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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Wenda20160118A 44:34 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]


Caller: When fellow group cultivators post each individual’s Bodhisattva picture from their home altars to group chats to encourage each other in their cultivation, is this justifiable?

Master Jun Hong Lu: I feel there is no necessity to do so, as each individual will have their own preference for arranging their altars in their house. It is best not to show them publicly. In their own home they think, “I will arrange it the way I wish to”. Why do you need to post it to the group chat? You are not showing it to Master to have a look. When I see it, I will be able to advise you if the arrangement on the altar is alright or not. Is this correct?

Caller: Yes, Indeed. If I post the picture of my altar publicly, will it affect my own energy field?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, it will affect it a little. It will not be good if someone reproached you. For example, after you have posted it, it would be good if you received praise from good people. However, if a bad person saw the altar’s picture, “Oh dear, what is this? Gosh, this kind of person is also cultivating Buddhism? How does his family give offerings to the altar?” Then the energy field in your home will not be good.

Caller: You mean when someone sees the picture and they begin to have negative feelings about it, this will affect my altar?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Indeed, it is the energy field. A person who is always being reproached by others will surely get bad luck easily.

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英国王位第二继承人威廉王子与未婚妻凯特·米德尔顿于2011年4月29日在伦敦西敏寺(Westminster Abbey )举行婚礼,结束长达八年的爱情长跑。这是英国王室继查尔斯王储和已故戴安娜王妃1981年的大婚之后,又一全球瞩目的“世纪婚礼”。




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Shuohua20141114 02:42
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Both *_LIFO_* and Little House are able to eliminate negative karma. Is there any difference between these two methods?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Little House is more powerful. Lumps of karmic obstacles resulted from the accumulation of deeds that lack moral sense in the past lives, and major karmic obstacles require the recitation of Little House.

Then, what about *_LIFO_*? For example, you have just said something wrong, you may recite this Mantra once; or you have just had a passing evil thought that you eventually did not act upon, in that case, you will need to recite this Mantra several times; or it could be you just did something wrong, but felt that it is not serious and it had not accumulated into a lump of karmic obstacles. In these cases, you would have to quickly take the opportunity to eliminate it through the recitation of the said Mantra. _*LIFO*_, in essence, is to repent and to eradicate some of the negative things that you have done.

What about Little House? It is able to gradually help you to eradicate those misdeeds of past lives and when you were young, which are more serious in nature. This is how it works.

Caller: That means *_LIFO_* is used to eradicate less serious karmic obstacles; whereas, Little House is to resolve deep-seated karmic obstacles.

Master Jun Hong Lu: That’s right. However, should you wish to eradicate deep-seated karmic obstacles, it is essential to first recite _*LIFO*_, as *_LIFO_* is to profess your repentance, subsequently you may recite Little House.

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