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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Excerpt from Master Jun Hong Lu's Public Talk, Penang, Malaysia
April 15, 2017


A little monk asked an old monk, “Master, what have you been doing before you attained realization?”

The old monk said, “Before I attain realization, I have been chopping woods, fetching water and cooking.”

Little monk continued to ask, “How about after you attained realization?”

Old monk replied, “Chop woods, fetch water and cook.”

Little monk asked, “How do you explain realization then?”

Old monk replied, “Before I attain realization, I would worry about fetching water while chopping wood, and worry about cooking while fetching water. After I attained realization, my attention is undiverted and stayed focus on completion of each task before moving on. This is called steadfast mindfulness!”

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s Discourse
(Question 162)
May 21, 2017


Q: Is it true that hindrances will increase in tandem with more merits accrued by a person?

A: The greater the desire to attain enlightenment, the greater the demonic hindrances will be. The more a person is being respected, the more jealousy will be invited. If you are to become a model employee, others will be jealous of your status. The taller a tree, the stronger the wind and rain it will have to withstand. No one will pay attention to a sapling.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s Talk
Guan Yin Hall, Sydney, Australia
September 08 2011


Master wishes to tell everyone that recitations will also create merits. How is it so? Many people said, “I am only performing my recitations and nothing else, how did I get my merits? This is because when you are performing recitations, in effect, you are making vows and making vows will create very virtuous merits, right?

Think about it, when you are reciting your “*_Heart Sutra_*” and “*_Great Compassion Mantra_*” while others recite their “*_Eighty-eight Great Repentance Sutra_*”, who are encompassed in them? It is all the Bodhisattvas, right? Whatever you tell Bodhisattvas, they will know it all, isn’t this as good as making vow?

People who recite the “*_Heart Sutra_*” will be thinking, “I vow to cleanse my soul and increase my wisdom. People who recite the “*_Great Compassion Mantra_*” will hope to eventually increase their spiritual power. When you are reciting, your thoughts will reveal your wishes, right? Therefore, you have to understand why you are able to attain merits through recitations.

When you are performing recitations, you are actually using your solemn promise to recite. Why are your recitations effective? It is because of your vow. Without it, it will be like reciting without the intended objective and the effectiveness of your recitation will be reduced significantly. If you vowed to help sentient beings, the results of your recitations will be even more efficacious. Do you all understand?

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Q&A Session With World Buddhist Friends, Jakarta, Indonesia
April 20, 2017


Q:  When we are unable to identify whether our poor health condition or temperament are caused by our personal karmic creditor or that of our house, can we simply offer _Little Houses_ in our name?

A:  Yes, you may as regardless of whose the karmic creditor it belongs to. As long as you experience headache, discomfort, feel like losing temper or feel a gust of anger, these are indications that there is foreign spirit in your body.  At this point of time, it is safest to offer _Little House_ to yourself because you will be able to send the spirit away even if it is the karmic creditor of the house.  Do you understand?

Q: Yes, duly understand. Thank you Master.

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(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Caller: Performing life liberation can help to extend our lifespan, does the lifespan extension also apply to one who has made a vow to be a full vegetarian?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Of course, both help to extend lifespan.

Caller: Is it incremental based on the number of years we have practised vegetarianism?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, I think you have become more enlightened now. Making a vow is merely the second step of the tenets of ‘Faith, Vows and Practice’. Our lifespan will only be extended when we begin practising it.

Caller: It still depends on our actions.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes.

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[Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program]


Caller: Will negative karma be created if wrong approach is used, leading to disbeliever, resentment and causing others to distance themselves from Buddhism?

Master Jun Hong Lu: This is bad. You are not only unable to help awaken him spiritually, but had caused him to create negative karma in speech. When this happened, he will have to bear full responsibility for the sin, while you will also get 20% of it as well.

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[Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program]


Caller: Master, as it is easier to eliminate old karmic debts by not creating new ones, does it mean that it is easier for people with greater karmic debts to create new ones and get caught in a vicious circle?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Absolutely right! If one is filled with evilness, it’s absolutely impossible for him to eliminate the old karmic debts completely and new debts will continue to multiply, forming a vicious circle.

Caller: Is there any way to break away from the vicious circle? He is already burdened by massive karmic debts.

Master Jun Hong Lu: How to go about training will be dependent on his cultivation. If he does not cultivate, he is bound to create new karmic debts. This cannot be helped since he is still in pursuit of fame and wealth.

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