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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk
Melbourne, Australia
8 December 2019


Master Jun Hong Lu: Buddhist practitioners must realise this ⁠— knowing oneself is a form of joy; understanding others is a form of wisdom.

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Excerpt from Master Jun Hong Lu's Public Talk, Penang, Malaysia
April 15, 2017


A little monk asked an old monk, “Master, what have you been doing before you attained realization?”

The old monk said, “Before I attain realization, I have been chopping woods, fetching water and cooking.”

Little monk continued to ask, “How about after you attained realization?”

Old monk replied, “Chop woods, fetch water and cook.”

Little monk asked, “How do you explain realization then?”

Old monk replied, “Before I attain realization, I would worry about fetching water while chopping wood, and worry about cooking while fetching water. After I attained realization, my attention is undiverted and stayed focus on completion of each task before moving on. This is called steadfast mindfulness!”

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Excerpt from Master Jun Hong Lu's
Public Talk
Houston, USA
September 10, 2016


The utmost accomplishment in cultivation is one's ability to endure, as our endurance is our greatest strength. If you wish for serenity and peace at home, you have to endure; if you wish for a safe society, you have to learn to endure; if you wish to resolve conflicts, you must learn to endure. Only by doing so could you survive in this world.

Therefore, we have to adopt the wisdom of Buddha to resolve conflicts in our daily lives. We ought to learn three methods in life. Firstly, learn to admit our mistake. Once admitted, the mistake will no longer exist. Secondly, learn to be tolerant, patient and accommodating. Thirdly, seek to get over vexations and learn to let go.

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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: There are two aspects to one’s success in Buddhist cultivation: diligence and determination coupled with compassion and wisdom. Is that correct, Master Lu?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes! It is important to be diligent as we have to embrace perseverance in cultivation. With regards to compassion and determination – when we are compassionate, we are able to overcome our hardships; and with determination, we become fearless. One who is keen on saving face will surely suffer. As a matter of fact, we should not be concerned about others losing respect for us if we are strong-minded. For example, when you think, “I have set my mind on cultivating to become a Buddha”, there is no need to be concerned about others losing respect for us. In fact, we should not allow such concerns to have a negative impact on us.

Caller: That’s right, Master Lu, success in Buddhist cultivation requires firstly, diligence and determination, and secondly compassion and wisdom.

Master Jun Hong Lu: That’s how it is. We need compassion and wisdom, without the latter, do you think you will be successful?

Caller: That’s not possible. We should cultivate the Prajna wisdom of Bodhisattva.

Master Jun Hong Lu: That is correct.

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Master Jun Hong Lu's Discourse
(Question 148)
2 February 2017


Question: If one with a higher state of mind repents frequently, even towards matters that didn’t cause any karmic debts, does this generate merits?
Answer: Frequent repentance is not regarded as a meritorious act, but is helpful in eliminating karmic debts speedily, thereby making your prayers more efficacious. Many people think they manage to hide away from Bodhisattvas, but they are simply fooling themselves. Need not be embarrassed; just confess to Bodhisattvas, as the saying goes: 'Leniency to those who confess and severity to those who resist'. It is even worse when you get caught red-handed. Heaven’s vengeance is slow but sure. You either do not commit any wrongdoing or be prepared for getting caught.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s Discourse
(Question 389)
12 June 2020


Question: Can we accumulate meritorious blessings if we give vegetarian food without any Buddhism-related content?

Answer: There will be meritorious blessings as long as you do it wholeheartedly. Otherwise, it will amass good fortune if your intention is merely for tasting.

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*A Simple Buddhist Altar is Better than None*

Caller: Some Buddhist friends have the experience of dreaming about Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master Lu upon practising Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. However, I have been cultivating for about 8 or 9 months but has yet to experience such dreams. Does this indicate that I have not been doing well in my spiritual cultivation or that I lack karmic affinity?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It depends. There may be a slight issue if you are unable to dream about Guan Yin Bodhisattva. This may indicate that you are not dedicated enough to progressing in your spiritual cultivation. Hence, Master Lu often states that the most important thing about practising Buddhism and spiritual cultivation is that one must persist in their practice. Similarly, one must not heat up water intermittently if they wish for it to reach a boiling point.

Caller: I have yet to set up an altar at my home.

Master Jun Hong Lu: This may have an impact. Why don’t you have an altar?

Caller: This is because I am currently living in a rental apartment.

Master Jun Hong Lu: You should set up an altar regardless of its size. Without an altar, the effects will be significantly reduced. Even if your altar is simple, Bodhisattva will be there for you. Without Bodhisattva’s presence, how will you be able to visualise Bodhisattva? Your mind is filled with scattered thoughts; it is as though the greed, anger and ignorance of the entire human realm is within your mind! Do you even have a place for Bodhisattva within your heart? With a Buddhist altar, you will be able to look at Bodhisattva and calm your mind.

Caller: Okay. Is it alright for us to use images of Bodhisattva from the Guan Yin Hall for our altar?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Absolutely. Place images of Bodhisattva, two cups of water, an incense burner and some fruits if your conditions permit. This is definitely better than doing without an altar. You should offer incense whenever possible.

Caller: Should the altar be located by the window?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Anywhere will do.

Caller: It doesn’t matter?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes. It is only an issue if you do not even have an altar.

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*Want to know more about setting up a Buddhist Altar?*
Read this:

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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s Call-In Radio Program)


Caller: Dear Master Lu, Here I would like to let you know about an incident. It happened not long ago; it occurred in my hometown — Bagan Hailam in Port Klang, Malaysia, where there are only wooden houses. One night at ten, a fire broke out. A Buddhist friend’s elderly mother who had had a stroke and his brother phoned in saying that the fire had been burning and was at the ninth house already. The mother’s home is also a wooden house and they didn’t know what to do in that instance.

The Buddhist friend and the family were driving while performing recitations. In the meantime, they were also praying out loud, “Guan Yin Bodhisattva, please help my mother! Please may Guan Yin Bodhisattva have mercy and sprinkle some holy water!” Just when the fire had reached the ninth house, the wind suddenly shifted its direction. At last, only the side walls of the mother’s home were burnt but her house didn’t collapse. Our deepest gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva! I urge everyone to believe in Buddhism and perform more virtuous deeds.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Now you know that Guan Yin Bodhisattva never tells lies and answers every prayer. (Right) It is great when you believe in Guan Yin Bodhisattva. Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s performance of efficacious events is even more noticeable than it was in the past. People nowadays suffer too much. Do you understand? (Yes, people are so pitiful. Luckily, the Buddhist friends had been reciting Buddhist scriptures and practicing Buddhism. That’s why the ninth house wasn’t burnt down) Yes, how good is that?

Things are burnt and people died, that’s it. (Yes, we have to be grateful to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva, and also thankful to the Buddhist friends here! Again, I urge everyone to please believe in Buddhism and perform more virtuous deeds.) Yes. (It is because we always protect, and are stationed at, the Guan Yin Hall, and practise generosity and giving and performing good deeds. Otherwise, it could have ended up worse.) Yes, you should spread this out, and let more people know. Sharing more about this kind of efficacious events will also allow you to gain merits and virtues. Understand?

Caller: Sure. This is a miracle. A lot of things happened to us. Thank you, Master Lu, for bringing us such an amazing Buddhist practice.

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Master Jun Hong Lu
Discourse on Buddhism In Plain Terms - Episode 5
28 February 2020


Master Jun Hong Lu: In this life, we often encounter complex personal issues, so how should Buddhists behave? Make effort in your spiritual practice. Treat those complicated people and matters in life as the basis to cultivate your mind, a chance for you to train yourself. Express no anger when being scolded by others. Express no anger when others are angry, as you’ll be the only one who suffers if you can’t control your temper.

We must learn to withstand adversity, in fact, it is with adversities that you grow and become stronger; they are the impetus for your progress.

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Master Jun Hong Lu
Discourse on Buddhism In Plain Terms - Episode 5
28 February 2020


Master Jun Hong Lu: There are some people, when being ridiculed or slandered by others, they will work harder to prove other people wrong. They took it as an opportunity for them grow and become a better person.

When people criticise you, say “that’s OK, I will do my best”. Try to calm your anxious mind. Remember, staying calm enables you to find peace in your heart. When you are quiet, your mind can be emptied. When water is poured into a glass, there is a lot of sediment, isn’t it? You can’t see clearly.  When you leave this glass of water alone for a few minutes, the sediment in water will slowly settle at the bottom, and that’s how it is.

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