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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Wealth, lust, fame, food and sleep in the human realm will affect one’s cultivation. Only through repentance and diligence can one succeed in spiritual cultivation.

Master Jun Hong Lu
Words of Wisdom Vol. 6



Caller: Master Lu, you often mention in the radio program that there are many people practising dharma nowadays, but not many are truly cultivating. So, what is the yardstick for true cultivation? Is persistently performing recitation daily considered true cultivation?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Not necessarily. Daily recitation is only a formality. A true Dharma cultivator will always emulate Bodhisattva's thoughts, actions and speeches to reflect upon themselves and apply them in daily life. This is considered true cultivation.

_Source: Wenda20150306 14:24, Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program_
Master Jun Hong Lu’s discourse
(Question 381)
6 May 2020

I had a dream when I was taking my afternoon nap today. I dreamt that I received a scroll and it felt like a royal decree issued by emperor in ancient China. Golden rays of light radiated from the scroll when it was opened.

It said:

“Now I, the Bodhisattva, shall share with you the rules that dictate the increase or elimination of one's karmic debt from learning Buddhism in Plain Terms.

Prostrating oneself before Buddhas and Bodhisattvas –
1 credit point of karmic debt to be eliminated.

Reciting Great Compassion Mantra with sincerity for Master Jun Hong Lu –
1 credit point of karmic debt to be eliminated.

Reading Buddhism in Plain Terms –
2 credit points of karmic debt to be eliminated.

Sharing Words of Wisdom –
2 credit points of karmic debt to be eliminated and
1 credit point of wisdom to be recorded.

Benefitting others with the sharing of Words of Wisdom or successful personal experience in cultivation –
5 credit points of karmic debt to be eliminated and
3 credit points of wisdom to be recorded.

Actively participating in Question and Answer sessions, that resulted the recollections being registered in the Eighth Consciousness –
2 to 3 credit points of wisdom to be recorded.

For every participation of sharing session in a proper and orderly manner –
1 merit to be recorded, and their lotus flower will bloom a little more.

On the other hand, if one contradicts the above rules, the karmic debt and ignorance will increase proportionately, instead. (The above will be recorded accordingly by the Dharma Protectors and Taisui Bodhisattva of the year.)

Please inform all Buddhist Practitioners about these rules.

Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.”

Later, I heard a Bodhisattva spoke in a loud voice: For every 100 points of wisdom accumulated, it will converge into a little prajna; every 300 little prajna is equal to one profound prajna. If this profound prajna is utilised in a proper manner, for example
to propagate Buddhism, or help sentient beings, in fact, one can transcend beyond the Six Realms of Existence directly.

Answer: This is true. These words are from the wisdom of the heavenly Bodhisattvas. Profound prajna is ultimate enlightenment. The ultimate enlightenment is achieved through the accumulation of every single enlightenment, little by little. Once you reach that level, you are a Buddha.
With enlightenment, you are a Bodhisattva who could transcend beyond the Six Realms of Existence. Please take a good look at this message. Perform it to the best of your ability and waste no more time.
Refusing to budge from delusion will only land you in the sea of suffering.
Cultivate diligently and the shore of Enlightenment will be in sight.

Master Jun Hong Lu
Words of Wisdom Vol. 5


People who have accrued merits and virtues have Buddha nature.
When they apply their Buddha nature to perform good deeds, they accrue merits and virtues.

Master Jun Hong Lu
Words of Wisdom Vol. 5



Master Jun Hong Lu: There are only two words in my mind – work hard, I work with all my might.

When I draft my speech, there are times I fall asleep at my desk and when I wake up, I’ll continue drafting.

Today, if I can’t get myself out of bed, I’ll use all my might to get up, if I fail, I’ll try harder.

When I’m under pressure today, I will endure it. When I’m under more pressure, I will continue to endure. Even as the onslaught mounts, I will continue to endure… never giving up and continuing to persevere until the end.

_Source: Shuohua20170127 01:04, Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program_
我们现在拥有的, 才是最值得我们珍惜的东西, 过去的早已经过去, 而未来的还没有得到, 所以我们要拥有现在、忘记过去, 展望未来, 心才会像大海般的宽广无边。

What we have today is most precious. The past is already gone and the future is yet to come. Therefore, we must seize the present moment, leave the past behind, and look forward to the future. Only then will our hearts be like the ocean - vast and boundless.

佛言佛语(一) Words of Wisdom Vol.1
Words of Wisdom

By Master Jun Hong Lu

13 December 2015


Master Jun Hong Lu: A wise person will always use his spare time to work on his own future. For example, we should spend every bit of spare time we’ve got reciting sutras to protect ourselves from getting sick in the future, just as we spend our spare time exercising to stay healthy.

To acquire sustainable spiritual strength and success, we must use all our time to do what is necessary.

In every era, there are a great number of Bodhisattvas who have succeeded in their cultivation. The secret to their success is, when other people are indulging themselves in world enjoyments, they are quietly cultivating themselves, helping people realise the importance of spirituality, and giving a hand to those in need. When other people still cannot see through the true face of the world, those who want to be Bodhisattvas have already gained insights into the true meaning of life. Therefore, when others begin to suffer and think it is about time to start searching for what truly matters in life, those aspirers have already succeeded in their cultivation, becoming Bodhisattvas!
2020 The enlightenment day of Guan Yin Bodhisattva

When you are infatuated with wealth, sex, fame, food and sleep and when all you could think of is money and material possessions, you have given rise to the mortal minds that exterminate your Buddha nature within 凡心乍起,佛性会灭. One single vexation, or greed is all it takes is to extinguish this inherent nature. It is only by cutting-off and bringing our mortal mind (凡心断掉) to an end can our Buddha nature emerge.

We need to live by the philosophy: “I am blessed to have it and equally blessed not to have it (有则我幸,无则我命)” as this is the way to see through the reality of things. You are grateful for the things you have; as for those that you fail to obtain, you embrace your fate. It is only through this positive mental attitude that you are able to eradicate your mortal mind 这样想才能断凡心.

To accept misfortune as decreed by fate is a form of liberation 认命就是一种解脱. This is when you think, “I know I am not destined to have it (我这个人没这个命)”. The truth of the matter is you get what is rightfully yours as imprinted in your destiny and it all depends on whether you have sowed the seeds in your previous lives. With this understanding you break free from the mortal mind 凡人之心才会断掉 and thus be unaffected by worldly phenomena, such as material possessions and fame.

Master Jun Hong Lu: To transcend an ordinary person into a sage is to transform ourselves into sages. An ordinary person will have endless worries and insatiable desires.

It is a well-known fact that Confucius from China is a sage who taught Chinese Culture. The main characteristic of a sage is his forgiving nature.

In fact, forgiving others is the beginning of developing compassion. How could you be compassionate if you can’t even bring yourself to forgive others? If you are unforgiving towards others, you will eventually develop hatred for them. When you hate others, you simply lack a compassionate heart.

_Source: Master Jun Hong Lu’s Buddhism In Plain Terms, Volume 1 Chapter 5_