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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Sharing by a disciple

Hi to all fantastic SXs

I became a disciple of our mentor Master Lu.

I will share more about my experience and scenes of Goddess Of Mercy carrying a naked baby sitting on a one horn celestial animal and bright lights illuminating from numerous tiny little purplish,bluish colour that look like mini "luilizi" or miniature universe in the dark background when my eyes were closed and still praying and talking to Goddess Mama.

Those very mini,tiny jewels like appearance happened twice within 2 to 3 seconds.

On the right hand side of the large poster behind the Goddess of Mercy Portrait,for about also 2 ti 3 seconds,I saw a faint side view face of Buddha looking at angle towards Goddess Of Mercy.

Behind the Goddess Of Mercy head,I saw faintly hues of purplish lights,later bluish,and later,very fine but faint white lights illiminating.
All these happened when at times my eyes were about 70% closed and 30% opened.

I have many more to share mostly likely during Saturday Chinese Fotang sharing period and the English session as well for those who want to hear at from my first hand experience.

By the way,I have dreamt of Goddess Of Mercy many times since young.

For the benefits of new believers and those who aspire to become disciple of Master Lu,I am extremely happy,humbled and more than willing to share with each and everyone how I prepare and ready myself for the auspicious day,how I posture my mood,thoughts,align my prayer,and concentration with my Buddha Mama.

Can someone please help me translate what I have written and disseminate out.

Please attend on both days for those who do not want to miss my encounter.

Thank you all fellow Dharma bros.and sis.of my new found Celestial Home Of XLFM and my beloved Master Lu.

Lastly,my thanks to all Logistic buddies for allowing a 60 year man to be a useful volunteer.

My sincerest thanks to Quiyi Sx for writing the recommendation for me.

Regards,One for all,all for one.

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