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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Wenda20161230 01:08:13
(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Caller:  Master Lu, please verify a message from the Wechat group: a Buddhist friend rang up 2OR Secretariat and received reply that while in the process of dotting a _Little House_, we may proceed with the recitation for the next _Little House_, which is meant for the same merit receiver.

Master Jun Hong Lu:  Yes.

Caller:  We can’t do that if it is for different merit receivers?

Master Jun Hong Lu:  No, the Secretariat has answered correctly.

Caller:  Thank you Master Lu for answering this.  Attention to all Buddhist friends, when recording red dots after reciting _Little House_; do not recite sutras or mantras of _Little House_ meant for different merit receivers.  Doing so will result in energy being channelled onto the _Little House_ that you are dotting.  Hence the next _Little House_ will have empty energy.  However, if the merit receivers are the same, then you may do so.  Is that correct, Master Lu?

Master Jun Hong Lu:  Yes.

Caller:  Master Lu, if we are dotting the _Little House_ for saving purpose, then it is alright to recite the next piece while dotting, right?

Master Jun Hong Lu:  That’s right.

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A Buddhist practitioner should first learn to forgive. Forgiveness brings about miracles, helping save broken relationships. Forgiveness helps us understand others like a lamp that illuminates our hearts, enabling us to let go of resentment, vengeance, and jealousy. Forgiveness is the path
to a healthy state of mind.
學佛人首先要學會原諒別人,原諒別人就 會產生生奇跡,會挽回感情的損失; 原諒別人會諒解理解別人,像一盞燈照亮 你的心,讓你放下怨恨、報復心與嫉妒心, 有原諒別人的心就會給你的心鋪成 一條健康之路。

— Master Lu;
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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, there are. some Buddhist friends who will sit on their heels while kneeling on the kneel cushion. Is this alright?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It is alright. No problem at all.

Caller: It is like they rested entirely on the kneel cushion and their legs not touching the ground at all, they are entirely on the kneel cushion.

Master Jun Hong Lu: There is no problem at all for them to be sitting on their own heels. After you have performed prayer earlier,you may sit on your heels. No problem at all.

Caller: Alright.

Master Jun Hong Lu: However, on the first prostration it is best to straighten their back while they are on the praying mat. Only on the subsequent rounds, they may sit on their heels. Generally, only people who are tired will do this. They may be having issues with their back or their health. Bodhisattva will not mind. Do you understand?

Caller: That’s right. Thank you Master Lu for your compassion.

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Wenda20161028 54:53
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, how can we ensure that our home altar will not woo foreign spirits? How can we invite Bodhisattva to come more often?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Pray and do recitations daily at the altar. This way, you will not attract the foreign spirits.

Caller: That is to pray and offer incense every day continuously, right?

Master Jun Hong Lu: You cannot break the continuity. Once you stopped praying and offering incense for a day or two, foreign spirits can enter the Bodhisattva figurine.

Caller: If there is discontinuity for a few days, do we have to recite seven *_Great Compassion Mantra_*, seven *_Heart Sutra_* and seven *_Eight-eight Buddhas Great Repentence_* Sutras?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It should not be a problem if you have positive energies and Bodhisattva has been visiting your altar; the foreign spirits will not dare to appear. However, if Bodhisattva hardly visits and you stopped praying and reciting for a few days or a week, foreign spirits will go onto the altar.

Caller: How can we ensure that that our home altar will invite Bodhisattva to come more often?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Simply, sincerity will make your wish come true! When you change the water and fruits on the altar sincerely and earnestly, when you pray and offer incense to Bodhisattva zealously, Bodhisattva will appear. Bodhisattva will appear when she sees your passionate prayers…Haha…

Caller: Also, to maintain cleanliness in the house right?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Of course, it is necessary.

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We should take a good look at this world and see it clearly. If there are still things that we cannot make peace with, it means we do not have enough compassion. If there are still people that we look down upon, it means we are not wise enough. If we are still occupied by worries, it means we are still disturbed by demons.

— Master Lu;
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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk, Tokyo, Japan
October 8, 2016


We know that we should not waste our lives away and here are 4 things in particular that we should not waste our lives on:

Number 1: Our worries. Worries are an ultimate waste of our lives. It is all much ado about nothing. To worry is to make things harder than they need to be. Why get over-anxious for problems that we are unable to resolve, get uptight every day and wear ourselves out both physically and mentally? Resultantly, you will definitely fall ill.

Number 2 : Do not waste time on complaining. Please remember, all unnecessary complaints will only keep you away from happiness. Complaints are downright useless, as it is unable to help you out of any life's predicament.

Number 3: Do not waste time on blaming others. To blame others as soon as something happened, to suffer and feeling unhappy thereafter, to blame the circumstances when things are not to our liking – these are negative and passive attitudes in life. From the perspective of Dharma, these are known as negative energies; and a mentality lacking in self-confidence and ability to undertake responsibilities.

Number 4: Do not compare with others, as it is an utter waste of time. The more you compare, the more unhappy you will be. Being joyful and happy are personal feelings. They are not derived through comparison with others.

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