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*Inspirational Short Stories by Master Jun Hong Lu: Adversity Makes You Stronger*

There was an unfortunate young man. When he was ten years old, his mother passed away. His father was driving a long-distance bus, so he had to wash and cook on his own. Seven years later, his father died in a car accident. He became poor with no one to depend on and had to learn to support himself.

At the age of twenty, the young man lost his left leg in an occupational accident. He could only walk with the aid of a crutch. He spent all his savings setting up a fish farm. One day, a flood swept away the fish farm and ruined all his life savings and hopes.

He went to the temple and knelt down in front of the Buddha, weeping. “Buddha, why do you treat me so unfairly?” That night, the Buddha said in his dream, “Why do you feel that I have treated you unfairly?” The young man told all his misfortunes to the Buddha and the Buddha said, “My poor child, then why do you keep living in the human world?” After hearing this, the young man roared with anger, “I would not die. Having gone through so many tragedies, I have actually been eliminating my negative karma. Some day in the future, I’ll be free of karmic debts and I will live a happy life.

The Buddha said, “I will open the door of Hell and you can look inside.” The Buddha then pointed to a ghost and said, “He was lucky. He had a very smooth and wealthy life before his death, but in the end, just like you, he lost all his wealth in a flood. Unlike you, he committed suicide and became a ghost, but you’re still alive.”

This story tells us that different destinies make different personalities. We must understand that undergoing suffering and hardship helps eliminate our negative karma. A person who can accept reality is one who knows how to change reality. We as Buddhist practitioners only suffer temporarily, and non-practitioners will suffer continuously.

Bear in mind that what we suffer now eliminates our karma!

Shuohua20160805 29:26 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]

Caller: Some Buddhist friends have issues with persons-in-charge of Dharma practice centre because of their approaches / ways of doing things, and started to discuss about their ideas and opinions behind their back. Is this considered an act of sowing discord?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, as long as you have stirred things up, you are considered to have sowed discord.

Caller: How severe is the karmic obstacles caused by such behaviour?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It depends, if you keep on sowing discord among others, it will surely be very serious and would end up in hell. However, it would not be a big issue if you only happened to do it by chance, just repent by reciting the Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance (Li Fo Da Chan Hui Wen).

Caller: I see, how many times shall we recite the Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance in this case?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Keep reciting.

Caller: Continue to recite until there is no more sense of guilt?

Master Jun Hong Lu: That's right.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk, Melbourne, Australia
November 20, 2016


Master Jun Hong Lu, “If you wish to receive help from others, you must first offer others your help; if you wish to be loved by others, you must first love others; if you wish to gain advantage, you must first let others gain advantage from you; a tolerant person is able to transform a foe to a friend. There are two things that you must learn to endure in life - one, is to learn to endure hardships, and what is more important, is to learn to endure getting the short end of the stick.”

Let there be serenity in us regardless of whom we deal with. Be composed. At times, there may be grievances, hate or envy. These are the toxins engendered from the body. We need to manage and control them. When you let loose your guard, these toxins begin to invade your body. Instead, if you draw on the positive energy in your mind, these toxins will not able to attack your body. When you allow jealousy, hatred and worries to engulf you, you become another person. Therefore you should learn to tune your body, mind and mood. To practice patience and the Paramita (The Perfection). All things shall come to pass like the fleeting clouds, like the footprints in the sand. When you walk along the beach, you leave behind your footprints. But when you look back, the waves have washed them away. Hence, we have to be broad-minded in life, wash away the toxins in us with wisdom everyday. Do not allow these toxins to pollute our soul. Allow the compassion of Guan Yin Bodhisattva to save our souls everyday, so that our souls will remain pure.

- (第12集)【BH佛法开示视频
(Master Lu’s call-in radio program)
An Excerpt


Master Jun Hong Lu: ….given that someone scolded or slandered you, you are able to practise tolerance. What about if they sing your praises? What’s most challenging is for one to bear praises.

When this happens, you have to understand that everything in this world is illusory and unreal. Regardless if they are scolding or praising you, take it as if they are not true statements and you will not give rise to non-equanimity in your mind.

The problem with people is that when they are praised, they will go into a state of immeasurable self-satisfaction. Just like me today, so many people are praising me because of my Dharma propagation efforts. If I am not propagating the Dharma, I am just an insignificant radio station master; I am nobody.

Therefore, one should always be in touch with one’s Buddha nature. Do not indulge in self-satisfaction or feel that we are superior when others praise us.

What is there to be proud of? You are just a human. You are still doing so many unwholesome deeds every single day; your body stinks, so is your mind - do you still believe that you are superior?

Hence, even when we are being praised, we should learn to restrain ourselves. Take it as “I have not done good enough and I have to put in even more effort. I am not worthy of their praises”.

Just like when people comment that your face resembles Bodhisattva, does that mean you are one? You are nothing if not for the light of Buddha that is shining on you!

A person who propagates Buddhism should never be arrogant or self-righteous. You have to think lowly of yourselves and that you are worthless. Only then you will not be arrogant and you will not give rise to inequanimity. There is nothing to be proud of, really. So what if you are Napoleon or Julius Caesar?
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
19 October 2019


Master Jun Hong Lu: The heart of a Buddhist practitioner is just like a field where innumerable desires and worries will sprout, these are the weeds of our mind. However, good crops will also grow in our hearts, and we should sow more of these kind and compassionate crops. Remember this, the more crops there are, the less space there is for weeds to grow.
Wenda20181104A 17:10
(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Caller: Master, is it true that our karmic obstacles will be eliminated more easily while we are alive, as compared to when we are dead?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, of course! How would you be able to do so when you have become a foreign spirit? Furthermore, if you have ascended to Heaven, you are likely to get carried away easily and become too complacent to make any progress in your spiritual cultivation. In this case, how do you expect yourself to eliminate karmic obstacles? Do you understand?

Caller: Hence, ​​I hope that everyone can cherish this life that we have and be diligent in our Buddhism practice and performing recitation.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, elimination of karmic obstacles is the fastest when in the human realm. There's no getting around it. Sadly, many people are wasting their time instead of making efforts for this purpose.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk
Sydney, Australia
12 January 2020


Master Jun Hong Lu: Do you know of another way to improve wealth luck?
That is, when the incense burner is not in use, take it down from the altar and wipe it. If you are investors, wiping the incense burner will help to increase your fortune. If you observe, this is a common practice in many dharma doors.

Performing the act of washing is also a good way to eliminate negative karma. Hence, you can throw yourself into washing whenever you feel unhappy as this will improve your mood. You may notice many people will start washing in the kitchen whenever they are upset. They will feel much better after a while, because this is one of the ways to vent negative emotions.
Wenda20171215 01:25:32

(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, I did not cultivate well recently, and I am ashamed of it. I feel difficult to correct my shortcomings, and my heart is filled with anger and hatred. At the same time, I could not get through on the phone and talk to you. But Bodhisattva is compassionate and has helped me get through today. I would like to repent to you, Master Lu.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Eat less spicy food, understand?

Caller: Yes. I overindulge in food and sleep.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Overindulgence in food and sleep will lead to increased ignorance and lust.

Caller: Yes, I understand.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Sometimes you have to grit your teeth and force yourself to get rid of the bad habits. You are a Bodhisattva because you are learning from Bodhisattva. You are a human being, not an animal, don’t you understand it?

Caller: I understand it, Master, I was sorry. I did not cultivate well. Please forgive me.

Master Jun Hong Lu: OK, perform your recitation diligently. Bodhisattva has two children – one has never made any mistakes, and the other will correct his mistakes promptly. Do you understand what I mean?

Caller: Yes, Master. You work so hard, but I always bother. I dreamed of you this morning. In the dream, you taught us Buddhism explained in Plain Terms.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Alright, work hard and learn from your Master.

Caller: Thank you, Master Lu.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk in Penang, Malaysia
August 14, 2016
An Excerpt


If we live under the shadow of desire and die of desire, you will end up becoming a slave of desires in your next life.

Therefore, we cannot become slaves of desire.

Fewer desires leads to contentment; a person with few desires is one who will be more contented.

If I am given a bowl of rice, I will feel delighted and filled with gratitude. When you are feeling hungry, a little food is enough to fill you with gratefulness.

No matter what others present to you, if you find it good, then, you should look away. Why? Because it adds no value to your cultivation. By doing so, you will attain progression in your cultivation.

As such, desires are poison. It will harm you when you are off guard. In the past, Buddhist scriptures referred desires as snakes that reside in the heart. The moment thoughts of desire arise, they will bite and stir your heart.