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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Wenda 20160605A 44:23 (Master Lu’s call-in radio programme)

Different Levels Of Cultivations Will Have Different Realms Of Dharma Protectors As Guardian Angels.

Caller: Master Lu, Is it true that only Dharma practitioners who cultivate well will have their special Dharma protectors guarding them? Or so long as one is reciting, there will be a special Dharma protector guarding him?

Master Lu: There are gods three feet above our heads.

Caller: Like the Dharma Protector who specially guards that particular person.

Master Lu: Right. This is to say that every one’s guardian protector is different. For example, you were a Bodhisattva from a very high level realm before and now you are a sentient being in the human realm. Whenever you encounter problems, you will only need to call: “Bodhisattva, please protect me”, your guardian protector will come to your aid immediately. However, if you were previously from the animal realm and being reincarnated as a human being today as well as having started your Dharma cultivation. When you encountered some problems and sought help from Bodhisattva, it would be negative response, even with repeated pleas. Thereafter, when you commit a bad deed, the officials from the underworld will come looking for you. This is because your grading level is different from them. Let me cite you a simple example, if you are a hooligan and when you raised your voice for help, it will be the police coming after you and not some high calibre officer, ha-ha…

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An Excerpt from
Master Jun Hong Lu's
Public Talk in Singapore
April 23, 2016


The most important factor in cultivation is the ability to control one’s emotion. Causing hurt to others verbally is the most ignorant behavior. Our many vexations premised on the negative emotions inside us. As such, never allow your inner negative emotions to take control over you. Please remember, a person who is able to control his negative emotions is a person who cultivates well.

We learn traffic rules so that we can drive on the road. We learn to observe the Precepts as we want to emulate Buddha.
"Still water runs deep". A sage is a person who knows well that he should think before he speaks or respond to others. We have spent two years to learn to speak; however we need to spend decades to learn to be silent.

"Silence is Golden"
[emoji50]To speak is strength;
[emoji18]To be silent is Wisdom!

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Shuohua20141128 08:23


Caller: Master Lu, when we, as lay followers, make a vow to have Bodhisattva and Dharma Protectors to watch over us, what are the precepts that we should adhere to? Do we really have to adhere to the precepts like the monks and nuns? As a lay follower of Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door what are the precepts that we should observe?

Master Lu:  The foundation for a lay follower is “Do no evil and perform good deeds”. 

Caller:  In which area in particular should we pay attention to?

Master Lu:  Number 1, avoid sexual misconduct, abstain from taking what is not given, do not lie, abstain from killing and also intoxication.  This is the basic Five Precepts that you should at least adhere to.  It also includes abstain from bragging, as doing so will cause harm to oneself.  Bragging is the precursor of misconduct.  Often, before a person is involved in a misconduct, he will start by bragging.  Do not steal, as a lay follower, will you go out to steal? Do not be involved in the act of killing, do not commit sexual misconduct, no casual sex, no telling lies, no intoxication, this applies to both men and women as an intoxicated person loses all his senses. 

Look at Li Bai, he had been drinking all his life.  Such a distinguished poet, take a look at the final stage of his life. It is a real pity it came to such an unfortunate end due to his addiction to alcohol.

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shuohua20140829 21:33


Master Lu :

Dear listeners and friends, please remember, it’s difficult to kick one’s bad habits, but if there’s no pain, there will be no gain. Many bad habits were developed from young and it becomes harder to change over time. When one dislikes being taken advantage of from young, the feeling will intensify as they grow older. Eventually, he will find himself in a dire state. As human, we have to learn to correct our mistakes. We have to admit our mistakes as long as we are in the wrong. Do not be embroiled in any reasoning you may have, trying to redeem yourself from the mistakes you made. Admit your mistakes instantaneously to avoid downward spiral that will lead to more mistakes. Trying to deny your mistakes will only jeopardize your health and hurt others. It also shows that you are incorrigible. At times, matters could arise as a result of Karma. Thus, it’s pointless trying to dwell on for a reasonable explanation. If you have bullied someone in your previous life, you are bound to be bullied by the person in this life. This is the logic of the fact. Hope everyone can learn from it.

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~Wenda20160624 01:04:31


Caller: Master Lu, is there an interval whereby dharma protectors will start recording the karma residing in our cognitive world? Do they do it at daily at regular interval? What about the officials from the underworld? How frequent do they update their records? Please enlighten us.

Master Lu: No physical recording by Dharma protectors is required as you have all the records stored within your mind. The way Dharma protectors record is by sighting. For example, if you turn on the recording mode of your mobile phone 24 hours a day, all your conversations throughout the day will be recorded.

Caller: Yes. That’s right.

Master Lu: Where the need arise, you may refer to the recorder to verify the contents again. Thus, you are the one who will capture records of all your own doings. It is not necessary for Dharma protectors to do the recording. There is no escape. When the time is due, Dharma protectors will go through the entire records to sort out the respective karmas you have created – both good and bad.

Caller: Understand. Master Lu, is there any way we could repent and remove the bad karma before Dharma protectors and officials from underworld conduct their investigations on us? How many of the Eighty-eight Buddha Great Repentance Mantra do we have to recite?

Master Lu: I have mentioned before, for every single mistake made, you have to repent as soon as possible, ideally within five minutes. And within one hour, head down to our centre to recite the Eighty-eight Buddha Great Repentance Mantra seven times before Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Caller: What about the Sapta Atitabuddha Karasaniya Dharani Sutra (Qi Fo Mie Zui Zhen Yen)?

Master Lu: You may recite the sutra when you are heading home from the scene. For example, if you got into a fight and out of concern for your safety, you can recite Sapta Atitabuddha Karasaniya Dharani on your way home. Once you reached home, offer your prayer to Bodhisattva with incense and start reciting your Eighty-eight Buddha Great Repentance Mantra. We used to have a dharma brother who got into heated argument with her husband and were at the verge of divorce. But when her husband saw her repenting to Bodhisattva before their altar, he simmered down and eventually forgave her. Soon, they make up and are as loving as before.

Caller : Thank you Master Lu, for your compassionate sharing.

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Words of Wisdom
by Master Junhong Lu,
13 December 2015

[emoji92]SPEND YOUR TIME WISELY[emoji92]

A wise person will always use his spare time to work on his own future. For example, we should spend every bit of spare time we’ve got reciting sutras to protect ourselves from getting sick in the future, just as we spend our spare time exercising to stay healthy.

To acquire sustainable spiritual strength and success, we must use all our time to do what is necessary.

In every era, there are a great number of Bodhisattvas who have succeeded in their cultivation. The secret to their success is, when other people are indulging themselves in world enjoyments, they are quietly cultivating themselves, helping people realise the importance of spirituality, and giving a hand to those in need. When other people still cannot see through the true face of the world, those who want to be Bodhisattvas have already gained insights into the true meaning of life. Therefore, when others begin to suffer and think it is about time to start searching for what truly matters in life, those aspirers have already succeeded in their cultivation, becoming Bodhisattvas!

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An Excerpt from Master Jun Hong Lu's Dharma Friends Session, France-Paris September 12, 2015


Dharma Friend: During one of the Q&A session, one of the dharma friends shared that eliminating karmic debts is of utmost importance. He used all the merits accumulated through dharma sharing, recitation and life liberation to eliminate his karmic debts. May I ask is this the fastest way to eliminate karmic debts? Are our daily recitations inclusive? And how do we say our prayer?

Master Lu: Indeed, he is very wise. A person should use the money earned to pay off debts first. Once the debts are cleared, whatever revenue made subsequently will be his profits. A company should operate in the same manner. You cannot claim to be high in debt on one hand, and on the other, claim to be high in profit. Understand? That is why he is very intelligent. Thus, everyone should perform more good deeds to eliminate their karmic debts. This will in turn help to ward off troubles, worries and calamities for you. Isn’t that wonderful?

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Wenda20160624 46:12
(Master Lu's call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, when we are confronted with unhappy events or obstacles in life, how do we reverse our state of mind instantly and let the past go? Can you please advise us?

Master Lu: That requires Wisdom.

Caller: Can you elaborate?

Master Lu: I myself am able to do so. When I’m very upset, I can laugh within seconds and get over it immediately. Why is it so? Because I know that even if I am a little bit unhappy now, I am doing it for the sake of all sentient beings and not for myself. Once I have given them a piece of my mind for their sake, I would think that this matter has been resolved. I would not then continue to allow myself to be angry, sad or suffer because of others’ wrongdoings.

Caller: I see. Master Lu, I know that you are able to change your emotional state very quickly, but how do we achieve the same?

Master Lu: Through practice. Always remember these words of advice: for instance, when you get scolded by someone and feel angry, immediately remind yourself, “I’m a Dharma practitioner, why should I be angry?” This is the first pointer. Second, “Hey, he is committing such a sin, I shall not follow suit”. Third, “I’m not angry, so you can’t do anything to me!” Keep these three pointers in mind. You will cool down immediately by recalling these pointers whenever your anger is triggered.

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Words of Wisdom by Master Lu, Sydney, Australia,
17 January 2016


Handling conflicts in life is like mastering the art of cooking. The heat at which you cook should not be extreme.

To have a positive mindset in life is like being able to control the heat while cooking. A raging temper will destroy your destiny, just like raging fire will burn the dishes.

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