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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Baihuafofa20141218 1:08
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s radio program)


In the period of Winter Solstice, please exercise more caution. Especially during the period prior, do take extra care to prevent falls, injuries, catching flus or colds. These pointers had always been in existence in the Chinese tradition. Also, avoid going to places that are dark or with bad energy at night. Should you dream of the deceased, you are advised to pray and offer Little Houses to them. During the period before and after Winter Solstice, you may experience incidences of unexplainable anger or injuries. Traditionally, during this period try to minimise visits to the doctors as you may be diagnosed with some strange illnesses. If you put off the visit, you may realise it is non-existent then, as it could be attributed to spirits on one’s body.

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Wenda20161118 50:44

(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Fellow practitioner dreamt that she was with a group and reading the “Buddhism in Plain Terms” book. When she reached the end of the page, she said: “deepest gratitude to Guan Yin Bodhisattva!” and prepared to set off. As she stepped out of the doorway, she looked up into the sky and saw Dharma Protector. Her immediate thoughts were that when she was reading the “Buddhism in Plain Terms” book, the Dharma Protector was with her from commencement to the end. In the dream, she used her handphone to take a picture of the Dharma Protector and said: “I will use this picture to help other people in future. Let others believe in the existence of Bodhisattvas and that the “Buddhism in Plain Terms” book are full of Dharma Protectors . There are Dharma Protectors on the top of every page that she turned over. Then, when she helped other people and tried to show them, she felt that the book slid from her stomach area into her pants. Master Lu, does this indicate some inappropriate handling?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Firstly, all Dharma books will have Dharma Protectors. Thus, “Buddhism In Plain Terms” has very huge energies. Many people are silly to think that it is very simple. Actually, you will comprehend the knowledge in the way you perceive it deeply or in a shallow way.

Caller: Yes. It is so.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Secondly, this is to tell her to respect the Dharma Protectors when she sees them. She could have mishandled the “Buddhism in Plan Terms” book with undue respect when she dreamt of the book sliding into her pants. The Dharma Protectors hold high regards and respect the book; therefore, it is disrespectful to place the “Buddhism in Plain Terms” book inappropriately.

Caller: Master Lu, can we place the “Buddhism in Plain Terms” book inside our bedroom?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It is alright to place it inside the bedroom or next to the headboard so long as it is a clean place.

Caller: Most bedrooms are not exactly that clean. Would it be better if we do not place it inside the bedroom?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It is okay to do so. You can keep it inside a red cover or a red bag; something red to protect and it should be alright.

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Wenda20161127A 33:50
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, how do we eliminate our inclination to brag?

Master Jun Hong Lu: In any conversation, as long as you stop after you have delivered your main point, then it is not considered as bragging. On top of that, the moment the other party understands the main point that you are putting through, say no more. By doing so, it will hinder you from bragging. Should you rattle on, for example, “I am really something, you know…”. This is what bragging is about, isn’t it?

Caller: That’s right.

Master Jun Hong Lu: For example, in the process of helping others, you may say a lot of things that are helpful to others. However, in the end, you couldn’t stop saying, “I am really something, you know, imagine how I learnt Dharma, etc.” Isn’t this bragging? The other party has already fully understood what you are trying to say, so stop talking! Stop before you go too far, observe moderation in everything you do. When it is time, just stop talking, as continuing doing so would be meaningless.

Caller: I understand now, Master. Thank you for answering my question.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s Discourse
(Question 63)


Q: A Buddhist friend has this question – why is that he feels down and quick tempered during the first and fifteenth days of the lunar calendar month?

A: The first and fifteenth days of the lunar calendar month are auspicious days, which explains why I advised all of you to be vegetarian and perform more recitations on days like these. However, if the person in question feels that on these days he is more prone to being angered, it indicates that his karmic obstacles are substantial. It is like, in Bodhisattva’s presence, the foreign spirits would lodge complaints against him, complaining about his cultivation, his refusal to offer Little House, etc. These are what's causing this Buddhist friend to feel uncomfortable and in such case, even his life will be shortened. Hence, for those of you who do not practise as diligently as you should on these days, you are inviting great troubles upon yourselves. Bodhisattva will not take sides. Everything is based on the Law of Cause and Effect. In addition, on these days, there should not be any sexual activities, any kind of misdeeds and you should not berate others since all the Bodhisattvas are watching, and not forgetting, the Dharma Protectors are very powerful too.

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Wenda20121104A 28:39
​(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Caller: What should female practitioners pay attention to when attending Dharma convention during menstrual period?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Basically, this is not an issue. In actual fact, physical body and mind exist as separate entities. A sanctified mind will contribute towards purification of the body. Thus, an impure body could hardly affect the mind as long as we maintain its purity.

Caller: I understand now, Master Lu.

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Testimonial by Buddhist friend Pam Lim.

"As a woman,
Have you ever suffered from storms of family life?
Are you worried about your child's studies?
Are you suffering from postpartum sickness?
Are you suffering from illness attributed by physical exertion over prolonged period of time?
If you are faced with these problems, please have a look at this video.
In the video, Ms Lim, our english educated Buddhist friend was once troubled by the above-mentioned problems concurrently.
But, by way of learning Buddhist teachings, recitation of scriptures and Dharma cultivation through the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, she was able to triumph over the storms of her family life, worries for her children's studies and resolved the various health issues, thereby re-creating a new lease of life!

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