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Inspirational Stories 113 Sharing from a 16-year old boy who’s just gotten his GCE ‘O’Level

I get the exact result I prayed for in my GCE O Level Exam!

Growing up I was rather indifferent towards religion. The idea of a God was one I would keep away from discussing partly due to the fact I didn’t believe in Him and also partly because I didn’t want to offend the God if He really existed.

My mum then met Guan Yin Citta when I was in Secondary Four and she started reciting scriptures almost immediately. I was reserved and didn’t want to meddle in such religious affairs at first. But one faithful day before my common test I went up to my mum, asked for the mantra book and I just started reciting using “Hanyu pinyin” despite the fact that I couldn’t read much Chinese. During then I was probably tired from all the revision and just needed a break and recitation did just the job. Why not sleep you ask? Because my mum nagging at me for sleeping the day before a test is something that will always happen. As for the results of my common test, it came out rather well done. And since that day, I started chanting every day and after a while increased the number of mantras and sutras I chant daily to 7 times of Great Compassion Mantra, 7 times of Heart Sutra and 21 times of Chun Ti Shen Chou. And a few months before my O level, I increased Chun Ti Shen Chou to 49 times!

I was from a neighbourhood secondary school which had 2 mock O levels exams before our actual O levels. The results for the two exams were not ideal at all, though there were small improvements between the two exams. For the last mock exam I got a L1R2B2 of 18 and a L1R5 of 22. These results, for those who know the grading system for O levels, were very worrying. But after studying 2 times for my mock exams, I have understood more concepts each time and I went through with myself the possibilities that could happen. The worst that could happen I realized was that I would end up in the ITE, was it something I wanted? No. But it’s something I can deal with. That small session made me realise that failure isn’t the end, the people I love would still be around and there is really nothing much I have to fear about getting bad results. Once this fear and stress was off me, I could go full steam ahead and studied hard, finding myself able to leave my phone and other distractions aside and actually study for the first time. This wisdom and motivation I guess was from Guan Yin Bodhisattva.

I prayed every day for a L1R2B2 of 8 points and I got the exact same marks for all 4 types of L1R2B2 and with a L1R2B2 of 8 my L1R5 was naturally good, and I got 11 points for that.

Could I have gotten a better result? I don’t think so, at 16 years of age in the 21st century, I think I did exceptionally well considering my starting point in Sec 1 having appealed in to my secondary school and thus being the last in the whole of the school (my results now belong in the top 30% of my school). Sleep, ample rest and knowing when to stop and relax was what I think I did correct this time as well as my daily recitation was what kept me going. The praying and recitation every day gave me some down time away from studying and social media. And apparently my prayers were heard and Guan Yin Bodhisattva gave me the results I prayed for!

If a religion could reward me with exactly what I wanted in less than a year, imagine what would a lifetime following can get me. But then again the teachings of Bodhisattva are for you to realise that with all the material gains you can have, it’s all really for nothing in the end when life reaches a conclusion and only those who have made a great impact get immortalized in their works and minds of admirers. We should always leave a place better than we found it, aim to right whatever wrongs we can and leave a better place for others to live in. We should not just complain and whine about all the things we don’t like in life and then leave this place wondering why things are always so unjust.

You can be like me, start praying to Guan Yin Bodhisattva and start reciting mantras. As for any religion, all you need is to put all your trust in it and truly believe. For only when you do, your prayers will be answered. Even if you are not yet ready to join a religion like mine, I hope that you do something good with your life, help people in need, treat your friends and family well.

J Low (A fellow messenger of peace)


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Offering of Little Houses on Chinese New Year Eve or First Day of Chinese New Year (CNY)

Listener:  Master, should we offer little houses on Chinese New Year Eve or during the First Day of Chinese New Year?

Master: Both days can also offer little houses, because on the CNY Eve is the last day of the current lunar year, all Bodhisattvas will be coming down. (Oh! How about offering the Little House to our ancestors?) For ancestors, it is better to offer before CNY Eve; as for those offering to protect yourselves, it should all be done either on the First Day or after CNY. (Understand)

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台长:不一定的,如果你梦不到观世音菩萨,那稍微有点小问题,说明你至少修学不够精进,经常颠三倒四。所以台长经常说学佛修心像烧水一样一天不能停的,只要 有一天停了,你的水马上就凉下来了,所以每天要念经,当中不能停,再忙也要念几遍,有个延续性。梦不见台长没有关系,你不打进电话了吗,打到台长电话不一 样吗?(我家还没有佛台)这个有影响的,为什么不设佛台?(因为我新的屋子还没有拿到,现在是租在外面的,所以就没有设佛台)也要设,哪怕再小也得设!(我现在是租的屋子)一样!没有佛台效果不灵!哪怕佛台设得简单一点,菩萨在了你才能观想,菩萨不在你能观想吗?你满脑子都是杂念!满脑子就是人间的贪瞋 痴!你把菩萨放得进你的心里吗?你有佛台看着菩萨还会心静下来一点(OK,那设佛台用观音堂的照片放在那里可以吗?)完全可以!就是放照片,放杯水,一个香炉,如果有条件放点水果,没条件连水果都不放,总比你现在不设佛台好,香一定要上。

Wenda20120323 32:00
台 长:你为什么不设啊?(因为条件不合适)什么叫条件啊,是你老公反对,还是自己房子的问题?(不是,还没找到一个比较好的地方)等到找到好的地方,你已经 倒霉了!自己家里住得这么大,连菩萨的佛台这么个小小的地方都找不出来!这能说明你在好好修心啊?你念经当然效果不好啊!你孩子生病你不知道的啊?有佛台 在家里的话,菩萨都说“万家灯火”,到你们家里来,你却腾不出地方给菩萨待。菩萨来了是保佑你的!你家是公寓还是住宅?(住宅)你看,住宅那么大,人家住公寓的都在供菩萨呢!你很不应该的!菩萨帮了我们多少啊!供菩萨是对你好啊!你自己家里孩子生那么多病,念经的效果不如家里有佛台的好!(好好!)

Wenda20131101 05:20
台长:家里没有佛台菩萨不来(那怎么办?)人间的事情自己做不了,你说怎么办?你现在甚至可以说“我念经念不了”, 排除万难争取胜利。你现在连家里设个佛台的权力都没有,你说孩子怎么好得了(我已经设过了,设了以后情况很不好,后来没办法,拿下来了)这个就是缘分不 够,没办法的。像这种情况你家里都有魔障,这些都是你的恶缘,你就给他不停地念心经,念到他相信为止(我一直在念)自闭症,这么多小房子念下去效果一半都 不到(这样子的?)你没有佛台啊,这不一样的。你心中有佛和心中无佛,磕头一样吗?当然心中有佛磕头好了。家里有佛台和没佛台,磕头当然不一样,你都不知 道从哪里磕(是的。我天天上心香)你这种都是家里的冤结(没办法设)办法都是人自己求出来的。像这种事情,自己愿力大你照样可以设。你自己本身就没有这种 愿力,孩子怎么好?(我儿子不让我设)你儿子不让你设,就是因为他身上的灵性(是的。那几天很反常、很厉害的,我们看到都觉得很吓人的)那就是他生气不肯走。你情愿给他开刀的时候痛一痛呢,还是永远让他这么痛?你这种智慧都没有的人,怎么学佛?一个孩子在发高烧的时候一直痛啊痛,浑身不舒服。那时候医生给他打针,孩子肯定说“我不要打、我不要打”, 你说你给他打不打?不打病怎么会好?你斗不过灵性啊,你现在有本事求菩萨、你愿力大照样斗过他!有多少人不就是这样的?孩子还打母亲,也是精神病患者,她 就念经,念到最后魔被她念走了,那孩子永远就好了。你现在为了这一时的不得罪他,你现在不是一直在受苦?长痛不如短痛,你儿子发几天神经让他发好了,他发 了几年了,你现在要给他根治哪有不发的?(他那几天就发得很厉害,我们吓也吓死了)那么现在继续神经病啊,要根治哪有不发的?愿力不够,菩萨不来,所以他 就会发。如果真的有菩萨在的话,他会发吗?你真的有点功力的话,他发都发不起来,你有功力吗?自己开始的时候都是半信半疑的,你念这么多小房子不就是为了 一个目的让儿子好吗?你有什么愿力?你肯不肯出去救人、度人?人家一边家里孩子是精神病患者,一边在外边度人,度到最后回到家里儿子对妈妈好得不得了,还 跟她说“妈妈功德,妈妈功德”, 嘴巴里还这么讲呢。你做得到吗?那个灵性都感觉到她的功德了,人家不是孩子扔在家里出去度人?这是什么?救人就是救自己!你这种人自私自利一辈子了,自己 自作自受。太自私的人救不了自己的,救不了人家、不肯救人家的人永远救不了自己!你这一生太自私了,真的(是的,我会改的)这是报应啊,要改了,要下决心 改(是的,我改)这个世界有什么了不起的,就是患得患失,好了也忧患,损失也第一部分忧 患,这里不肯吃亏那里不肯吃亏的,你最后吃大亏。还好学佛,不学佛你更糟糕。不要有怀疑,要坚持(我相信的)好好许大愿。愿力强,照样魔就走开;你愿力不 强,魔照样在你身上。你儿子只有你念经念到灵性跟他搞得少了,不跟他搞了,你就可以开始设佛台了,设了佛台他越好,这就是良性循坏,否则现在是恶性循环 (他现在已经好多了)好多了再设啊(但是……)你不要跟我说“但是”, 你这个人就是没有信心的人、怕事的人,你这个人就是不相信人家的人,没有愿力的人什么事情都做不成!已经有起色了、已经好多了,我现在叫你再设佛台,你就 是不肯设,你跟我说什么?有什么好说的?一天到晚就想靠人家,靠台长用我的功力来给你加持,一口气能吃成个胖子的?(对不起)自私得不得了啊!连菩萨的佛 台都不肯设,你有愿力啊?就像医生给这个人做手术,第一次不成功,人家为什么还要再做?总归做到成功为止。你怕什么?有什么好怕的?你就不相信菩萨(我相 信,我相信)。

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台 长:不要接,千万不要接,太危险了!接气的时候必须有佛台,没佛台的话,像这种过路神、地府的官,只要你一接上气,他们有可能过来。家里佛台因为有菩萨, 不一样的。上心香只能心中拜佛,而不能跟菩萨沟通(明白了。外面寺院里也有观世音菩萨,我们是不是也不要接气?)你不知道寺院里菩萨来不来?万一有其他灵 性怎么办?你不能接这种气的(是是是)。

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台长:这就是自己家里设一个佛台的重要性。设一个 佛台相当于把菩萨请到家里来了,这是个功德很大的事情,所以帮助人家设佛台功德更大。实际上我可以告诉你们,今天你一讲很多人又会去做了,这个功德很大。 人家家里没佛台的,你帮他去设好,你帮他买水杯啊什么的,这个功德很大很大的,在天堂里都有声音的,就是说在天上声音很响的,在设佛台的时候放个水杯,你 讲的话上面声音响得震动天堂的。







您即可前往邻近的心灵法门共修会/观音堂索取更多念经详情的咨询,及索取免费的念经器材, 那里的义工们会热心教导您如何念经做功课念小房子来改善生活。在那里您也可以拿到免费结缘的菩萨像,念经器材,经书,小房子, 教念版光碟,解答会光碟,白话佛法等书籍,等等。这些都是免费的。 心灵法门共修会联络处地址:

Listener: Master Lu had given a discourse previously that during the first lunar month to recite 49 times Xiao Zai Ji Xiang Shen Zhou daily; is this part of our homework or otherwise?

Master Lu: Master had said a few years ago, that during the first lunar month, recite more Xiao Zai Ji Xiang Shen Zhou would bring forth a peaceful year. You are a considerate little girl, you are alerting all Dharma practitioners and you have gained merits again. In fact, such matters need to be refreshed. Master had said before “the whole year’s plan begins from spring”, “the whole day’s work starts from the morning”. It is the same; people said do not quarrel on the first day of the Lunar New Year and there will be no quarrels throughout the year. Reciting Xiao Zai Ji Xiang Shen Zhou on the first lunar month will ward off misfortunes and be auspicious all year round. (The benefit will be far better than reciting for the rest of the remaining months). Of course! You have to remember, seizing the opportunity is good “heavenly timing”. Many people are striving, why is it that some people could not break through while some others could? I cite a simple example, a movie star whose quality in various aspects is not as good as many girls, why is it that she can become famous? She is destined to meet her fate, (did she seize the opportunity?) There is the opportunity! Therefore, “opportunity” with “hard work” equals “success”. You can work very hard but if there is no opportunity, you will not succeed. You have the opportunity but if you do not work hard, you will not succeed either. Do you understand? (Yes indeed, asserting strength on the knife’s blade). Right, (That is to say fellow practitioners who normally recite 49 times Xiao Zai Ji Xiang Shen Zhou may increase to about 78 times during first lunar month). Alternatively, may increase to more than eighty times. (108 times?) It is acceptable.

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问 96:请问卢台长,中国新年就快到了,烧头香应该怎么做?我们有什么需要注意的?

答 96:




Metaphysics Q&A, volume 2, 096
Regarding offering First Incense and performing recitations on the first day of the Chinese New Year

Q096: Master Lu, Chinese New Year is approaching. How do we offer the First Incense on the first day of the Chinese New Year? What should we be aware?

• The offering of the First Incense on the first day of the Chinese New Year does not refer to the first incense that is burnt on the day. It refers to the incense offering performed during the time period between 12AM to 2AM on the first day of the Chinese New Year. All times are according to the local time zone. During this time period, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas including Guan Yin Bodhisattva, all the Bodhisattvas on duty, and all the superior spiritual beings will visit the altars where incense is being offered. This time period, especially at 12AM on Chinese New Year, is therefore the best time to make incense offerings for your prayers and wishes to come true. Generally, incense offering made between 12AM to 2AM is considered to be the First Incense. In addition, incense offering made between 12AM to 1AM is considered to be the Early First Incense.
• In the Age of Dharma Decline, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are already entering the statues and images on our altar at home that we are paying respects and making offerings to. If you have an altar at home, you can.......

For details, please refer to the
Metaphysics Q&A, volume 2, 096:
The URL to ebooks:

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Excerpts from Master Lu’s Dharma Talk in Auckland, New Zealand, 22 November 2015 – Part 1


Buddhism helps everyone to achieve mental balance and harmony within the family. Most importantly, Buddhism teaches people to be content with what they have. The Buddhist culture is a part of humankind’s culture. Taixu, the renowned monk in modern China, once said, ‘All Buddhist issues are humankind’s issues.’ Traditional Chinese culture defines the ideal society as one in which the country is ruled by Confucianism, one’s physical health is promoted by Taoism, and one’s mental health is promoted by Buddhism. People nowadays live with tremendous stress. Psychological pressure along with environmental pressure leaves us on the verge of nervous breakdown all the time. People get angry every day and live in pain, because they can’t make peace with things from the past and in the present. People nowadays can’t tolerate so many people or live in peace with so many things. The worries, resentments, and regrets lingering in our minds often create feelings of depression.

In Gold Coast, Australia, a woman stabbed her mother-in-law in the shower 16 times because she resented her presence. A son in Indonesia became a drug addict and asked his father for money to buy more drugs. When his father refused, he strangled his father to death. How can people live a good life if they live with so much resentment? People live with sorrow and worries every day. What can we do personally to change this? We can learn the teachings of Buddhism. Buddhism can help us make sense of, and make peace with, life. We need to wise up and realize that we came into this world with nothing and we will leave the same way; that there are only two important things in life – life and death. We have already been given a life. We must live it well and not die. Being alive is most important. As long as they don’t kill us, all of life’s sufferings are too trivial to worry about. It’s completely predictable that our life will be brief and filled with sufferings. If we let go of the little things and comprehend the truth of life, then we will be liberated.

One needs to approach life with a keen heart. Use your heart to see the world – don’t let greed and competitiveness distract you – and seize the moment now. Don’t take anything for granted, because everything is changeable. Whenever you feel anger rising up inside you, consider with your heart whether it’s worth it. A true Buddhist’s mind is an open mind – this is why Buddhism instructs us to rid ourselves of ignorance. Just because there are some things that we don’t understand, we can’t deny their existence. For example, in the ʼ60s, ‘tuberculosis’ was given as the cause of many deaths, but ‘tuberculosis’ at that time was actually lung cancer. Did lung cancer not exist before scientists discovered and defined it? It existed.

My hope is that everyone can go through life with a balanced heart and a curious mind. I hope that everyone can rid themselves of ignorance and study well. Calm your heart; let the Buddha nature into your heart and mind. Practise Buddhism by helping others every day; those who make others happy every day are Bodhisattvas on earth.

In this world, we must learn to adjust our mindset. If we choose to, we can find hate everywhere in life. It’s easy to hate others. Instead, we need to learn to appreciate things in this world and to be grateful. With a grateful attitude, we can find things to be grateful for everywhere. We need to be grateful to be compassionate. Buddhists should begin with an appreciative mind and a grateful mind. We should appreciate the parents who raised us, appreciate our teachers, and appreciate our spouses who teach us about life. A mindset of gratitude makes us find others lovable.

Buddhists must strive to rid themselves of ignorance in order to achieve spiritual growth. With spiritual growth comes growth in every other part of our life. The most important thing in this world is not to resent others but, instead, to treat others with kindness. The world didn’t choose you; you chose the world you live in. Since we are in this world already, we must strive to rid ourselves of bad habits and let our heart slowly adapt to this world. We will always have worries – there isn’t any worry-free zone to escape to – so we might as well face these worries. If there’s no escape from the stresses we feel, we might as well welcome them with a joyous heart. If there’s no pure space in our heart, we might as well create one by cultivating our mind and nourishing our nature. If we don’t get exactly what we want, we might as well learn to go with the flow. Having an open mind and a big heart is the foundation of being a Buddhist. Dealing with things calmly is the Buddhist wisdom; treating people with kindness is Buddhist enlightenment; comprehension of the truth of life is Buddhist liberation.