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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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[emoji92]LIFE IS SHORT[emoji92]

“Life is as short as the in-and-out breath".

We should cherish all that we have. Let us put into good use our every "in-and-out breath" to tirelessly and constantly strive to improve ourselves.

Think back during your younger days, has it past you like a dream? Those worries, those days when you were suffering, do you still feel the same as you did back then? Life is short, cherish all that we have. Every minute and every second, ask yourself "what is my mission in this human realm? I can’t waste my life away. I must cherish my life. I have to continuously improve myself. My sufferings are for me to eliminate my negative karmas. I am determined not to create anymore "new" negative karmas and to set my focus on repaying the old ones, I will then have a better tomorrow".

Cherish life. Take a look at what we already have and be contented, do not be driven by greed to acquire what we do not have!

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Master Lu’s discourse to disciple
20150111 (Question 18)


Q: Master Lu, you used to mention that each aborted child requires 21 pieces of Little Houses. However, off late there are many cases which needed 49 pieces instead. May I know why the change in numbers?

A: The quality of Little Houses being recited is deteriorating . 21 pieces would no longer be able to solve the problem. That’s why upon reading some Totems, I advised some of them to recite 49 pieces instead. There are some who have successfully transferred merits with just 21 pieces. However, there are others whom as soon as I connect to them I know immediately that 21 pieces will be insufficient.

Recitation done hastily and the lack of sincerity in repenting are the main reasons that affect the quality of Little Houses and hence the effectiveness is compromised. Having said so, the exact number of pieces required will still vary case by case.

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Wenda20131108 37:00 Things we need to be cautious about while attending a funeral

Female caller: If we have to attend a funeral, what are the things that we need to be cautious about?

Master Lu: Firstly, attending a funeral is not good. (But at times, we have to attend.) Then just attend! In the past, we would have to “step across the ring of fire” and do not go straight home after attending a funeral. Nowadays, after the memorial service, it’s best not to head straight back home. Rather, you can stroll around the shopping centre. (Some elderly would suggest that we bring along some matchsticks or scissors with us when attending a funeral.) No, no, these items are used to fight with spirits, don’t do it. Wearing a Guan Yin Bodhisattva amulet will do, and you shall not fear. (Oh, you mean the amulet in the form of a card, or the one in the form of a pendant?) The pendant type of amulet will do. If you wear those pendant amulets blessed by Master Lu, you do not need to fear anymore wherever you go. (OK, can I put it in my pocket?) Yes, you can.

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Inspirational Stories 110 Guan Yin Citta Saves Me from Lustful Addiction


Greetings to all Buddhist practitioners. I would like to confess my sexual sin to Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master Lu, and to sincerely repent of it. I promise that I would correct my wrongdoings. I have had a lustful mind since I was young. Before the age of 25, I failed to accomplish anything I wanted to and I always experienced misfortune. I intended to commit suicide for a few times and always imagined different ways of ending my life. I had read and watched a lot of obscene materials and always committed lustful behaviour. I feel very ashamed because I have wasted a lot of time in my life. Master Lu instructs us to stay away from obscene materials and behaviour because they will cause damage to our wisdom and mind. This is absolutely true!

I wasted all my life until I was introduced to Guan Yin Citta at the age of 25, which helps me to get back on the right track. Before I recited scriptures, I always dreamt about sexual behaviour and female demons. After I woke up, I always felt tired and my memory deteriorated. After I started to recite scriptures and Little Houses, and perform life liberation, the quality of my sleep became better and better as I no longer dreamt about those demons. As a result, my mind is much clearer and functions well in daytime. I am truly grateful towards Guan Yin Citta.

After reciting almost 200 Little Houses for my karmic creditors, I felt more and more energetic and optimistic. I no longer thought about committing suicide. Even though I still have a long way to go because of my heavy karmic debts, I have made progress in many aspects. Deepest gratitude towards Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master Lu. Without them, I wouldn’t have had such big changes.

Nothing could express how thankful I feel. Master Lu spares no effort to save as many people as he could. Luckily, I am one of them. Master Lu gives me advice, examines my health condition and blesses me in my dreams. He asks nothing of us but keeps guiding us to practise Buddhism. Nowadays, many people fall into lustful addiction. I would like to share my own experience to demonstrate to more people the negative consequences of lust addiction. I will keep practising Buddhism diligently!

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Female Listener: Fellow practitioner’s mother is not very diligent in her daily recitation and Little House. One day his mother dreamt of several people asking for his father to repay his debts. As his father was not present, these people asked his mother to repay the debts instead. When his mother woke up from the dream, she refused to recite Little House for his father. A few days later, his father’s stomach bled and had to rely on drips. Although he recovered very fast, but, a few days later, his mother dreamed of his father again; this time he contracted stomach cancer. Fellow practitioner was very anxious and wished his mother would recite Little House immediately. However, his mother continued to procrastinate and has yet to start reciting the Little House. Master, do you think this dream will become true?

Master Lu: Yes, absolutely. There were already warning signs prompting her to be diligent in her recitation, yet she is still indifferent. Very sorry, next his father will be confirmed with stomach cancer. Tell her if she wants to be a widow then she does not need to do her recitation. How do you save a person like her? She refused to heed the doctor’s advice to take medication or injection; will it not allow the illness to deteriorate? The spirit has already warned her in her dreams and showed her the karmic emergence in the form of stomach cancer. Yet, she chose not to recite; there is nothing I can do. (In this instance, how many Little Houses must fellow practitioner vow to recite for his father?). Tell him that if it is stomach cancer, it means that his karmic debt has erupted. For such a case; at least 87 pieces would be needed. Besides, this fellow practitioner must consider that if he helps his father, he will become sick himself. (Fellow practitioner will fall sick?) Yes, because of urgency. (Oh, fellow practitioner also has quite a lot of karmic debts to clear himself) This is the problem. Therefore this fellow practitioner should have assisted his mother together to recite for his father when she told him about the dream; then the karmic emergence will not be so fast. Now that it has erupted, it is troublesome. This is why when over small issue we do not understand and continue to argue, it is like two persons argued incessantly over trivial matter; originally what seemed to be $3000 but over the law suit, in the end lost $30,000.

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