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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Master Jun Hong Lu:
To avoid falling into a state of slackness, it’s best to maintain your initial aspiration. This means reflecting on the reason that thrusted you into the dharma gate, and reminiscing about the blessings bestowed by Bodhisattva.

The abundance of inspiration, peace, safety and happiness that you immerse in today is all owing to Bodhisattva’s blessings. Instead of complaining, you should focus on cultivating a sense of gratitude and keep moving forward.

There are three ways to keep yourself motivated: First, keep reading, specifically, you must study _Buddhism in Plain Terms_. Why so? Initially, I only asked you to recite _Little Houses_ and the Buddhist scriptures. Subsequently, I brought _Buddhism in Plain Terms_ into the picture in order to prevent you from regressing in your spiritual practice. That’s the first method.

Second, follow in the footsteps of those who are diligent and have never regressed in their practice. You will be able to derive a lot of positive energy from such people. In fact, by mingling with them, you will be constantly inspired to diligently perform meritorious deeds like distributing Buddhist books to others. This is of utmost importance.

Third, you must be at war with your negative behaviours, that is, you must break your bad habits, particularly laziness, including transgressions that you commit mentally such as greed and hatred. This is because these negative traits can induce slothfulness.

Those who are covetous will not persevere in their spiritual cultivation simply because they feel that it is not worth the while. On the other hand, those who harbour a deep resentment against others will even question Bodhisattva for not letting such people, whom they condemn for being vicious, die. In the mind of the ignorant, they will always think, “Why is it that Bodhisattva does not grant me the chance to win a lottery?”

_Source: Wenda20160311 07:47, Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program_

Caller: Some fellow practitioners think that they are more advanced in their spiritual cultivation than others. They are of the opinion that some of the Master’s teachings are mostly for other people and have nothing to do with them due to their comparatively higher level of spirituality. We are puzzled by their views. Can Master enlighten us?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It’s very simple. These people are being haughty and arrogant. You think others’ level of cultivation is lower than yours; you think that your seniority makes your level of spirituality higher than others’ and you look down on them.

This essentially means that you have not fully understood the notion of equality and you are arrogant. You might have started earlier than others, does that surely mean that you are better than them in your practice?

If this is the case, does this mean that you are better if you entered university earlier than your batch mates but you have retained for five years while your previous batch mates have already graduated? It is about one’s spiritual state of mind.

Basic knowledge needs to go through rounds of revision. You should work tirelessly to strengthen your foundation. In other words, you need to reinforce your foundation in Buddhist mental cultivation. With a strong foundation, you are able to build a taller building.

Some people think they can ignore the importance of this foundation and put all their efforts into adding on more levels to the building. Lacking the foundation required, the building will eventually collapse.

_Source: Wenda20130526B 01:07:55 (Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program) (An Excerpt)_
改变命运的基础是要有慈悲心。多想别人, 少想自己, 就能减少欲望, 心灵清净; 心不随境转, 就能控制自己, 主宰自己, 做自己命运的主人。

Compassion is the foundation for changing our destiny. Spare more thought for others, and less for ourselves. In this way, we can reduce our desires and our heart will be pure and calm, unperturbed by any circumstances. We can then gain control over ourselves and be the master of own destiny.

Words of Wisdom Vol.1
An Excerpt from Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk in Macau
February 26, 2017


It’s hard truth that this world is filled with sufferings. When you are in agony, tell yourself that the pain will not last forever, as it will diminish as time goes by. Therefore, do not anchor agony and vexation in your heart. If you keep storing all your hatred, jealousy, vexations and other negative energy in your heart for an extended period of time, it will inflict upon your mind and soul; just like how a computer will crash.
🎊🎊 *Singapore Guan Yin Citta’s 10th Anniversary* 🎊🎊

Since the opening of Singapore Guan Yin Citta Practice Centre in May 2013, we have always been adhering strictly to our revered Master Jun Hong Lu’s teachings of the importance of having the right faith and the right mindfulness, and standing united. Thanks to the dedications and contributions from numerous volunteers and Buddhist friends, Guan Yin Citta has thrived and managed to reach out to many people all over Singapore.

With much gratitude, *we cordially invite you to join us as we celebrate our 10-year anniversary,* with a lineup of programmes including inspirational videos, live performances and testimony sharing by our Buddhist friends.

Let us celebrate this joyous occasion together, reminiscing about our revered Master and our initial aspiration when we set foot on this Buddhist path, as we forge ahead shoulder to shoulder.

Date: 13 May 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 2pm - 5pm
Venue: Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre

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Master Jun Hong Lu: Let me share a fable with you. Once upon a time, a horse and a donkey came to know that Buddhist monk Tang Sanzang would be travelling to the West to retrieve the Buddhist scriptures.

Reasoning that it would be a long and exhausting journey riddled with challenges, the donkey said, "I’m not going”. The horse, on the other hand, said, "I will go". And off the horse went with Buddhist monk Tang Sanzang.

After overcoming countless difficulties, they successfully retrieved the Buddhist scriptures. Upon returning, the donkey probed, “Brother, has it been an arduous journey for you?”

The horse replied, “While I was away to retrieve the scriptures, the distance that you had covered during this time was not any shorter than mine. Not only were you blindfolded, you were constantly being lashed by humans. As a matter of fact, I am a diligent horse, and having gone through this round of trials and tribulations, I’ve become a thousand-mile fine steed”.

In reality, the actual fatigue experienced has nothing to do with our physical but mental because true fatigue stems from our ignorance and bewilderment. The moment bewilderment sets in, many people will enter into a state of confusion which is tantamount to being ignorant simply because you do not understand the reality of things, and are attached to the perception of form. This will cause you to sink deeper into confusion over time. Hence, those who hope to keep confusion at bay, they must stay diligent in learning Buddhism, performing recitation and mind cultivation.

_Source: Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk, Milan, Italy, 23 September 2017_
To forget the mistakes of others is to forgive yourself.
-Master Jun Hong Lu, Words of Wisdom Volume 9

-卢军宏台长佛言佛语 (九)
20 May 2023

🪷 *Commemorating Shakyamuni Buddha’s Birthday (26.5.2023)* 🪷

Some 2,500 years ago, the Lord Buddha braved untold hardships in order to bring the truth of the Buddha dharma to the human realm. Armed with the truth He had personally validated, He guided sentient beings to break through the shackles of delusion and attain enlightenment, guiding them towards the ultimate liberation.

🎉 We warmly welcome you to join us in celebration of the birthday of this great teacher by immersing yourself and your family in this special compilation of stories and discourses on the most revered teacher of all time, Shakyamuni Buddha. 

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💡 The Buddha said, _“O disciples, I will never forsake you. In reality, I am among you”._
⁉️ But, can you feel the Buddha’s presence every single minute of the day? What about those times when you are throwing a fit, where has the Buddha gone?

💡The Buddha said, _“In future, I will take the form of a virtuous teacher. You should regard these teachers as myself by respecting and relying on them as you would to me as only then can you be free from the shackles of life and death”._
⁉️ But, where can we find this ‘teacher’ in this age and time?

💡A very popular saying by the Buddha, _“Not a single word of dharma is ever spoken by me”._
⁉️ What is the Buddha’s message to us behind this assertion?

Also, in this pack – things to ponder… 🤔

You are performing virtuous deeds, but think again:
*Are you touching lives with the things you do?*

Understanding that we are all equipped with a Buddha nature, but, *how confident are you in proclaiming, “I am a Buddha”?*

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🪷 *May the Buddha long endure in your heart!* 🪷

Master Jun Hong Lu: Everyone comes to this world with his own destiny. Similarly, each and everyone of us is endowed with varied karmic rewards in life. One thing for sure, whatever you cling on to will be the thing that will cause you harm. If you cling on to your child, expecting him to excel in his studies; when he fails you, you get yourself hurt. When you hanker after money, insisting that you should earn more, you will end up not only without money but lots of unhappiness.

Whoever you cling on to will hurt you simply because there is no perfection in life and ‘everything is like a dream, illusion, bubble and shadow; it’s like the dew and a flash of lightning’. Hence, we need to let go of all our delusions.

When we desire things that we shouldn’t even think about, that is when you get yourself hurt. You should let go but by letting go, I don’t mean that you should give up. Whatever you need to achieve in this world, you still need to pursue it. In fact, you need to do it with all your heart and make sure you do it well.

_Source: Master Jun Hong Lu’s Buddhism In Plain Terms, Episode 54, 29 April 2020_

Master Jun Hong Lu: First and foremost, I would like everyone to know that Buddhism is key to the progress and awakening of the spiritual being and morality of mankind. To put it in contemporary terms, Buddhism is about educating the human mind, cultivating the moral values that facilitate personal growth, and raising their consciousness in society.

Secondly, why do we practise Buddhism? It is to uncover the truth about life and the universe as understood by Prince Siddhartha. This involves seeing through life and the universal truth, understanding that life and the universe to ultimately transcend the cycle of life and death, liberating oneself from all afflictions, and attaining complete liberation. This is the essence of Buddhist practice. As we all know, Prince Siddhartha is our revered Buddha. Why do we address Him as Siddhartha? It is because the Buddha Himself also worked towards His enlightenment when He was Prince Siddhartha.

Source: Master Jun Hong Lu’s Discourse, Guan Yin Hall, Sydney, Australia, 2 January 2018