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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Master Jun Hong Lu: A group of people went up the mountain for a hunting trip. Unfortunately, one of the hunters fell into a very deep pit. During the fall, he broke all of his limbs except his left arm.

The pit was deep and to make matters worse, the wall was extremely steep, rendering the rest of the hunters helpless. All that they could do was to  shout to him from above. The only saving grace was the overgrown rattan and grass that covered the wall of the pit. An idea struck the injured hunter. Using his left arm, he held on to the wall of the pit, while sinking his teeth deep into the thick vegetation to slowly make his way up. 

With visibility obscured, the rest of the hunters were clueless about what had befallen him. All that they could do was shout, “Hurry! Climb your way up”.

When it became clear to the rest about how precarious his situation was, their angst started to simmer. Unable to hold it any longer, one of them burst out and said, “There’s absolutely no way that he’s able to get out of the pit”. This immediately triggered a heated discussion among this group of hunters.

Another one chipped in, “His situation is indeed dire with most of his limbs crippled”. The third hunter added, “Exactly! From what I see, it’s impossible for the grass to support his body weight”. 

Another then upped the ante and said, “What a pity! If he dies from the fall, he will not be able to relish his riches at all”. “Gosh, what about his aged mother and wife?”

Upon hearing their bickering, he burst out and opened his mouth before shouting at them, “I want all of you to shut your mouth”.

Right at this moment, his mouth let go of the grip on the grass, causing him to crash all the way to the bottom of the pit.

Lying at the bottom of the pit and drawing in his last breath, he heard the rest of the hunters unanimously say, “This is exactly what I’ve said, it’s impossible to use your mouth to climb your way out from the pit”.

This story teaches us two lessons. First, only loving-kindness and care are capable of saving a troubled soul. When encountering someone in distress or stuck in an unpleasant situation, we must show compassion and loving care forto them.

Similarly, we must show concern and care towards those who are stricken with illnesses. By doing so, we are essentially extending them a lifeline. On the contrary, if you keep talking and criticising them, you will only cause them to plunge to the depth of their predicaments.

Second, when difficulties are upon us and we are at a critical juncture of our lives, we should not take others’ comments to heart. Instead, we should strengthen our resolve to bring ourselves out of the predicament. Only through perseverance can we surmount the challenges in life, because the moment you give up, you plummet into new depths of depravity and that is the most dreadful thing that could ever happen. 

_Source: Master Jun Hong Lu’s World Buddhist_ _Fellowship Meeting, Paris, France, 6 September 2019_

Caller: Master Lu, some people perform the Giving of Wealth by advertising contents that aim to help people awaken spiritually. Such advertisements usually generate more than 100,000 clicks. Is this merely an act of the Giving of Wealth, or is it also considered as the Giving of Dharma?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It encompasses the three types of Giving, namely the Giving of Wealth, Dharma and Fearlessness. Hence, helping others to be awakened spiritually is regarded as an act that is complete with the three types of giving.

Caller: In fact, the contents that he advertised are Master’s discourses. So, he is effectively performing the Giving of Dharma. Is that right, Master?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, definitely. As long as someone turns over a new leaf after reading the advertised contents, or comes to a realisation that, “I am not a good person, I want to learn Buddhism”, then it will accumulate merits for the person who does the advertising.

Caller: For example, a person has prepared and shared a consolidated material related to the propagation of Dharma, and many people have read it. Every time it is read by someone, merits will be recorded automatically in his Book of Merits (功德簿).

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes.

_Source: Wenda20160327A 34:59, Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program_
*Enshrining Shakyamuni Buddha Enhances the Energy of My Buddhist Altar; Foreign Spirits are Kept at Bay*

Deepest Gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva!

Deepest Gratitude to all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharma Protectors!

Deepest Gratitude to Master Jun Hong Lu!

Good afternoon to all Buddhist friends.

First and foremost, I would like to iterate the importance of heeding Master Lu’s advice and teachings. It still amazes me how our late revered Master held us so close to his heart even right before passing into parinibbana. Deeply concerned about our wellbeing, Master Lu urged us to take an immediate action to enshrine Shakyamuni Buddha at home. There must be a good reason for it.

Allow me to now share my personal encounter that I hope would motivate Buddhist friends to act swiftly to enshrine Shakyamuni Buddha at home.

My nightmare started some three years ago after my family and I shifted into a new home where we currently live. Unfortunately, the external environment is far from desirable. Within close proximity, there are two churches and two graveyards of reasonable size. Throughout these years, I have had numerous dreams of the Bodhisattva forewarning about the adverse external environment and its undesirable impact on my spiritual cultivation.

Sad to say, the harsh reality was grim. To avoid foreign spirits from gaining access to my home, I practically couldn’t leave my windows open at any one point in time, be it day or night. My biggest headache was my children who were frequently stricken with imaginary fears and anxiety, reducing them to unexplainable emotional flare-ups.

That said, nothing beats the innumerable creepy dreams that I have had. In those bizarre and terrifying dreams, my Buddhist altar and the statues of Bodhisattvas were smashed to the ground. In some cases, faces of demons appeared on my Buddhist altar and the Bodhisattvas that I enshrine turned into foreign spirits. I was literally at my wits end.

Three years have come to pass and needless to say, there are countless of such nightmares. My hands are tied owing to a slew of financial and non-financial constraints, including the pandemic outbreak, making relocation not feasible.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, all that I could do was to offer Little Houses after each of these nightmares. I have lost count of the occasions that I fell to my knees and broke into tears in front of my Buddhist altar, engulfed by a deep sense of vulnerability. My predicament echoes what the Bodhisattva has revealed to me in my dreams about the challenges that the external environment would pose to my spiritual cultivation.

Not long ago, through a vivid dream, the Bodhisattva made known to me of the need to enshrine Shakyamuni Buddha and place the portrait of Master Lu on my Buddhist altar with specific instructions on how they should be positioned. When I woke up, without hesitation, I asked my husband to help print a copy of each portrait. I was all geared up to place the portraits on my Buddhist altar on the upcoming fifteenth day of the lunar month.

On that special day, adhering to the recommended procedure, I put up the portraits of Shakyamuni Buddha and Master Lu on my Buddhist altar. To take advantage of the superbly brilliant sunshine, I left one of the windows slightly ajar despite knowing the unfavourable external environment. I told myself, “It should be alright; after all, it’s a glorious occasion.”

I definitely spoke too soon, right on that particular night, I had a nightmare. In the dream, a female foreign spirit was creeping towards my Buddhist altar but regardless of what she did, she was unable to get onto the Buddhist altar, rendering her with no choice but to give up. In the dream, an immense Buddha light radiated from my Buddhist altar, deterring the female foreign spirit from getting near, let alone destroy it.

What an inconceivable outcome! After being subject to innumerable onslaughts by foreign spirits over the span of three years, this was the very first time that foreign spirits were unable to inflict any damage whatsoever on my Buddhist altar. This serves as a reminder that we must adhere to Master Lu’s teachings and shut our ears to hearsay, besides putting Buddhist teachings into practice. By enshrining Shakyamuni Buddha, it will certainly bring greater peace and wellness to your family.

I have come to the end of my sharing. If my sharing is improper in any way, I would like to seek forgiveness from the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva, all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Dharma Protectors and Master Jun Hong Lu.

Thank you to all Buddhist friends.

From: A Buddhist friend from the USA

Master Jun Hong Lu: The karma of divisive speech – those who speak to cause discord will experience problems in everything they do in life. Their personal undertakings will be filled with thorns and thistles; in other words, there are bound to be obstacles.

If you are someone who often sows discord, don’t you think you will have to face the consequences of having various impediments at your workplace? Wouldn’t this cause you a lot of trouble? Do you think it is even possible for your negative character to go unnoticed? Such a person is a fool as when his negative personal trait is unravelled, he will end up with the shorter end of the stick. Hence, one must never sow discord.   

_Source: Master Jun Hong Lu’s_ _Buddhism In Plain Terms, Episode 84, 10 June 2020_
To forget the mistakes of others is to forgive yourself.

Master Jun Hong Lu
Words of Wisdom Vol. 9



Caller: Master, is there any significance to a person’s voice?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Your voice foretells your life. Many people have weird voices, and their life is unpleasant. 

Caller: So, we should project a loud and clear voice so that we can alter our fate and destiny?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Of course! Would you say Bodhisattva’s voice is loud and clear? Take a look at some men. They sound neither like a man nor a woman. What do you think?

Caller: I see. Therefore, it is not good to sound peculiar. 

Master Jun Hong Lu: Once you sound weird, you will not be able to garner the positive energy, and good things will evade you.

Caller: Therefore, in the future, during interviews and when talking to others, does it mean we should make an effort to be loud, clear and righteous?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, not only must you sound righteous, you must also look at others in their eyes. This is an expression of self-confidence.

_Source: Wenda20190517_ _38:07, Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program_
Do not think lightly of the little good deeds that seem insignificant because even by the falling of water drops, a water pot is filled; a man becomes full of good, even if he gathers it little by little

Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk
Jakarta, Indonesia - 12 March 2018

Master Jun Hong Lu: The fame, status and wealth owned by a person are just temporary and will never bring us eternal happiness; conversely, these will create worries for us. Many people asked me: “Master Lu, what is the source of vexation?” Let me tell you; you are the source of vexation!

You are being angry because you are intolerant;

You are being depressed because you lack sunshine in the heart;

You are worried because you lack wisdom;

You are grieved because you lack inner strength;

You are resentful because you lack compassion;

You are jealous because you are daunted by an inferiority complex.

Every vexation is caused by ourselves.

You must remember this:

The rising of all kinds of worries are opportunities for us to discover our shortcomings.

Source: Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk, Jakarta, Indonesia, 11 March 2018

Master Jun Hong Lu:

Kindness is the foundation for a heart of compassion.

Repentance is the only route towards self-reform.

Contrition is the only way for one to make headway.

Diligence is the only way to success.

Gratitude is the only way to contentment.

Source: Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk, Brisbane, Australia, 9 June 2019
Zongshu20180915 09:17, Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program


Master Jun Hong Lu: We must learn how to adjust our mental attitude. As always, nothing is smooth sailing in this world; no matter what you do, you must learn to accord to changes, learn to become wiser, and learn to let go. Our destiny is impermanent and nothing stays the same. Hence, tomorrow is never guranteed, and neither is today.