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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Wenda2020202 32:37

(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)

Master Jun Hong Lu: Putting our palms together signifies our practice of Buddhism while kneeling on our knees is a sign of repentance. When we kneel down with our palms together it means that we are repenting and at the same time committing ourselves to diligence in our practising of Buddhism. This act has the effect of speeding up the elimination of one’s karmic obstacles and sufferings. My advice to you is that if you wish to enjoy good fortune, you should perform more prostrations.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting, Paris, France
5 September 2019


Master Jun Hong Lu: The key to differentiating whether you are a good or evil person lies in the sincerity of mind in your dealings with others. If you treat others with sincerity, you are likely a kind person. On the other hand, if you treat others with a callously, you may be an evil person. Since the most important principle when interacting with others is sincerity, Buddhist practitioners should all be sincere towards others. If you are sincere towards others, you will soon gain their sincerity in return. This is why we must learn Buddhism, to be a genuine and magnanimous person as that is an extremely important character trait.
Shuohua20160506 07:02 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]


Caller: “Buddhism In Plain Terms” mentioned that we repent continuously and recite Little Houses to eliminate our karmic debts. However, when we have dreams of a previous life’s karma, do we confess and repent to Bodhisattva on that matter directly or recite our repentance as usual?

Master Jun Hong Lu: You may repent single-mindedly on that issue since you have dreams about it. Basically, this dream is to warn you of your forth-coming problems. Regardless of whether it is your previous life’s karma that has passed, or this life’s karma or future karmic eruptions, you can do your repentance. However, you must pair the repentance with the Little Houses because repentance without Little Houses will not have much effect.
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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Nowadays, there are many people who are outright arrogant, and yet,  completely unaware nor realise that they are displaying such an attitude. If you observe closely, you will notice that these people have an exaggerated sense of self-love, selfishness and are unable to accept critical feedback.
Not acknowledging  or eradicating this bad attitude and yet, are unwilling to let go of selfishness and the notion of self, would only impede your spiritual cultivation, let alone cultivating a heart of gratitude and compassion. Master, can you enlighten us on this.

Master Jun Hong Lu:
Firstly, the highest realm an arrogant person could ascend to, is the Asura realm. They will not be able to attain any higher, not even the Heaven realm. Secondly, such an attitude develops after a prolonged period of sticking to one’s bad habits. Therefore, you have to strive to overcome your ignorance, because a person’s sense of superiority is attributable to his ignorance. A successful person, on the other hand, will always be receptive to others’ opinions.

You have seen how I educate my disciples by deliberately helping them to overcome arrogance? I would intentionally reprimand them before others till they let go of the attachment to ‘self’. In doing so, they are free from all possible elements that can cause them harm.Many people are highly egoistic. They would feel embarrassed by my remarks and would hope for a hole where they could bury their heads in. Let me tell you, these are all due to ignorance.

We came into this world with nothing, so what ego are you trying to defend? If you think so highly of yourself, why don’t you make an attempt to transcend the cycle of rebirth. What ego have you got when you even went to the extent of picking up human faecal to eat when you were little? As you grow older, you realise that everything in this world is false, empty and illusory.

I want you to know that your purpose in the human realm is to practise spiritual cultivation, and seize the occasion to cultivate your Buddha nature in this impermanent world. What do you own? As the saying goes, “While the Great Wall still exists today, long gone is the first Emperor of the Qin Dynasty.”
Shuohua20130118 05:07
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, you often mention we need to show filial piety towards our parents. Many children and parents have deep karmic knots, where parents owe their children from previous lives, and now these children are collecting their karmic dues. If the children treat the parents with filial piety as opposed to being disrespectful, it is the parents’ duty to take good care of their children. Bringing the children up property eliminates karmic debts, so the family can eventually resolve any bad karmic issues they have. In terms of cause and effect, can karmic knots between parents and their children be explained this way?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Correct. These parents owe their children, but instead of seeking repayments from their parents, the children treat their parents very well. Isn’t this purifying evil and turning it into good? Eventually, in the next life the
children and their parents will no longer be in debt to one another, or the children mightn’t be born into this same family again.

Caller: I understand. However, with additional recitations of the Heart Sutra and Chieh Chieh Chou, can I eliminate these bad karmic issues more quickly?

Master Jun Hong Lu: You are absolutely right!
Wenda20170430A 27:18
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Master, you mentioned in《Buddhism in Plain Terms》that through recitation of scriptures, we are able to eliminate karmic obstacles. I wish to understand, how do the compassionate resolution in the Bodhisattva’s scriptures and the state of our action, speech and thought during recitation coalesce and become functional, to render wisdom to sentient beings and eliminate karmic obstacles? Please enlighten us, Master.

Master Jun Hong Lu:
It calls for the unification of the heart with Buddha. When you only think of Buddha, your mind will be filled with Buddha; and when your life is guided by the cognition of Buddha, you would have attained “unification of the heart with Buddha” by virtue of your heart being in unison with that of Buddha.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting,Melbourne, Australia
10 November 2018


Master Jun Hong Lu: Oftentimes we feel that the sun had refused to shine when we are faced with the little setbacks and worries in our life - “…why is life so unfair?”, “…what are all these hassles about?” In fact, there is no end to our worries, hence we might as well learn to endure them. When our hands are covering both our eyes, we will not be able to see the sun, the blue sky, the white clouds and the beautiful sunset in our life. Therefore, we should not allow ourselves to be intertwined or get depressed over life’s little troubles and sufferings. Sadly, many people choose to end their life or fail to see through its reality under such circumstances, not realising that it is only because they are blinded by the huge pair of hands that cover their eyes.
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(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Caller: Master has forewarned that young people should avoid handling money when organising life liberation events given their lack of composure in withstanding the lure of money, which may distort their rational mind. By the same token, are there things that young people should pay extra attention to if they are part of an organising committee? Is it right to say that it’s best for them to avoid holding key positions in this committee? The reason is because such positions may perpetuate their longing for others’ affirmation and respect. This presents an easy way to stoke their arrogance and cause them to attract others’ jealousy and hatred, which may eventually lead to a fraction within the group.

Master Jun Hong Lu: That’s absolutely correct! Young people who become a member of a group should avoid being arrogant. They should never have the impression that they have the advantage of being youthful, better educated and more knowledgeable than the senior folks, because such arrogance may induce them to start giving out commands when organising events. Instead, young people should help the senior folks in organising events, because it will help young people to gradually get rid of their arrogance.

If you are someone who goes all-out to seek key positions and you say, “Only young people should organise life liberation”, you are gradually accentuating your deep-seated bad habits. As your desires get inflated in your Buddhism propagation undertakings, they will put a dampener on your spiritual cultivation path. This is because instead of cultivating a mind of sincerity, you end up fuelling a mind of ignorance. If you have already embarked on your spiritual cultivation journey and yet, you are interested in those worldly pursuits, you are none other than feeding your ignorance.

Let me reiterate this, whether you are living an ascetic life or a non-secular life, you must let go of all the worldly desires. There are still many people who yearn for, “I want things to be better, so on and so forth.” This goes to show that they have yet to relinquish their worldly desires. Do you understand me?

Caller: That’s true. I feel that senior fellow practitioners are better suited to take up this role. After all, they are no longer tempted by the status that such position presents to them. On the flip side, they are most likely to view it as sheer responsibility, and hence are better able to dedicate themselves for the good of others. Young people should leverage their vitality and energy to make more sacrifices on the quiet and not expecting anything in return. After all, their sacrifices will definitely come to fruition as per the immutable law of cause and effect. Thank you, Master.

Master Jun Hong Lu: That’s absolutely correct! Having said that, it also depends as there will be cases where greed may still dwell in the heart of some senior fellow practitioners. However, once you find the good ones, you must encourage them. Young people are like a machine navigated by the seniors, acting as one of the screws in the machine that helps sustain its functionality so that it can keep working without breaking down. This will allow the senior folks to manoeuvre the steering wheel, guiding the young ones on their spiritual cultivation path.

Caller: That’s correct.

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