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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Extract from Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk in New Zealand, Auckland, 3rd December 2017


At that time, someone asked Buddha: Life is so tiring, how could this be solved? Buddha answered: The heaviness of life half stems from survival, and the other half stems from desire and comparison. If you do not allow too much desire to reside in your heart, then there would not be suffering.

When we first came to Australia, just as many of you when you first came to New Zealand, you might have thought, “As long as I have a house to live in, it would be enough.” But gradually, after a while, you saw things and thought, ‘Wow, look at that humongous house; I want one’. Although you are already in old age, you still want to work and earn more money. This would only do more harm to your body.

If a person is not greedy and can say, ‘It’s enough. I’m satisfied. I’m OK’, that is being content with what you have.

Do not let too much desire reside in your heart. A person only has one heart with two atriums. In one atrium lives happiness, and in the other lives sadness. Do not be overjoyed; if you are overly happy, and laugh too loudly, it will wake up sadness on the other side.
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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Day after day, Guan Yin Bodhisattva is relentlessly helping all predestined sentient beings. Is that right, Master Lu?

Master Jun Hong Lu: That’s true. Therefore, if the thought of Guan Yin Bodhisattva fails to bring a person to tears, it shows that that person is inherently ungrateful. On the other hand, only one who is moved to tears by the mere thought of Bodhisattva is compassionate.

Caller: That’s right.

Master Jun Hong Lu: This is because the compassion of Guan Yin Bodhisattva is unparalleled, be it among heavenly beings or common mortals.

Caller: Yes. The same goes with some people who are moved to tears when they see you, Master Lu.

Master Jun Hong Lu: In comparison, what I have done is insignificant. I have still a lot to learn from Guan Yin Bodhisattva in being more merciful and compassionate. Our tears need not be an external manifestation, more so, it should come from within. Always instil Guan Yin Bodhisattva in our minds; keep Guan Yin Bodhisattva alive in our thoughts and allow Guan Yin Bodhisattva to reside in our hearts.

Caller: I understand. Thank you Master Lu for answering my question.
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 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]
Caller: I am one of Master Lu’s followers. However, I still harbour feelings of resentment and vengeance within every time I encounter a difficult situation.   Why is this so?     
Master Jun Hong Lu:  Everything happens as a result of karma.  A true Buddhist practitioner is one who is compassionate and able to forget the shortcomings of others.  If you are compassionate, you should not hate others. If you still harbour thoughts of resentment and vengeance, it shows that you are still lacking in your cultivation.  We can only try our best to advise people who we have lower expectations of, not to hate others. 
Resentment cannot resolve your problems but will only hurt you.  For example, say you hate a person to the core and eventually get them landed in jail for five years. When they almost complete his jail term, you would be terrified, as you would be unable to anticipate what they will do to seek revenge against you after their release from prison. Such torment will go on forever. Therefore, a true Buddhist practitioner must not hate others. Let bygones be bygones and you will be able to avoid a disaster.
Dear Dharma Friends,

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Master Jun Hong Lu
Buddhism in Plain Terms
Volume 3 Chapter 1
(An Excerpt)


Master Jun Hong Lu: As long as a person propagates Buddhism or shares their personal experiences with others, there will be an automatic increase in their good fortune. This is the karma of blessings.
Buddhism in Plain Terms
Episode 11

However, *life is not all about the mood we are in*, at times our mood can dictate a major part of our life. When we are in a good mood, everything seems rosy. Conversely, bad moods gets our minds messed up. *We should not let our mood get the better of us in life.* Hence, *a Buddhist who has the wisdom to practise diligently understands that, oftentimes, they are not defeated by others, but rather by their own mood.* *We should not allow our bad mood to undermine our dignity or image as Buddhist practitioners.*

*Life is never bitter originally, our endless desires are what makes it bitter*. 

Take a look: We want this today and that tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, we need something else. Your heart grows weary with your reluctance to let go of too many things.

Our life is not meant to be bitter, it is *our heart that is infected with bitterness from our pursuit of the material desires in this world.*  Our life is reduced to a pursuit of these desires, it becomes a process of constantly increasing and reducing our desires.

When your desire in this world increases, so do your vexations and distress. Conversely, *when we slowly let go of these desires, we will gradually realise the truth of life – that is suffering, emptiness and impermanence.*

We have to learn to let go, renounce and to return to simplicity. Think back  to how adorable we used to be when we were young. We used to offer our food to our uncles, aunties or brothers and sisters first, ”I don’t need this”, “Let the sister have it, let the brother have it”.  Ironically, as we grow older, our desires also grow with us.  We get used to fighting with others over things, we compete and contend and we argue over the most trivial things. This is the life we live, we have forgotten about our inherent quality and our true self. We need to return to this intrinsic character of ours, and let go of our desires in life.
Wenda20160828B 07:45 [Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program]


Caller: I have limited knowledge about turtles. One day, on my way back from work, I bought two turtles with a high price to set them free. I only found out later from fellow practitioners that those are common snapping turtles, which are noted for their aggressive and fierce disposition. I felt remorseful as a result. In the future, if fellow Buddhist friends bought the same type of turtles, only to discover their species before liberating, and are at a loss of not knowing whether to release the invasive reptile, what should they do?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Why do we want to release fish during life liberation? Because fishes will not harm others. Then why don't you release tiger or lion? Why not weasel? It will eat all the hens! One of the benefits of liberating fishes is that there will be peace of mind, as we are aware that they are harmless towards other living creatures. In fact, we should not liberate anything that is ferocious or harmful.

Caller: Yes, I didn't know that initially, I thought it was just a normal turtle and not familiar with this species.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Since it was accidental, it doesn't matter so long as you don't repeat the same instance. Need not keep blaming yourself for this too, it's ok.
To all Buddhist friends,

Here’s the abridged version of Journey to Hell from Master Lu’s Q&A (265), 17 November 2018.

The King of Hell said, “You mortals in the human world are FOOLISH! You’re IGNORANT of both karma and the laws of the Underworld. You must understand that if you speak irresponsibly about Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, the officers of the Underworld will record it.

If your verbal misconduct is minor, then it’s considered a minor unwholesome deed. If your verbal misconduct is severe, we will record it as a serious unwholesome deed.

*The Book of Life and Death is not completely under the control of the Underworld*. *Rather, it is determined by your own evil deeds or benevolence.*

The King of hell continued, “You mortals of the human world are truly FOOLISH. If you’re IGNORANT about something, it’s better not to talk. Some, after a few year’s spiritual practice, think they know it all. But how could you possibly comprehend the worlds beyond? How could you possibly know about all the religious practices that exist across time and space? Some practitioners act promiscuously, or they kill, or they lie. Can they be considered practitioners?

“Guan Yin Bodhisattva is truly compassionate and merciful. She’s been keeping Heaven from delivering their judgement to punish you sentient beings. She explains that the sentient beings deserve pity as their unwholesome deeds are committed out of IGNORANCE. She constantly asks the Dharma Protectors to have mercy on you all. Are your minds so truly blind as to be unable to differentiate between benevolence and evil? Wholesome and unwholesome consequences are created by oneself. If you’re IGNORANT about karma and thus create negative karma, suffering misfortunes, don’t you think it’s sh***less to blame your fate on Heaven or the Underworld?”

Master Jun Hong Lu’s reply:
This is why you mustn’t act recklessly. Practising Buddhism is no laughing matter. Why do so many young people die? On the surface, you think there must be some reason, such as having a disease like cancer. But in reality, it’s because there are karmic obstacles. Many people in the past were too vocal – they had a way with words, but they used them to criticise others with irony. All of these instances are considered deeds of verbal misconduct. If they’re not careful, negative karma will be created, and when the karmic retribution manifests, they may die young.

There full version can be found here:
Wenda20180427 01:17:10 (An Excerpt) (Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)

Caller: Master, in Buddhism in Plain Terms, it was mentioned that ignorance is the cause for a lot of our wrongdoings in life. Please enlighten us.

Master Jun Hong Lu: One’s ignorance is due to the existence of such state one’s past life. For e.g. your spiritual foundation in your past life was unstable, you committed a lot of wrongdoings – all these would cause you a lot of deep rooted bad habits (无明习气) in this life. In fact, ignorance is the consciousness that result in rebirth. Let me quote you an example: for a blind person, ignorance to him is his inability to see light. However, when someone tells him about it, for e.g describing to him the nature of the sun, out of a sudden he could see it through his mind-eyes. That is what it means by breaking away from ignorance.

In fact, ignorance is when you shut the door to your mind. Ignorance can cause you to become depraved, your days will be gloomy, you lose your wisdom and the light in your life. You can see the manifestation of ignorance in our everyday life. For e.g. our attachments (执著), our refusal to acknowledge the superiority of others, the thought that we are always right. That is why Buddha says all sufferings stem from ignorance (一切痛苦都产生于无明).

Caller: That’s right. Ignorance is the first link in the law of Dependent Origination.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Due to a person’s ignorance, he develops a lot of prejudice, and opinion about others. Often times, if you understand someone, you will not think that he always had preconceived notions or stubborn? That’s the origin of our sufferings.

In fact, ignorance spans over our rebirths in three lives (三世轮回). The fact that we fail to comprehend this, that’s why we are trapped we continue to transmigrate through three lives. This is indeed pitiable. The objective of Buddhism teachings is to eradicate ignorance to reveal our Buddha nature (真正的佛性).
Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk
Brisbane, Australia
21 May 2017
An Excerpt

A wise person creates an opportunity to practise Buddhism; Foolish person waits for an opportunity to come to them.

We must constantly reflect upon ourselves. We must often ask ourselves: are we still attached to fame and wealth?

Remember, you must diligently observe the precepts and cultivate concentration and wisdom in this mundane world; Enlightenment comes from tranquillity and calmness in our mind.