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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Wenda20160306A 41:10 [Master Lu’s call-in radio program]


Caller: When we pray to Guan Yin Bodhisattva about using our merits and virtues to eliminate negative karma in the case where spirits are present, are those merits and virtues used directly to repay the spirit? Or they could be used as a substitute for Little Houses (a combination of Buddhist texts) to reduce the number of Little Houses required to repay the spirit?

Master Lu: It is difficult for merits and virtues to be used as a substitute for Little Houses. In fact, merits and virtues serve to enhance one’s energy. A person with stronger energy recites more powerful Little Houses. While other people’s Little Houses may have 50% power, the Little Houses recited by those with stronger energy can have 70%-80% power. The latter will be more effective, of course.

In addition, when you have energy, you can store that energy for later use, such as avoiding disasters or mishaps. While others may be left helpless when stricken by calamities and disaster, you, with enough energy, can get away with them as soon as you pray. For example, when someone causes you trouble, you can pray to Guan Yin Bodhisattva to bless you and eliminate that misfortune. A few days later, that person may stop bugging you. On the contrary, for a person with little merits and virtues, even if he prays, he won’t be able to avoid trouble.
Caller: Thank you, Master Lu.

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Caller: Sometimes after cultivating Dharma for a period of time, many families or lifestyles or even careers had changed for the better. For example, some people had changed for higher paying jobs or other matters. However, Dharma cultivators are also afraid that the merits accumulated will be consumed eventually. Master, please enlighten us on how to differentiate between the karmic debts being eliminated from our daily living and the merits being converted into blessings?
Master Lu: It is very simple. In general, the merits that you have created will eliminate your karmic debts primarily. When a person begins to have blessings, there are 2 types of situations: Firstly, he is having good fortune at this point in time and his recitations will be able to quickly increase his blessings further. For instance, a fortune teller said that he will be able to get a better job when he is 23 years old. At 23 years of age, his blessings surfaces when he does his recitation at this time, he will have a better job quickly. This is the idea, do you understand? (Oh, then…) You mean all the merits derived from the recitation will be diminished? It is not possible. The blessings are given to you but a small portion will be consumed. If you have karmic debts, your merits will be used to eliminate them. Understand now? (I Understand now. Master, when Bodhisattva sometimes automatically gave Dharma cultivators blessings when they did not wish or pray for any kind of blessings, is it right that they will not eliminate their own merits? No, it will not be considered, that is to say that he will have these blessings in this life time. Secondly, he has the blessings to enjoy this fortune, therefore it is termed as “blessings” (Oh, I understand now).

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My deepest gratitude to Guan Yin Bodhisattva and to Master Lu!

Good afternoon everyone! My name is Stan Gao, I’m from New Zealand.

I believe that almost everyone has heard about Buddhism, and some even have profound knowledge of Buddhism. I sometimes ask myself: What is Buddhism? How is it connected to our everyday life, and where will it lead us to? Around a year ago, my wife’s friend introduced Guan Yin Citta to her. Since then, she has changed drastically. She never used to read much for the past 20 years; but she is now reading Master Lu’s book until mid-night. Over time, her face grew brighter and her eyes radiate hope and happiness. Her usual fiery temperament eased to a more subdued and gentle disposition. In this way, I was introduced to Guan Yin Citta through my wife and her friend. After listening to Master Lu’s radio programs and watching totem videos, I start believing in karma and reincarnation, and I realized that what we have done in the past lives determined our current destiny – if we want to yield a good harvest, we have to sow good seeds. Even though I have never met Master Lu, I regard him as my life-long spiritual mentor. A good teacher is hard to come by, so I really cherish the opportunity to learn from Master Lu.

Since then, I have been practicing Guan Yin Citta diligently. At the beginning of last year, I made a vow to become a vegetarian, abstain from killing, recite scriptures and promote Buddhism for the rest of my life. Thereafter, dramatic changes occurred throughout the year. I would like to share some of these changes with you.

First of all, my health improved. I was diagnosed with gout in 1999. Every time I suffered from a gout attack, I vowed to quit indulging in food and alcohol. But every time I get over the relapse, I reverted to the unhealthy diet again. As a result, I constantly suffered from gout attacks. To relieve the pain and alleviate the symptoms, I took colchicine, which posed lethal side effects on my body. Through practicing Guan Yin Citta, I learned that my illness was the result of the negative karma I had sowed through the killing and over consumption of meat and seafood. Due to the demands of my job, I eat out twice a day almost every day for the last 16 years. My gout condition culminated last April when I had an attack which led me bed ridden. Lying in bed, I sought solace in listening to Master Lu’s radio programs. From there, I grew to understand that the pain I was suffering is negating and reducing the negative karma I had bred in the past. I resolved not to take colchicine anymore to relieve my condition; rather, I choose to adopt a vegetarian diet instead. I also practiced the Buddhist principles of releasing any form of living beings from captivity and recite scriptures. With my faith in Buddhism, I endured all the pain without taking medications. From then on, I have never had another gout attack.

After just a year’s practice, the lumps in my body have become smaller, both my lumbar disc herniation and frozen shoulder have been cured. I could also sit up in a crossed-legged posture now. My deepest gratitude to Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master Lu!

Apart from improvement in my health, there were also changes to my mindset. Running my own business in China, like most other businessmen, I pursued wealth and fame. I lived an extravagant life and regarded prosperity and fame as great blessings. As I didn’t understand Buddhism or karma before, I wasn’t aware of the dire consequences as a result of my greed, hatred and delusion. The greed for money creates karmic debts, and living an extravagant life is actually squandering our blessings! Excessive greed and the pursuit of fame and wealth can delude our body and mind.

Last February, I met Master Lu in Sydney and was enlightened by his teachings. I came to the realization that we can never deceive the Buddhas or Bodhisattvas. I have committed much mistakes and wrongdoings in the past; creating heavy karmic debts. From the perspective of the law, we will not be punished if we are not caught. However, from a Buddhist’s view, negative karma will be created regardless of whether our action has been exposed. As a consequence, we have to pay for our karmic debts. Therefore, I sincerely repent of my mistakes. The more desires we have, the more troubled our minds will be. The more we have, the more we can lose. In order to free myself from worries and troubles, I resolved to cease in the pursuit of fame and wealth.

Last May, a Taoist friend of mine met with me and said that I looked very much like a monk now because he no longer saw greed and desires in my eyes. All my friends are curious about my changes. Whenever they want to dine out, I would suggest trying a vegetarian restaurant. I also tell them that I am now practicing Buddhism and no longer interested in hosting a feast. They all accept my changes and respect me more than ever. In my job, I behave in accordance with Buddhist teachings and avoid any false speech or greed. I feel relieved and become more tolerant and open towards people around me. Such changes have saved my soul from greed and desire.

A while ago, I visited my hometown. Whenever I heard that some youngsters yelled at and even hit their parents, or some people fight with each other over trivial matters, I could not help but imagine how peaceful our world could be if everyone has the opportunity to be influenced by Buddhist teachings at a young age. It is terrifying that people do not believe in karma. Society has benefitted from Master Lu’s way of promoting Buddhism in a way which is easy for us to understand. If all of us could act in accordance with Master Lu’s Buddhist teachings, our society will be filled with love and peace. Guan Yin Citta is the most effective vehicle that Guan Yin Bodhisattva uses to save us from suffering.

On a lower level, practicing Guan Yin Citta could help us solve real-life issues relating to health, family and career. On a higher level, our society or even the world could benefit immensely from Buddhist teachings; because Buddhism promotes compassion and benevolence. It not only turns us into more amiable and empathetic beings, but also lifts us up spiritually and frees us from suffering.

It’s best to have a guide when walking on a path. Along the path of our Buddhist practice, we are led by Master Lu and Guan Yin Bodhisattva, who guide us in the right direction. When we are doing well, we should share the good news with others. Guan Yin Citta belongs to the Mahayana school of Buddhism, and it’s truly effective! It’s not a question of whether you will succeed on your path, rather it’s more of whether you want to be on that path. As long as you have faith in Guan Yin Citta, you will definitely benefit from it.

My deepest gratitude to the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva!

My deepest gratitude to the selfless Master Lu who spares no effort in helping us and spreading Buddhism!

Thank you everyone!

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An Excerpt from Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk in Brisbane, 20 March 2016

For many Buddhists, we may have lost many opportunities in the first half of our life from hesitation and hurtful experiences in life, career, or relationships. So is the path of Buddhist practice. We should make sure we do not miss out on this opportunity. Some people missed out on Buddhism by accident and once we missed out, we missed out on the opportunity to gain wisdom.

The mistakes we’ve made were not because of our stupidity, but because of our stubbornness. Think about it: how many opportunities have we missed ever since we were young because we didn’t want to listen to others’ suggestions? If only we were more willing to take other people’s advice, we might have gotten on a better path.

When it comes to Buddhist practice, we cannot afford to hesitate. Before we learned Buddhism, we have many regrets in our life. After we started practicing Buddhism, we learned to treasure everything and everyone in our life, which leads to a brighter future.

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Inspirational Stories 109 Guan Yin Citta helps cure my daughter’s chronic eczema


My daughter is 6 years old and she had suffered from eczema since birth. After I was introduced to Guan Yin Citta and Master Lu, I started to practise Buddhism. At the beginning, although I performed life liberation for my daughter continuously, I did not recite much Little House for my daughter’s karmic creditors. Instead, I focused on reciting Little Houses (a combination of Buddhist scriptures) for my aborted children as they all showed up in my dream. This June, my family attended Master Lu’s dharma convention in Hong Kong. My daughter’s eczema symptoms worsened and the red patches covered many parts of her body. It had never been completely cured, so she suffered from the reoccurrence. Even though we had already visited many specialists from many famous hospitals in Beijing, we were never able to find an effective cure. The doctors said that my daughter’s eczema was caused by allergy. The medical examination showed that she was allergic to milk, pork, egg, seafood, jam and preservatives. Her situation was better when she stayed away from these types of food, but once she had something inappropriate such as mongo, the allergic reactions would occur and the itching was unbearable. It was such a pain to see my daughter suffer like this.

Before we left for Hong Kong for Master Lu’s dharma convention, my daughter had a very severe reoccurrence. Skin was peeling nearly all over her body. During the dharma convention, I asked her to bow to Guan Yin Bodhisattva 108 times every day and to recite the Great Compassionate Mantra and the Heart Sutra. Meanwhile, I made a vow to offer 87 Little Houses to her karmic creditors, release 4000 fishes in 2 years, and donate RMB 10,000 to support the printing of Buddhist materials. I had a dream on my way back home. In the dream, I was taking a taxi and the driver asked me to pay RMB 200. I said to him that it normally cost only RMB 100, but the driver insisted that I pay RMB 200. After I woke up, I realized that 87 Little Houses might not be enough. Therefore, I made a vow to offer 200 Little Houses.

As my daughter still had itching all over her body, I took her to the hospital. Instead of giving us a prescription, the doctor asked us to put the lotion (which was already prescribed) on my daughter’s body, and to do a blood test. Test result would be released after a week. During that week, I recited Little Houses for my daughter’s karmic creditors, and recited the Great Compassionate Mantra and the Heart Sutra for her 3 times per day, and the 88 Buddhas Great Repentant once per day. After three days, we found that my daughter’s symptoms were gone and the skin became smooth. My husband also found it incredible and started to recite Buddhist scriptures ever since.

My daughter’s eczema has been cured all of a sudden and she hasn’t experienced any allergic reactions even when she has egg, orange or crackers. The doctor also say that she could get vaccinated now. Her situation has been very stable and she can have milk and seaweed. No words could express my gratitude towards Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master Lu. I will be committed to practising Buddhism, to repenting of my previous mistakes, and to helping more people by introducing Buddhism to them.
Inspirational Stories 122


Deepest gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva, to the merciful Master Lu, and to all Dharma Defenders!

Nothing could express how grateful I am. I would be committed to acting as one of Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s thousand arms and thousand eyes to propagate Buddhism and to save more people. Several months ago, I noticed that my five-year-old son was blinking his eyes abnormally and the corner of this mouth was twitching. After conducting some research on the Internet, I realized that it was tic disorder. I was worried because I knew that it was karmic disease. I believed that by adopting the Triple Gems of Guan Yin Citta, Guan Yin Bodhisattva would bless my son and cure his disease. However, since I hadn’t practised Guan Yin Citta for a very long time, I had many karmic debts to repay as well. As a result, I didn’t recite enough Little Houses for my son’s karmic creditors. Once my son had to stay in the hospital due to a high fever and my mother-in-law went to take care of him. She was very sad when she saw my son’s facial twitching, and asked me how she could help. I told her that Little Houses would help. Even though my mother-in-law hadn’t been very dedicated in her practice, in order to help her grandson, she made a vow to offer 108 Little Houses to my son’s karmic creditors. Although my son was sick, I was very delighted that my mother-in-law became perseverant in her practice!

I would like all dharma practitioners to come to the realisation that, our affliction or worry is a catalyst of enlightenment. Misfortunes in our life could lead us to happiness, if we could stay strong and be persistent in cultivating our heart. As my son experienced constant high fever while he was in the hospital, I had no time to recite Little Houses for his karmic creditors. One of my Buddhist friends burnt 7 Little Houses for my son. I was very grateful towards her. When we are capable of helping others, we should try our best because we will never know when we will need a hand from the others. Helping the others could eventually result in helping ourselves. Not long after, my son’s fever was gone and was discharged from hospital. We have been very committed in our Buddhist practice. Several days ago, my husband told me that he dreamt of a doctor removing a big tumour from my son’s back. I was very excited as I knew that it must be Guan Yin Bodhisattva helping my son with his disease. I cannot express my gratefulness. My son’s twitching symptoms were gone ever since. Such a disease is very hard to cure from a medical perspective! How lucky we are to have the opportunity to learn and to practise Guan Yin Citta! We must cherish such opportunity and to introduce it to more people. I have made a vow to follow Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master Lu to practise and to propagate Guan Yin Citta. I would keep cultivating myself and correcting my shortcomings, become a good disciple of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, and obtain ultimate happiness through my practice.

Caller: When I recite the Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance Sutra, I would kneel all the way. After I have recited the “Namo Da Xing Pu Sian Pu Sa” three times, do I need to get up or can I continue to kneel down and go on with the repetition of the said sutra?

Master Lu: Actually, it will be good if you can stand up for a while. When the last three repetition of “Namo Da Xing Pu Sian Pu Sa” ended, it is an indication to stand up. Another method you can use is to prostrate three times which will represent that you have stood up. It is good that you have asked me this as I would not have thought of it. As there are some elderly people who have difficulty in getting up after kneeling for a while, so, let them know that prostrating three times is as good as having stood up.

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Metaphysics Q&A 103



Q103: Hi Master Lu, I would like to wear a pendant with the image of Guan Yin Bodhisattva for protection. What should I be aware of? Can ladies wear this kind of pendant? Does the pendant need to be blessed?


You can certainly wear a pendant with the image of Guan Yin Bodhisattva around your neck, regardless of your gender. In particular, since we are now following the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, when we wear a pendant with the image of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, we would be able to receive protection and blessings.

The entire pendant should only contain the image of Guan Yin Bodhisattva. Please do not select one that has figures of animals, or other images or text on the back of the pendant.The pendant should only be made of one single type of material. The first choice would be gold, and jade would also be alright. Please do not select one with multiple materials, for example, jade with gold plating.If the pendant is made of jade, the colour should be pure and should not be multicoloured. A slightly darker shade than white would be the best colour choice. In comparison, green would not be a good choice.

It would be best if you are able to have Master Lu to bless your pendant. If you are not able to have the pendant blessed, you can also directly wear it. Guan Yin Bodhisattva would recognise our efforts in performing recitations and cultivating our minds, and we would receive protection and blessings from Guan Yin Bodhisattva.

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