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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
Jakarta, Indonesia
9 March 2018


Master Jun Hong Lu: In this modern age, it is important that we incline to kindness and instill kindness into our hearts. Let your compassionate heart spring up, just like how bamboo shoots grow after a spring rain. Compassion can help us gradually eliminate the karmic obstacles in our Eighth Consciousness. Over time, our heart will be softened and our blood and energy will flow more smoothly. When our heart becomes more beautiful, so does our appearance.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk

Sydney, Australia

27 January 2019


Master Jun Hong Lu:

Let me tell you, if you wish to lead a happy life, practise Buddhism; if you wish to lead a blessed life, learn to be contented; if you wish to be worry-free, do not contend with others; if you wish for an unhindered mind , learn to give and you shall then be free from calamities.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s

Public Talk

Sydney, Australia

27 January 2019


Master Jun Hong Lu:

Up on a mountain, there were two identical looking stones with very different endings in life after a few years. The first one was carved into a Buddha statue and was regarded with veneration by the people; while the second one was made into a non-significant stone step.

With much grievance, the second stone said, “My friend, since we are stones of the same type, why there is such great disparity between our fates?” The first stone answered, “Do you remember? A few years ago, when a sculptor came along, you were terrified by the pain inflicted on you from the sculptor’s knife. You couldn’t bear the suffering. Hence, with a few cuts from the chisel, you ended up as a stone step. As for me, I lived through the pain that turned me into a statue of a Buddha. Success comes to those who can endure hardship – which explains why today I am held in veneration by the people while you, unfortunately, are just their stone step.”
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
24 April 2016


Master Jun Hong Lu: The Buddha once said, a long time ago, there was a diligent and steadfast Bhikkhu, who was endowed with five types of supernatural powers.

Every time, he was cultivating in solitude under a tree in the mountains, he would attract a pigeon, a crow, a venomous snake and even a deer. These animals would hunt for food during the day, only to return to his side during the night. 

One night, these animals started to discuss what was considered the worst kind of suffering.

The crow said, “I think that hunger and thirst are the most unbearable. This is because they bring about a weakened physique. Not only does visibility reduce, we lose mental clarity. As a result, very often, in the midst of all these, we fall prey to the sharp blades of the hunters and walk right into their traps.”

The pigeon said, “Lust is the most tormenting. This is because amid intense sexual desire, we lose our rational mind, behave like nothing else matters and subject ourselves to multiple dangers that may potentially snatch our lives away.”

The venomous snake said, “No suffering beats hatred. The moment we give rise to the thought of harming others, all our close or distant friends are susceptible to danger. Not only is such evil intention capable of harming others, we could end up being a victim ourselves.”

The deer expressed its view and said, “Fear is the most unbearable suffering. Whenever I wander in the wilderness, my heart is filled with extreme fear, the fear of falling prey to either human hunters or leopards, wolves or tigers. The slightest noise will send me scurrying away to the riverside or hiding in the caves. In my mad rush for survival, I practically have to drop everything, including my loved ones, and run for life. In my view, fear presents the most suffering.”

Upon hearing their exchanges, the Bhikkhu said, "What you have been talking about bears little significance; none of you has truly comprehended the root of your suffering. In this world, no suffering can surpass the pain that this physical form presents us. It’s because of this body, it generates an unlimited amount of anxiety and fear.” 

This explains why I abandoned all worldly things, lead an ascetic life and exterminate all my desires, wishes and steer away from greed for the four great joys. I only have one goal in mind and, that is, to put an end to the root of my suffering so that I can reach the state of Nirvana.

This diligent Bhikkhu was one of the previous lives of Shakyamuni Buddha.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s

World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting

Melbourne, Australia

10 November 2018


Master Jun Hong Lu:

No matter what happens in this world, simplify your approach in tackling any tasks that seems complicated and be earnest in your approach for those task that seems simple. What determines a person’s success are strong determination, firm faith and their conviction to succeed in every undertaking. Because we have faith in Guan Yin Bodhisattva and trust that with compassion, all troubles will be resolved, we are assured of a bright and a fulfilled life.
Cultivating the mind requires a quiet, clear and still mind, and the ability to observe all phenomena as akin to dreams.

Master Jun Hong Lu
Words of Wisdom Vol. 6


Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk,Melbourne, Australia,11 November 201


Master Jun Hong Lu: A kind person is one whose heart is as calm as water. They keep a low-profile and their mind is unflustered. Paradoxically, it is our non-contending nature that helps us live by our life principles as it is the assertive ones who will lose their grip on them.

We must learn to be at peace with ourselves regardless of whether we are facing favourable or unfavourable people and situations. Be kind like the water in our dealings with others and allow compassion to be manifested. Please remember, compassion renders us the biggest strength as it empowers us with a mind that is pure and clean. As Buddhists, we should walk the talk; be tolerant and go with the flow as after all, all rivers run into the sea. As the saying goes, the highest form of good is that of water as it strives solely to benefit all beings.
Awakening arises when a person realises their mistakes and mends their ways.

Master Jun Hong Lu
Words of Wisdom Vol. 8


Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk

New York, USA

14 October 2018


Master Jun Hong Lu:

As Buddhist practitioners, we should never lie as this will result in us losing our honour, tarnishing our reputation and being despised by others. On the contrary, one who is truthful will be able to gain wisdom and have a clear conscience. Only those who have a sincere, unrestrained and serene mind will be able to accord to conditions as well as enjoy a lifetime of peace, luck and good health.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s Discourse (Question 205)
1 February 2018


Question: Master, during one of your discourses over the radio program, it was mentioned that we might make a vow to recite the sacred name of Guan Yin Bodhisattva for 100,000 times to enhance our affinity with Bodhisattva. May I know how I should pray before the recitation?

Master Jun Hong Lu: By reciting “The Greatly Merciful, Greatly Compassionate, the Saviour of Sufferings and Disasters, the Greatly Inspirational Guan Yin Bodhisattva”, is a prayer itself. It entails the prayer for the great mercy, great compassion and the divine afflatus of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, and to savage those who are suffering.

When we have made a vow to recite the sacred name of Guan Yin Bodhisattva for 100,000 times, now and then we wish to seek guidance from Bodhisattva, it will be easier for us to get an answer through our dreams. Bodhisattva may not be present but will provide us with reminders by letting us see some discernible occurrences.