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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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An Excerpt from
Master Jun Hong Lu's
Public Talk in Singapore
April 22, 2016


In actual sense, all the happiness in this world stems from human being’s desires. The pleasure of eating stems from our desire in consuming food; the pleasure of wealth and fame, stems from our greed; our quest for sexual intimacy stems from our sexual desire, the pleasure derived from sleeping and our laziness, is also a type of desire, that is the desire to enjoy. As such, in this human realm, beware, that the happiness you experience today could become the foundation for your slackness in your cultivation tomorrow!

Why the practice of extreme asceticism? It is to allow us to be enlightened, as all things in this world are impermanent. They are all worldly desires. It is through cutting down these worldly pleasures that we are able to experience the “real” happiness within. Happiness within is something you sense on a spiritual level.

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[emoji259]Tomorrow, 7th May 2016 (Saturdayy), is the 1st day of the 4th Lunar Month. [emoji259]

[emoji271]Please perform more virtuous deeds and recitations, be a vegetarian, refrain from killing, free captive lives, do no evil and perform good deeds[emoji271]

[emoji120] You may recite up to [KEYCAP 1][KEYCAP 3] times "Eighty eight Buddhas Great Repentance" (Lifo), inclusive of the daily homework*. Pray to the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva to eliminate the negative karma on specific misdeeds that we have done in our "current life".

[emoji120] Deepest gratitude to the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva, in giving us the opportunity to recite more Lifo to eliminate our negative karma.

Wishing all advancement in Buddhism practice, accumulation of meritorious blessings, wisdom and Dharma bliss.

* Note: 1) Except for pregnant ladies, all Dharma Friends (with or without altar at home) can recite the additional Lifo. Take this opportunity to eliminate negative karma.

2) Remember to prepare flowers and fruits for the day.

#Additional Notes:
A) Recitation of this additional Lifo is not compulsory. It would be good if you could do so. It is suggested that we match some Little Houses with it.

B) If you are unable to complete your intended number of additional Lifo, you may pray to Bodhisattva to allow you to complete the balance Lifo the next day (only 1 day postponement is allowed).


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Regarding Childhood Skin Disease Problem (Master Lu’s call-in radio program) Wenda 160415 01:25:25

Caller: The child is having skin problem since young and has been scratching endlessly all over the body. Dharma brother asks which is more important to recite; the Little House or the Wang Sheng Zhou, or to recite both concurrently.

Master Lu: Need to recite both the Little House and Wang Sheng Zhou. In general, there is a relation between skin problem and past life’s negative karmas in killing and taking live seafood as well as women consuming too much live seafood during pregnancies. Previously, the Chinese physician said that eating seafood will bring forth the nitty gritty carbuncles; causing it to sprout and activate the skin disease. Therefore, when pregnant mothers consumed too much live fishes and prawns, the child will not have good healthy skin. (We need to recite more Wang Sheng Zhou?). Yes, indeed. (The Wang Sheng Zhou is added onto the daily homework or to recite the self-reserved Wang Sheng Zhou?) Add on to the daily homework will be better.

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Seeing Many Spirits Inside The Subway; Need To Be Constantly Mindful Of Sentient Beings’ Sufferings To Enable Oneself To Be Perpetually Advancing. (Master Lu’s call-in radio program) Shouhua 20160429 11:56

Caller: A Dharma practitioner is vaguely aware that he has a mission in this life. There was a time when he slackened a little and developed cramps when he recited the Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance Sutra. Then, the spirit planted a thought in him: “Do you know that it is very difficult for us, spirits to do cultivation in the spiritual world? Sentient beings have such great condition and environment and yet they do not take advantage of this situation to cultivate properly!” There was another time when Dharma practitioner was travelling on the subway, he actually saw many spiritual beings were waiting for him to save them and he started to shed tears. He had previously asked Bodhisattva on how to maintain diligence in Dharma cultivation. Bodhisattva replied him: “You must always think of the sufferings of the sentient beings.” He finally realised the Bodhisattva’s words when he saw so many spiritual beings on the subway. Master, please advise him on how to continue cultivating correctly.

Master Lu: He needs to put in more effort and be even more diligent in helping other people. It is not a joke to let him see what others cannot see. This is to let him know that sentient beings are suffering and can become ghosts in the spirit world in a split of an unwary moment. Spirits in the underworld are not able to do cultivation, unlike sentient beings who can cultivate best on earth. Do you understand? (Understand now, Master. So he should use his energies on helping sentient beings, right?) Yes, indeed.

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Words of Wisdom from Master Lu 3, Sydney, Australia, 17 January 2016

[emoji92]CORRECT YOU

Enlightenment arises when you discover your mistakes;
Success comes when you can correct your mistakes;

Thorough enlightenment arises when you discover all of your mistakes;

Perfection arises when you can correct all your mistakes committed by body and mind.

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An Excerpt from
Master Jun Hong Lu's
Public Talk in Singapore
April 23, 2016


The most important factor in cultivation is the ability to control one’s emotion. Causing hurt to others verbally is the most ignorant behavior. Our many vexations premised on the negative emotions inside us. As such, never allow your inner negative emotions to take control over you. Please remember, a person who is able to control his negative emotions is a person who cultivates well.

We learn traffic rules so that we can drive on the road. We learn to observe the Precepts as we want to emulate Buddha.
"Still water runs deep". A sage is a person who knows well that he should think before he speaks or respond to others. We have spent two years to learn to speak; however we need to spend decades to learn to be silent.

"Silence is Golden"
[emoji50]To speak is strength;
[emoji18]To be silent is Wisdom!

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wenda20140606  05:29  
For the Little House Mantras that were recited during hospitalization, can we ask others to dot and offer on behalf.

Caller: There is a Dharma Friend who is suffering from Parkinson disease and need to be hospitalized regularly. He could recite the Little Houses but unable to dot them in the hospital. Can he ask his family member to dot the Little Houses for him?

Master Lu: There is no concern if the Little House is dotted by someone else, but he has to write his own name (After he filled up the “Offer To” and “Offered By” fields, can his family members or other Dharma friends dot for him?) That’s correct. (Can he ask his family member or other Dharma friends to offer on his behalf?) It is alright. (What are the things that we need to look out for if we were to offer on his behalf?) There is nothing to note, just help him to offer. (Just help him to offer, that’s it?) Yes.

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