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Caller: Young fellow practitioner’s memory is deteriorating very seriously, whatever has been said the day before is forgotten the next day. His daily homework on Heart Sutra is forty-nine times. Besides taking lecithin daily, what else must he do? The fellow practitioner is very worried that he will get dementia in his advanced age.

Master Lu: Many people feel that they will develop dementia in their old age. In fact, they already have dementia. This is simple logic, just like a person who feels that he has aching joints, in reality, he already has arthritis. Therefore, it is advisable for him to take lecithin continuously. Besides reciting more Heart Sutras, do not damage the brain cells by reminiscing unnecessarily. Why is it so? Some people think too much and in so doing will damage the good brain cells. Why do we ask an aging person to lead an austere lifestyle? An austere lifestyle means not to think too much and not to have too many desires, as a human’s pituitary will experience continuous enrichment and overwhelming thoughts will destroy many normal brain cells. Thus, in the advanced age without new brain cells being regenerated, normal cells will be greatly reduced. Younger people have good memories because good brain cells will regenerate rapidly during young age. Just like when you are young you could spend your money and earn it back quickly, but as you grow older, you will be spending money and not able to earn it back and gradually the more you spend the lesser money you have. That is right. (Fellow practitioner is quite young, slightly above 30 years in age. Heart sutra recitation is 49 times, is there any way to address this?) That will not solve the problem. Actually, the best way to solve it is to do meditation, but I am afraid he may develop a problem from meditation. Therefore, it is better for him to just sit there and remain still. Do not allow the mind to wander, instead, look at Bodhisattva’s picture, then have a good sleep as maintaining a good night’s rest will generate more new brain cells. Ask him to take lecithin two to three times a day instead of once a day. (Understand. That is not to let him think unnecessarily) Right (Is Lecithin suitable for everyone?) Basically, it is suitable for everyone. Soy lecithin is very good as it can increase brain cells and brain capacities. When the brain cells cease functioning, a person’s life will also expire. Therefore, it is very good to take lecithin. Spirulina is also good. (What benefits does spirulina have?) Spirulina is a green and natural product. Master has been taking vegetarian for decades. There was a period my vision was not too good and sometimes felt very tired; then Bodhisattva came to me one night and instructed me to take spirulina. Actually, I was not aware of this product but through Bodhisattva’s advice, I am relaying this information to all of you. For those who are full-time vegetarians, taking some spirulina will supplement a variety of vitamins to your body system. It is very good. (Thank you Master).

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109 Sexual misconduct and adultery

Q109: Hi Master Lu, I frequently commit sexual misconduct and I started masturbating since I was young. I often have inappropriate thoughts and I cannot control myself. Even though I am now performing Daily Recitation and
learning Buddhism, I am still having disrespectful thoughts towards Buddhas and Bodhisattvas constantly. It is as if I have been possessed by a demon of sexual misconduct. I suffer from afflictions every day and I am desperate for help. Master Lu, can I please have a Dharma talk on this issue? Thank you for your compassion.

• If you have displayed these types of misbehaviours since childhood, it is generally originated from the habits from your past life. You must make
changes through performing recitations and cultivating your mind.
• You can recite Little Houses and address them to the “Karmic Creditor of <your full name>”. It is recommended that you recite 27 Little Houses as the first batch, and then followed by 7 Little Houses for each subsequent batch until your condition improves.
• Your can include the following for your Daily Recitation: recitation of the Great Compassion Mantra (Ta Pei Chou) 7 times, Heart Sutra (Hsin
Ching) 7 times, and Eighty-­‐eight Buddhas Great Repentance (Li Fo Ta Chan Hui Wen) 3 to 7 times. You can combine these with the recitation of Little Houses. When you recite the Heart Sutra, you can say the following prayer, “May the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva protect and bless me, <your full name>, grant me
strength and help me to withdraw from sexual misconduct. Guan Yin
Bodhisattva, please bless me with your compassion.”
• In addition, you can also recite the Sri Devi Dharani (Ta Chi Hsiang Tien Nu Chou), and say the following prayer, “May the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva protect and bless me, help me to eliminate my addiction of sexual misconducts.” The recitation of
this mantra provides additional support for you to eliminate this
undesirable behaviour.
• In your daily routine, it is also recommended that you be mindful of your behaviour and refrain from reading inappropriate contents in books, magazines, newspapers, etc., and refrain from frequently having inappropriate thoughts.

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One day, a bus filled with students met with an accident. Many of the children were injured. They were moved to the road side. Passers-by came along to lend a helping hand in the rescue effort. A lady quickly attended to a badly injured student to check on his injury. At that moment, a man appeared next to the lady, in a very rough manner he squeezed his way through and shoved the lady away, shouting at her, “Let me do it, I have first-aid knowledge”. He thought he could relief the suffering of the injured student. The least he expected was for his first-aid knowledge to cause the injured to wail in acute pain. When the lady saw that the man was at a loss and didn’t know what to do, she then went forward, patted his shoulder and said, “Mister, should you need the help of a surgeon, I am right behind you.”

Please remember many of us made mistakes and suffered from our own wrongdoing due to our tendency to take others too lightly. Those whom we are indifferent to may possess more superior cultural knowledge than us!

[emoji365]“There are mountains
beyond mountains”
[emoji365]“Heavens beyond
[emoji365]"When I walk along two
others, they may serve
me as my teacher”
[emoji365]“Within ten steps, there
are fragrant grasses”

Let go of our haughtiness and arrogance. Never be complacent and do not blatantly disregard the existence of others. Despising others turns us into a highly ignorant person, this is our biggest mistake!

Think about our many wrongdoings at home. Haven’t it stemmed from our assumption that we are the most capable? Some men thought that their wives’ effort in cooking was nothing great. Until the day they attempt to do it themselves. Only then they will realise that the task is not as simple and their cooking may even be rejected by dogs!

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[Image: 88e993de2e79d4edc017e4bcc0385e13.jpg]

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Zongshu20160126 43:36 [Master Lu’s call-in radio program]


Caller: Master Lu, please help me check on the status of my lotus flower in Heaven as well as my health condition. I was born in 1968, the year of the Monkey. I will carry the burden of my own karma.
Master Lu : Your lotus flower has bloomed. It looks very good. This could be due to the fact that you have helped a lot of people discover and believe in Buddhism.
Caller: Yes, I am in the Dharma Propagation Team of our branch. We spread Dharma in our neighbourhoods, as well as in the areas of Singapore Waterloo Guan Yin Temple.
Master Lu: That’s right, that is the reason the size of your lotus flower is so big. It is the size of a soup bowl in a restaurant!
Caller: What colour is it?.
Master Lu: It is an off-white colour, just like the colour of a bowl.
Caller: When I first started practising Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door about two years ago, you said that the percentage of my karmic obstacles was about 70-80%. However, over the past two years, as I have been actively introducing Guan Yin Citta to people, you told me that my karmic obstacles had reduced to only 18%.
Master Lu: That is very good! Yes, it is because you have been introducing Guan Yin Citta to people. Had you not done so, improvement would not have taken place at such a speedy pace.
Caller: I understand. I do feel very good. Thank you very much, Master.

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Wenda20150927A 32:26


Caller :  Master, you mentioned in Buddhism in Plain Terms that “we need to have Pure Faith towards Guan Yin Bodhisattva”.  How do we achieve “Pure Faith”?  Please enlighten us, Master.

Master :  To have “Pure Faith” means our faith towards Guan Yin Bodhisattva has to be pure.  We should not hold any selfish motives.  It is very simple.  There are those who hold faith in Guan Yin Bodhisattva, saying, “Oh, Guan Yin Bodhisattva, let me offer you some fruits, let me offer you some items, etc… I have believe that Guan Yin Bodhisattva will surely protect me.”  This is not pure faith.

What is Pure Faith then? It is to believe that "Guan Yin Bodhisattva is The Great Merciful, Great Compassionate. As long as I pray to Guan Yin Bodhisattva, she will surely takes care of me and help me.  I am such a kind person, I have done so much good deeds".  This downright faith is what you refer to as “Pure Faith”.  It is very pure. 

Let me quote a not so appropriate example.  You offer some gifts to an official.  After which, you start to doubt “Would he feel that I have not given enough? What if he did not do his best to help me? “.  “Pure Faith” is when you trust that “even if I do not offer him any gifts, he will surely help me as he is here to serve the people”.  That’s it. It is that simple.  (I understand now.  Thank you for your compassionate discourse, Master).

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Notice on English Dharma sharing session.

Dear Dharma friends,

To allow our English speaking followers to understand better the teachings of Master Lu, our centre will conduct the next Dharma sharing session on:

Date: 29th May 2016 (Sunday)

Time: ‪1:30 - 3:00 pm‬

Venue: ‪11 Chang Charn Road, Shriro House‬, #05-01,
Singapore  159640
Telephone no. ‪6222 2603‬ 


1. Master Lu's discourse from Belgium and Madrid Dharma Conventions
2.Buddhism In Plain Term: "Why we should not Regret"
3.Master Lu's tips on " 4 types of people one should befriend in one's life"
4.Testimonial on how practising XLFM and have faith in Guan Yin Bodhisattva helps to find a good job
5. Q&A

Note: Decent dress code (long pants, no skirt/low-cut designs/bare-back or sleeveless blouse).

Thank you with metta 

Oriental Radio Practice Centre Ltd (Singapore)

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"Inspirational Stories 122"

Deepest gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva, to the merciful Master Lu, and to all Dharma Defenders!

Nothing could express how grateful I am. I would be committed to acting as one of Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s thousand arms and thousand eyes to propagate Buddhism and to save more people. Several months ago, I noticed that my five-year-old son was blinking his eyes abnormally and the corner of this mouth was twitching. After conducting some research on the Internet, I realized that it was tic disorder. I was worried because I knew that it was karmic disease. I believed that by adopting the Triple Gems of Guan Yin Citta, Guan Yin Bodhisattva would bless my son and cure his disease. However, since I hadn’t practised Guan Yin Citta for a very long time, I had many karmic debts to repay as well. As a result, I didn’t recite enough Little Houses for my son’s karmic creditors. Once my son had to stay in the hospital due to a high fever and my mother-in-law went to take care of him. She was very sad when she saw my son’s facial twitching, and asked me how she could help. I told her that Little Houses would help. Even though my mother-in-law hadn’t been very dedicated in her practice, in order to help her grandson, she made a vow to offer 108 Little Houses to my son’s karmic creditors. Although my son was sick, I was very delighted that my mother-in-law became perseverant in her practice!

I would like all dharma practitioners to come to the realisation that, our affliction or worry is a catalyst of enlightenment. Misfortunes in our life could lead us to happiness, if we could stay strong and be persistent in cultivating our heart. As my son experienced constant high fever while he was in the hospital, I had no time to recite Little Houses for his karmic creditors. One of my Buddhist friends burnt 7 Little Houses for my son. I was very grateful towards her. When we are capable of helping others, we should try our best because we will never know when we will need a hand from the others. Helping the others could eventually result in helping ourselves. Not long after, my son’s fever was gone and was discharged from hospital. We have been very committed in our Buddhist practice. Several days ago, my husband told me that he dreamt of a doctor removing a big tumour from my son’s back. I was very excited as I knew that it must be Guan Yin Bodhisattva helping my son with his disease. I cannot express my gratefulness. My son’s twitching symptoms were gone ever since. Such a disease is very hard to cure from a medical perspective! How lucky we are to have the opportunity to learn and to practise Guan Yin Citta! We must cherish such opportunity and to introduce it to more people. I have made a vow to follow Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master Lu to practise and to propagate Guan Yin Citta. I would keep cultivating myself and correcting my shortcomings, become a good disciple of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, and obtain ultimate happiness through my practice.

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Ksitigahba Bodhisattva's (Di Zhang Wang Pu Sa) Discourse In A Dream: Daily Cultivation And Recitations Are Very Important; Lacking Behind In Daily Homework Will Not Produce Results In The Future. (Master Lu’s call-in radio program) Wenda 20160501B

Caller: Two days ago, a Dharma practitioner dreamt of Ksitigahba Bodhisattva giving her a discourse: Daily cultivation and recitations are very important and the accumulated energies are very huge. If we are not diligent, a day’s shortfall in the homework will not produce any result for that day in the future. After that, Ksitigahba Bodhisattva gave her an idea about the law of conservation of energy, because Dharma practitioner had indeed procrastinated and accumulated her daily home works when she was tired and doing all the accumulated recitations incessantly in a day. Sometimes, her thoughts wandered and she felt very irritable. This time, she could feel Ksitigahba Bodhisattva telling her that those improper thoughts were actually her previous life’s karma. Master, Please enlighten us.

Master Lu: Firstly, this Dharma practitioner has a very deep affinity with Ksitigahba Bodhisattva. Secondly, I can vouch that Ksitigahba Bodhisattva had indeed said all those words, because while you were delivering your speech just now, I had already seen Ksitigahba Bodhisattva. And thirdly, let me tell you, Ksitigahba Bodhisattva has a very loving kindness towards mankind and he felt sad that sentient human beings in their life spans are heading towards the realm of hell. This is due to the ignorance of the daily lifestyle which each phase must pay attention. (Master, this is to say that we must not lack behind in our daily homework?) It is not good to lack behind in home works. Shortfalls for one or two days are alright but prolonged periods will become a retraction. Let me ask you, if you are absent from school for one or two days, you applied medical leaves because of health issue. However, if you did not attend school for a whole month, would you not retreat from schooling? (Yes, indeed. Ksitigahba Bodhisattva has all along been concerned with Dharma practitioner’s cultivation in Xinlingfamen. There was a time where she procrastinated reciting the daily Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance Sutra for the week and then did all the recitations incessantly over the weekend).

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An Excerpt from
Master Jun Hong Lu's
Public Talk in Madrid
May 13, 2016

Let me share with you a few life’s pointers as Dharma practitioners:

[emoji263]Exercise, even if you are
[emoji263]Drink water, even if you
are not thirsty
[emoji263]Clear your thoughts, even
if you are troubled
[emoji263] Let others have the last
word, even if you are right
[emoji263] Be humble, even if you
have the power
[emoji263] Rest, even if you are not
[emoji263] Be contented, even if you
are not wealthy
[emoji263] Life is short; live on, even
if it seems bitter and
[emoji263] Life is impermanent;
insist on learning the
wisdom of Dharma, even
if it seems unfathomable.

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