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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk,Sydney, Australia
12 January 2020


Master Jun Hong Lu: Do you know of another way to improve wealth luck? That is, when the incense burner is not in use, take it down from the altar and wipe it. If you have investments, wiping the incense burner will help to increase your fortune. If you observe, this is a common practice in many dharma doors.

Performing the act of washing is also a good way to eliminate negative karma. Hence, you can throw yourself into washing and cleaning whenever you feel unhappy as this will improve your mood. You may notice many people will start cleaning the kitchen whenever they are upset. They will feel much better after a while, because this is one of the ways to vent negative emotions.
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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Master Jun Hong Lu:
Regardless of our endeavour, the most important thing is to first regulate our mental attitude. A good attitude will lead to success in resolving any issue, while a negative one may simply frustrate the matter in hand. It is through a positive attitude that we are able to do more things that make us happy and derive positive energy from them. Also, the more we do such tasks, the happier we are.
Words of Wisdom by Master Junhong Lu, 13 December 2015


A wise person will always use his spare time to work on his own future. For example, we should spend every bit of spare time we’ve got reciting sutras to protect ourselves from getting sick in the future, just as we spend our spare time exercising to stay healthy.

To acquire sustainable spiritual strength and success, we must use all our time to do what is necessary.

In every era, there are a great number of Bodhisattvas who have succeeded in their cultivation. The secret to their success is, when other people are indulging themselves in world enjoyments, they are quietly cultivating themselves, helping people realise the importance of spirituality, and giving a hand to those in need. When other people still cannot see through the true face of the world, those who want to be Bodhisattvas have already gained insights into the true meaning of life. Therefore, when others begin to suffer and think it is about time to start searching for what truly matters in life, those aspirers have already succeeded in their cultivation, becoming Bodhisattvas!
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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Hello Master, how are you? There is a source of great power inherent in all of us. Master, can you please share with us ways to tap into this inherent energy to quell physical ailments?

Master Jun Hong Lu: The inherent energy in a person is the determination in him. For instance, those who can overcome their illnesses are the ones who recognise that the sickness that they are suffering from is temporary. They tell themselves, “I will just grit my teeth and this whole episode will soon pass”; and, this is exactly what pans out thereafter. This is the power of one’s mental strength.

Where does this mental strength come from? It comes from your firm belief. When you truly believe in Guan Yin Bodhisattva, a kind of strength is derived within you. Similarly, if you have faith in recovering from your sickness, you will bring forth this positive energy in your heart. That said, for those who lack such faith, even the Bodhisattva will be rendered helpless.
Q&A Session with Buddhist Friends
Jakarta, Indonesia (21 April 2017)


Question: Due to the language barrier, many Indonesian Buddhist friends of mine can’t fully understand Master Lu's teachings, nor read his book, ‘Buddhism in Plain Terms’. Could Master Lu please give some advice to our non-Chinese speaking Buddhist friends on how to improve the state of their spirituality via Buddhist studies when this language barrier exists?

Answer: It is as if you are asking, ‘How do we Chinese communicate with Westerners?’ Through learning the English language of course! Don't you know any bilingual people who can speak both Bahasa Indonesian and Mandarin? Can't you translate the teachings and books for these Buddhist friends? Once the learning materials have been translated you can help teach them, and in doing so receive an opportunity to accumulate more merits and virtues. Isn't this actually good? (Thank you for answering my question Master Lu.)
Shuohua20130118 09:00
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: It is said that Guan Yin Bodhisattva answers all prayers. However, if we are not destined to have certain things in life, will our prayers still be answered?

Master Jun Hong Lu: You are absolutely correct! Generally, if you do not sow the seed then there is no ‘cause’. Hence, no matter how you water the seed, give it sunlight and fertilizer, this plant will still not grow simply because there is no seed! That explains why there are many who go to the temple to pray desperately but they never get their prayers answered.

For such cases, one may pray to Guan Yin Bodhisattva, “Bodhisattva, I shall now sow the seeds.”

For example, you know that you did not practise the act of giving in your previous life, hence you are poor now. If you start practising the virtue of giving you will still be rewarded in this life. This is because Bodhisattva will expedite the karmic reward. So, with the seeds you plant in this life, you are able to reap the reward speedily, this is what it means by “all prayers shall be answered”.

Caller: Yes, how do we tell if we are destined to have certain things in life?

Master Jun Hong Lu: One can definitely feel it. For example, whether you succeed in your studies or not that will tell you if you are destined to have wisdom in this life. As for those who want to get rich desperately, but they keep failing and can only survive on a meagre income, they should know then if they are destined to be wealthy. The same goes with relationships; if you have few friends no matter how hard you try, they are clearly lacking in your fate.

Caller: Thank you, Master!
Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk
Brisbane, Australia
9 June 2019

*The Secret to Life*

Master Jun Hong Lu:
We live in a complex society where it is very difficult to understand what others are thinking. It is full of worries that we can’t let go and incessant cycles of love and hatred. We journey on a seemingly unending and unconquerable road filled with frustrations, dashed hopes and helplessness. We are unable to forget the past, to be free from the frenzied present, or to envision a future. At the end of the day, we cannot predict the day that we will disappear. This is life.

Hence, *regardless of how busy or tired you are, I urge this of all of you – never forget to learn Buddhism and cultivate spiritually.*

*Happiness in the human realm is temporary. Suffering is also temporary. As Buddhist practitioners, always remember that doing good and accruing merits is the foundation of being human. After all, only with diligence can we obtain the sweetness that comes when bitterness is exhausted; only with forbearance can we escape suffering to obtain happiness; only by observing the precepts can we enjoy peace and prosperity; and only with Buddha’s kindness can we transcend the cycle of rebirth.*
Master Jun Hong Lu
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
22 April 2016


In this society, no matter what we do; there will always be comments and judgements from others. If you pay special attention to other people’s comments on your views and thoughts, you will develop a sense of fear in whatever you do. Thus, many people do not succeed because they developed anxieties in this way. Some people live their entire lives based on what others say or see of them. They are afraid that other people might criticise them.

Regardless of what others say, this negative mentality will make our lives very exhausting. *So long as you are truly cultivating and not putting on an act, other people’s views are just passing clouds*. In this way, you will become fearless and there will be no anxiety and nothing to fear.
*The Buddha says, “In this world, no suffering can surpass the pain that this physical form presents us. It’s because of this body, an unlimited amount of anxiety and fear is generated.”*

On 3 July 2021, Guan Yin Citta, Singapore, held an online English sharing session that focused on the third Buddhist Precept of *abstaining from sensuous misconduct*.

A Buddha story helped lay the groundwork for the session. In this poignant short story, Master Lu urged us to be awakened and stop grasping at the illusory phenomena of this world and *never enslave ourselves by falling into the temptations of carnal desires*.

The participants were reminded of the severe karmic retributions of sexual misconduct that may manifest in *physical ailments and financial misfortune*. *The worst being sentenced to the Hell of Excrement or the Hell of Iron Bed upon death - the kind of suffering beyond human imagination!*

To reinforce the dire consequences of sexual misconduct, Master Lu said, *“Can’t you tell how anxious I am? Even my voice is broken from talking to all of you. You must control your desires!”*

In a touching testimony, a young Buddhist friend shared his quest for a lust-free mind through a steadfast application of the Four Golden Buddhist Practices of Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door.

To overcome the demon of sexual desires, the participants were advised to *contemplate the impurity of the human body*, *avoid thrills or subject the body to excessive stimulation*, and *exercise mindfulness and refrain from acting on the urges*. Most importantly, the participants were advised to *hold Buddhas and Bodhisattvas close to their hearts* and feel Their constant presence in order to keep their minds in check.

The facilitator highlighted that to eliminate sexual desires, one needs to meet the following three criteria:
First: *Be resolute in your commitment to never ever repeat*;
Second: *Remain steadfast in your Buddhism practice*; and
Third: *Repent diligently and earnestly*.

The upcoming session – scheduled on 10 July – we will explore *the effective ways to remove negative energy*.

🌿 *Let us now look at some comments from participants:*
_This class has definitely helped me awaken on so many levels. Every moment of those 2 hours were by far the most important 2 hours of my life as it has given me the much needed lifebuoy while I constantly drown in the sea of suffering!_

_After today’s session, I will practise the method of having Buddhas and Bodhisattvas close to my heart. The sharing session truly motivated me to quit my bad habits and curb my desires._

📥 *Please click here to download the Summary Slides shared during the Group Study:*
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[ 如何迅速转变观念不被负面情绪所扰 ]




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Caller: Master Lu, when we are confronted with unhappy events or obstacles in life, how do we reverse our state of mind instantly and let go of the past? Can you please advise us?

Master Jun Hong Lu: That requires Wisdom.

Caller: Can you elaborate?

Master Jun Hong Lu: I myself am able to do so. When I’m very upset, I can laugh within seconds and get over it immediately. Why is it so? Because I know that even if I am a little bit unhappy now, I am doing it for the sake of all sentient beings and not for myself. Once I have given them a piece of my mind for their sake, I would feel that the matter has been resolved. I would not then continue to allow myself to be angry, sad or suffer because of others’ wrongdoings.

Caller: I see. Master Lu, I know that you are able to change your emotional state very quickly, but how do we achieve the same?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Through practice. Always remember these words of advice: When you get scolded by someone and feel angry, for instance, immediately remind yourself, “I’m a Dharma practitioner, why should I be angry?” This is the first pointer. Second, “Hey, they are committing a sin, I shall not follow suit”. Third, “I’m not angry, so you can’t do anything to me!” Keep these three pointers in mind. You will cool down immediately by recalling these pointers whenever your anger is triggered.

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