic obstacles in our Eighth Consciousness gradually.  Over time, our heart will soften and our blood and energy will flow more smoothly.  As our heart becomes more beautiful, so will our appearance.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s 
Public Talk
Jakarta, Indonesia
10 March 2018


Master Jun Hong Lu, "please remember this:

[emoji261]A generous person shall receive more karmic rewards

[emoji261]A grateful person shall find a smooth sailing life

[emoji261]A helpful person shall find plenty of benefactors

[emoji261]A person full of complaints shall find more worries

[emoji261]A contented person shall find more happiness

[emoji261]An evasive person shall face more failures

[emoji261]A person who enjoys sharing shall make more friends

[emoji261]A temperamental person shall be plagued with more sickness

[emoji261]A freeloader shall find himself impoverished

[emoji261]A generous person shall find riches and honour

[emoji261]A person who leads a pleasurable life shall find more sufferings

[emoji261]An inquisitive person shall gain more wisdom; and last but not least, 

[emoji261]A person with an eagerness to practise Buddhism shall find abundant BLESSINGS"

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(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Caller: Master ever mentioned that a Buddhist friend was able to gain 3 years of extension to his lifespan after releasing 200 turtles. I was amazed by its effectiveness and later found out that he will only release large turtles, each weighing more than 1 KG or having the size of a small wash bowl. Master did say that lifespan can be extended through releasing wash bowl sized turtles before.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Releasing turtles in smaller size will also help to extend lifespan. The difference is smaller turtles help to extend lifespan by days or months, i.e. one may live for few more days or months, whereas bigger turtles will extend lifespan by number of years.

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Wenda20160715 01:21:00 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]


Caller: Master Lu, you mentioned before that life is about making choices. However, we often need wisdom to make wise choices. At times, we are in a position where our state of mind is being put to the test. Due to the lack of wisdom, it may appear that all options look equally appealing. How do we go about making a choice under such circumstances? Master Lu, please enlighten us.

Master Jun Hong Lu: When it comes to making choices, there are many types. Some are made based on your conscience, whereas some are based on your inherent nature. The correct option is the one made based on your Buddha nature. Therefore, never choose the one that is against your conscience, no matter how advantageous it may appear to you. Conversely, if the matter in hand benefits sentient beings, though it may not appear to be advantageous to you, you should make that choice. Any choice made based on your Buddha nature will assure you of karmic rewards in the future. On the contrary, if you make one based on your self-interests, though you may reap immediate rewards, you will surely pay a high price in the future.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s 
Public Talk
Jakarta, Indonesia
11 March 2018


Like a mother with a darning needle, Guan Yin Bodhisattva helps mend our spiritual wound and rescue our troubled soul, one stitch at a time.  While she is the loving mother who assured us that all our prayers shall be answered, she is also the bright light in the middle of the ocean, guiding us to the right path when we go astray.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk
Jakarta, Indonesia
9 March 2018


Master Jun Hong Lu, “While we practise Buddhism, we need to have faith in all our undertakings. Many people let fate dictates their lives. Please remember, fate is practically determined by heaven, hence, only a mere few non-Buddhist practitioners are able to alter theirs. To alter fate calls for the need to learn and practise Buddhism, as it is only through the blessings from Buddha, coupled with the power of one’s vow that life can be transformed.

Fate is combination of good and bad luck, disaster and happiness which is beyond one’s control. Whereas, destiny is a resultant of our spiritual cultivation. The process whereby we engage in both good and bad deeds to change our life in this world is known as destiny. Please remember, our fate though unalterable, our destiny is capable of transforming it.”

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk
Jakarta, Indonesia
12 March 2018


As Buddhist practitioners, we have to understand the doctrine of impermanence and letting go. A meaningful life is a life lived for the interest of others. With the unceasing natural and man-made disasters around us, how can we avoid and deliver others from these adverse events? It is none other than through the power of Buddhism practice as it can help us eliminate impending calamities and difficulties .

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