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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Wenda20160327B 28:07 [Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program]

Caller: Master Lu, we have been cultivating our mind and conduct for quite a while but we are still not sure if we are able to put it to use. When nothing happens, we seem to be well-versed in theory, but there are still critical moments in life where we fail to do the right things. Though we understand moral principles in the course of spiritual development, unwholesome thoughts such as jealousy still arise, Master, is it a test of our cultivation to gauge the level of our cultivation? How do we rid ourselves of unwholesome thoughts?
Master Jun Hong Lu: It is very simple. When one hasn’t attained thorough awareness, one may understand the principles in the theoretical aspect but it doesn’t mean one has complete understanding when it comes to reality. For example, after you have got a bachelor degree, you still need work experience to get a good job. Similarly, when it comes to cultivating your mind, you need to put it into practice daily. If you don’t interact with people, you would not know how to be tactful and tolerant when dealing with people. Once you start quarrelling with others, anger arises in you. If you know nothing about being tactful and tolerant, you would have been cultivating in vain. This is because you have not practiced what you have learned. (So we really must try to practise them in everyday life…) Yes, while you practise cultivation, you need to enrol yourself as a volunteer and be exposed to different kinds of people including people who are weird. Learn to deal with people with tolerance and diplomacy. This is the so called “ Practical”.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk in Malacca 20160816


What is the point of practising Buddhism if not for benefitting sentient beings?
Practising Buddhism is not simply about self-benefits. Conversely, Buddhist practitioners should know that handling of all worldly affairs demand a mindset that transcends it.

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Wenda20140615B 58:31
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller:  How are you, Master? The rationale behind Buddhist practitioners of Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door reciting so many scriptures is to help awaken our innate Buddha nature.

Master Jun Hong Lu:  What you just said is absolutely right!  Why Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door requires us to recite so many scriptures? It is to awaken our innate Buddha nature. How can we communicate with Bodhisattva if we do not perform recitation? It's just like we can't communicate with others if we do not speak. Hence, if we wish to communicate with Bodhisattva, we must perform recitation, as all scriptures are teachings of Bodhisattvas.  Do you understand?

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk
Guan Yin Hall, Brisbane, Australia
July 15, 2012


Master Jun Hong Lu: Let me tell you, as long as we kneel before Guan Yin Bodhisattva and think that, “I am a Bodhisattva who cultivates Buddhism” and immediately repent for the many past misdeeds we had committed, whether those of now or before, Bodhisattva will bless us and help us clear away these karmic obstacles, expediting the elimination of our negative karma. And, as soon as the karmic obstacles are eliminated, our good fortune will then come around.

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Gratitude is the foundation of compassion.

Every night, we must express our gratitude – be thankful for the joy that the children brought to the family, be thankful that I still have a life to live today, be thankful for the blessing of Bodhisattva that I am free from any terminal illness. We have to have compassion and be thankful for all things.

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Wenda20161125 01:01:45
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Some cancer patients encounter difficulties in performing recitation due to physical weakness, despite having a willing heart. In this case, how should they say their prayers to Guan Yin Bodhisattva, so that they can have the energy to recite Little Houses for themselves?

Master Jun Hong Lu: That’s impossible. This is the case where karmic debts have come into effect. You only pray for blessings after the eruption of your karmic debts: “My health is not good now and I am unable to perform recitation”. Why can’t you recite diligently when you were in good health? The thing is, you did not recite diligently when you were healthy, and that’s why you are suffering from a poor health now. This karmic eruption will definitely make it difficult for you to perform recitation, and not being able to perform recitation is, by itself, another form of karmic retribution. Therefore, you can only endure it as you are receiving your retribution.

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Guan Yin Citta helped my daughter to get through a moment of life or death

My deepest gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva, to Master Jun Hong Lu, and to all dharma defenders!

I’m from Shanghai. I will like to share with you my experience of practicing Guan Yin Citta for three years. I majored in environmental art design, my daughter Yang Xiaoping graduated from an art school. She then self-studied architectural design. In 2009, 45 days after she gave birth to her child, she was assigned to work on a project to expand the remains storage at a funeral parlor. She was terrified when exposed to such a massive amount of remains. As it was part of her job, she had to continue with the project until completion. However, such an experience caused her to live in fear afterwards.

In 2011, her company won a hotel design competition in Beijing. As the chief designer, my daughter worked day and night, and sometimes couldn’t even go home. Even though the project was highly regarded, my daughter developed some health issues after working under great stress for a whole year. Since then, she has always had nightmares about being chased by spirits. One day in September 2012, my son-in-law called and told me that my daughter was talking nonsense. She claimed that she was in trouble as everyone in the world was trying to kill her. She couldn’t live much longer. She needed to go to the cemetery to farewell the old ancestors, and also asked us to take care of ourselves. We took her to visit many medical specialists, but didn’t improve her situation.

I was then given some reading materials of Guan Yin Citta, after which I started to recite scriptures and Little Houses immediately. On the same night, my husband and my daughter had a very similar dream: three spirits tied my daughter up on a trailer and moved her to a very dark place. My husband yelled out loudly for help and my daughter called the name of Buddha. After hearing this, I made a vow to offer Little Houses to our aborted child. After I completed 210 pieces, my husband dreamt of a child playing games happily, and my daughter was able to return to work as her body had recovered.

I attended Master Jun Hong Lu’s Hong Kong dharma convention in 2013. Impressed by the dharma teachings given by Master Lu, I developed a strong faith and continued following Master Jun Hong Lu’s teachings and practicing Guan Yin Citta. After the convention, I wanted to set up an altar at home immediately. As I wasn’t aware of the importance of timing, I set up an altar at night time with the help of a dharma practitioner. On the same night, my husband and my daughter became sick. I prayed to Guan Yin Bodhisattva for forgiving my ignorance, and for blessing my husband and daughter so that they could recover from their sickness. On the next day, I re-arranged the altar under the instructions of another dharma practitioner, after which my husband recovered right away. However, my daughter started talking nonsense again. She knelt down in front of us and said she had to leave by tomorrow, as the Amitabha and the Buddha were there to escort her to the Western Land of Ultimate Happiness. We were all shocked and didn’t know what to do. However, my intuition prompted me to call Master Lu’s secretariat for help. The dharma practitioners at the secretariat comforted me and consulted Master Jun Hong Lu for me. Two days later, they passed on Master Jun Hong Lu’s instructions that we needed to offer 800 Little Houses to my daughter’s karmic creditors, and release 2000 fish.

Thanks to Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master Jun Hong Lu’s blessings, my daughter recovered. We also attended Master Jun Hong Lu’s dharma convention in Malaysia in 2014. After offering 1600 Little Houses to her karmic creditors during that year, my daughter’s emotions became stable, and she was able to live a normal life. Later in the year, I reduced the number of Little Houses to seven per week. On the night before winter solstice, a spirit occupied my daughter’s body and claimed that he would take my daughter to hell. Several days later, she totally changed again. Under the control of the spirit, she fought with us, hit other people’s cars, and lost her job. The spirit called my name and warned me that if I failed to offer enough Little Houses, both my daughter and I would die. With the help of other dharma practitioners, I called through Master Lu’s totem enquiry line twice in January 2015. Master Jun Hong Lu instructed that to get through this moment of life or death, I need to offer 66 Little Houses. Those spirits were her karmic creditors from her previous life. I also had to make a vow to recite 1600 Little Houses and release 4000 fish as soon as possible, otherwise my daughter’s days are counting. After offering 2200 Little Houses, a miracle happened. My daughter was finally back to normal.

I was very grateful. I made a vow in front of my altar that I would help Master Jun Hong Lu to propagate Buddhism and be committed to practicing Guan Yin Citta for the rest of my life.

I wish that my experience could help more people understand the law of cause and effect, and develop faith for Guan Yin Bodhisattva, so that they can be free from suffering by practicing Buddhism.

My deepest gratitude towards the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva, to the selfless Master Jun Hong Lu, to all dharma defenders, and to all dharma practitioners! I apologize if I’ve said anything inappropriate.

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Wenda20170716A 09:31
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master, at times, when you were reading Totem you commented that certain person had gone through a lot of sufferings but he was just keeping mum about it. May I ask, generally for cases like this, is it because the person was indebted to the other party, hence he remained silent while enduring the suffering?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It is generally so. Suffering in silence implies that he is bearing the suffering; and bearing itself, is a form of repayment. Do you understand?

Caller: This kind of temperament is also useful in helping us to break off an affinity. Is it right for me to say so, Master?

Master Jun Hong Lu: That’s right. You see, there are people who keep going through sufferings after sufferings. Do you have any idea what comes next?

Caller: Happiness comes after suffering.

Master Lu: That’s it. He is not creating any new karma.

Caller: Thank you Master for answering my question.

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