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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Metaphysics Q&A 155 – What if I recite in my sleep?


Q155: Master Lu, I often feel that I am performing recitations in my sleep. Sometimes I even recite theHeart Sutra (Hsin Ching). What does this mean? Do I get up and continue my recitation, or should I go back to sleep?


This could indicate that you have been practising very well lately, and that you are even practising Buddhism and performing recitations in your subconsciousness. This is a good sign.In the case where you only recite a particular type of sutra in your sleep, then perhaps you need to recite it more, or you need to check if you are reciting it correctly.If you are reciting the Heart Sutra or theAmitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra (Wang Sheng Chou) in your sleep in the middle of the night, then it could be your Karmic Creditor requesting for Little Houses.At night, you can go back to sleep after you wake up from performing recitations in your sleep.

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《对天上下来的小菩萨要严加管教》 Wenda20160415 01:30:34







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Wenda20160410 13:13
(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)


Listener:  Master Lu, due to some unique reasons, my house would require to be rented out for a year. The renting period is limited to only a year. After which we will be moving back in.  Our tenant, however, requested to move out after staying for four months. It is not easy to find another tenant in this case for the remaining seven months.  Coincidentally, during this time, a Dharma friend told me that she dreamed of my house with a lot of foreign spirits in it.  In the past, given this situation, all our family members will be under a lot of stress, there will be a lot of unhappiness and as a result arguments may arise and the entire energy field at home will be affected.

Through learning Dharma and listening to Master Lu weekly, it had taught us to be calm and composed no matter what happens.  When faced with any difficulties, we were taught that we must focus on performing recitations and to pray to Guan Yin Bodhisattva.  This is what I did the entire time. Everyone in the family, including me seemed to be calm and composed. My mother also helped out in reciting the Little House.  Every day I prayed to Guan Yin Bodhisattva to help us find a tenant who would rent our house for exactly seven months, so as to allow us calmness in performing our recitation, without any quarrels arising from financial stress.  I then had a dream where there were  many youngsters whom I do not know moved in to my house.  On the second day, last week, I was fortunate to be able to get through to Master Lu’s radio program and I was advised to recite Little House as there were foreign spirits in my house.   I told Master that my mother had already started with the recitation.  Miraculously, on Tuesday afternoon, my husband called to tell me that we have managed to find a tenant.  The rental date matches exactly with the previous tenant, not a day more, not a day less.  This new tenant needed a place for seven months as they are renovating their house.  Now, the contracts has already been signed.

I experienced a great gush of gratitude when I heard this news. My deepest gratitude to the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva.  Deepest gratitude to Master Lu.  From this experience, I learnt a lesson, that it is important for one to remain calm and composed in facing life’s many challenges and to diligently practise Dharma.  Thank you Master.

Master Lu:  With Guan Yin Bodhisattva, you need not fear a thing.  With a sincere heart, all prayers will be answered.  Many people will be so anxious, like the ants on a hot pot, feeling unsettled because they do not have Buddha or Bodhisattva in their heart.

Caller:  Thank you Master Lu for your compassion.

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Practising Guan Yin Citta Changed My Life and My Family

Melbourne LufeiTeng

Practising Guan Yin Citta Changed My Life and My Family

My gratitude to Guanyin Bodhisattva!

Gratitude to the Dharma Protectors!

Gratitude to Master Junhong Lu!

I am so thankful to Guanyin Bodhisattva for allowing me to come across Guanyin Citta in this life. I am thankful for all the teachings of Master Junhong Lu!

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always felt that my mother didn’t love me or care for me at all。She would become angry at me over little things, even physically hit me.

Therefore, every time my mother was angry, I felt very anxious and would even hate her. This combination of fear and hatred controlled me until I grew up and immigrated to Australia.

I also hated my father. Why was he always so weak and powerless? Why was it that he could do nothing but gamble?. Why? But once I started practising Guan Yin Citta I began to understand the law of cause and effect. I came to realize why I experienced so much hardship and suffering in my childhood. They were due to the bad karma I had accumulated from misdeeds committed in my past lives. I made many mistakes as a teenager: I skipped classes, made bad friends, drank, smoke, went to karaoke and stayed out all night, sometimes I even stole money from my parents just because I needed money to have fun.

My family always put up with me, but I did not feel sorry at all, even thought that they were the ones in the wrong, that they had no right to dictate to me. Now I understand how terribly misbehaved I was. Today I want to repent to Guanyin Bodhisattva and Master Lu for all the bad things I’ve done in my adolescence.

It was end of 2010, I encountered Guan Yin Citta. It was a stroke of fate. I worked at a Chinese restaurant. My boss there was a Buddhist. She gave me two books: Heaven & Earth & Mankind and Totem World. She knows my mother is a Buddhist and vegetarian as well. She asked me if I was interested in taking the books home to read with my mother. I took the books home started reading them. I was soon deeply interested. Totem reading is remarkable and I think each Totem case is like a plot of a novel. I came to believe in the law of karma, and the existence of spirits .

Two months after she gave me these books, my boss asked me: “Would you like to go to Sydney and meet Master Junhong Lu?” At that time, my mom and I were worried about our visa status; my boss was also troubled over selling her restaurant and also personal relationship issues. So we all went to Sydney.

I still remember the first time I saw Master Lu in person, Master Lu was in his very tiny office. When it was our turn to talk to Master Lu, it was lunch time; Master Lu ate his lunch while we consulted him.

That day I asked Master Lu if our visas were likely to be granted. Master Lu said: “Your father did not build good relationship with the immigration officers when he applied for the visas for you. He was rude and verbally abused the officers. This made them unhappy so they put your applications to one side without processing them. You and your mother need to recite Cundi Dharani and Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots.”

“Also you are very petty, you become upset if someone says something about you or does something to you. You are always thinking of ways to get around others as you think you are smart and others are fools. You better behave yourself. You were a bad man in your past life, you liked to play around with women and their feelings. You didn’t cultivate yourself. So in this lifetime, you need to watch yourself and be careful not to play around with men.”After we came back, my mom and I started reciting Cundi Dharani and Mantra to Unite Karmic Knots. After one month, we were granted with the visas. We are so thankful to Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Until 2012, I finally understood why Master Lu told me “Do not play around with men.” I became an unmarried mother. I met my child’s father through the internet. I felt my family did not love me, so I wanted to find someone to love me. How foolish I was!

During the pregnancy, I had a dream. In my dream, my child’s father was really sick and passed away in the hospital. I believed it was a foretelling dream. After I woke up, I recited Jvala Mahaugra Dharani, and called him, asked him how he was feeling lately. He told me he was fine. However, a month later, he started having various issues. He felt sudden pains in his body, had trouble sleeping, felt cold all the time, and kept feeling as if there was someone following him. He was afraid of sunlight in the day time and so on. Hearing these symptoms told me that there was a spirit controlling him. I asked him to do recitations, but he found many excuse not to.

We drifted further and further apart from that time onwards. Once I called him and he asked me “Why did you keep the baby?” As soon as I heard that I hung up on him. I never thought he would say something like that. Right up to the baby’s due date, I was barely in contact with him. However,I didn’t feel too upset during my pregnancy becauseI kept up with my recitations. I understood that everything that happened was because I treated him badly in my previous life, which was why we met in this life and why I would do so many silly things for him such as travel great distances to be with him. Everything I went through was to pay back the karmic debt I owed to him. I am truly grateful to Guan Yin Bodhisattva for saving me, and allowing me to find Guan Yin Citta before I made even more mistakes in my life. I learned to understand the law of causes and effects. Karmic debts we owed in the past will come back to us for repayment in this life.

In July 2015, I went to Sydney and became a volunteer. Two amazing things happened while I volunteered. there were. The first thing was that the skin problem on my hand never once occurred. I was previously a kitchenhand where. I spent each day washing and cutting vegetables and washing dishes. Due to the work, my hands became dirty and greasy all day long. After working at this job for a year, my hands developed a skin condition. Everytime my hands were in the water too long or came into contact with grease too often, the skin on my palm would become covered in blisters, and become very itchy. If I scratched them, the blisters would break. As a volunteer in Sydney, I would also be helping out in the kitchen. So I knew I couldn’t avoid my hands frequently being in contact with water and oily substances. Since my skin condition had flared up not long before I was worried it would reappear.

I prayed to Guan Yin Bodhisattva to bless me so that the skin condition on my palm wouldn’t reappear while I was a volunteer. In those six days, my hands were in contact with water and greasy stuff all day long, but my hands were never itchy and my skin condition did not appear. I was so thankful to Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s merciful blessings.

The second amazing thing was that during my stay in Sydney, my 85 year-old great grandpa fell and hit his head on the ground at home in China. We all knew he could have died at any time after such a thing happened.

My great grandpa was sent to the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital. The doctor said that if my great grandpa could survive the next two days he would be fine. From the time of my great grandpa’s accident, my grandmother never stopped reciting the Great Compassion Mantra and burning Little Houses for him. She prayed to the Guan Yin Bodhisattva to bless my great grandpa so that he could recover.

I didn’t know what had happened until the following afternoon. . I immediately made a vow to Guan Yin Bodhisattva to recite twenty-one Little Houses for my great grandpa, and gave 80% of the merit from being a volunteer in Sydney to him. While I knelt down before Guan Yin Bodhisattva and recited the Great Compassion Mantra, I felt Guan Yin Bodhisattva was slightly smiling at me. I was confused. Why was the Bodhisattva smiling? Since my great grandpa was still in the ICU, how could I smile? At that day, around 7 pm, I heard from my aunt that my great grandpa had passed the critical stage. When I knelt down to thank Guan Yin Bodhisattva, I suddenly understood: The Bodhisattva had been smiling at me to say: “You silly child, your great grandpa has had the protection of Guan Yin Bodhisattva the entire time”.

Later on, my grandma told me that the doctor said that it must have been due to Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s blessing that great grandpa was able to safely make it through the critical period.. Also, after my great grandpa woke up, he told my grandma: “It truly was Guan Yin Bodhisattva who saved me.”

I once saw the testimony of a fellow Buddhist on WeChat. There was one sentence that really stuck with me. She said: “Why was I born in this era? It was Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s mercy having me born at the right time so that I could encounter Guan Yin Citta and be enlightened.” Now I feel so grateful for the mercy of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, for letting me be born an age where I have the opportunity to follow Master Lu’s teaching of Guan Yin Citta. In the past, I was full of complaints and resentful about the unfairness in life, now I feel gratitude, no end of gratitude for being able to encounter Guan Yin Citta at the age of 20. I’m grateful to be able to listen to Master Lu’s teachings every Saturday. I’m grateful to Guan Yin Bodhisattva that I can recite sutras and mantras everyday!

If for any reason, anything I shared today is inappropriate, I ask Guan Yin Bodhisattva, Dharma Protectors and Master Lu to .

Thank you everyone!
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