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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, please enlighten us on the various methods of meditation that can help us to effectively calm our mind. Thank you.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Meditation methods include counting of breaths. The other method is “Contemplation of the Body as Impure”. The world that we live in is impure and so are we. This method of contemplation is especially effective for those who are battling lustful thoughts in their mind - where you contemplate the filthiness of the skin, flesh, and all those dirtiest parts of the human body, do you understand?

No matter how beautiful a girl may look, think about her nostrils, how filthy is that?! Think about the earwax, discharge from the eyes, and stinky breath ... No matter how handsome a guy may appear, think about how dirty the nostrils and mouth are! This is what “Contemplation of the Body as Impure” works. This contemplation is to deter you from giving in to your sexual desires. In fact, the only difference between humans and animals is that animals don’t wear clothes, while humans do. But if your behaviour is like the animals, doesn’t that make you an animal too?
No matter how much merits and virtues you have accumulated,
you still need to
continue performing virtuous deeds.
It is like washing your face;
you still have to wash it every day despite the fact that you washed it in the past.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Buddhism In Plain Terms
Episode 92
(An Excerpt)

*What is the TRUTH OF LIFE?*

Take a look around us, there are those who managed a narrow escape from a calamity while there are also others who failed and they are gone for good. Haven’t we seen many around us who left this world in this manner?

In this world, there is nothing you cannot bear to part with. We bring nothing with us when we’re born, and we take nothing with us when we die. To live is to remind ourselves of death. Death is a law that no one can defy. This is the agony of the human race.
Except from Buddhism in Plain Terms, Vol. 8 Chapter 16

A person should not pursue desires since a human’s desire can never be satisfied. A person with desire will suffer in relentless agony. Take a look at wealthy people: at what point should they say they have enough money? They already have untold riches, yet would they say they already have enough? In contrast, they would always say that they don’t yet have enough money. So, whenever desire comes upon us, we should detach ourselves from it like fading clouds. Our desire should ebb away just like clouds massing on the horizon that gradually drift away. Loosen the attachment to our own desire and view everything with equanimity; then nothing else matters to us.
To conduct yourself well, you must not violate the bottom line of the law.
To practise Buddhism, you must not violate the bottom line of the precept.
The body, speech and mind are
the three steps along the path of cultivation. The first step is to abstain
from unwholesome bodily actions.
The second is to refrain from creating karma of speech,
and the third is to refrain from creating karma of the mind.
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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Master Jun Hong Lu: _Heart Sutra_ can change the molecular structures of our body‘s cells.

A person who often recites _Heart Sutra_ will find that his cellular molecules flow more freely, which is good for one’s blood circulation. That is why you can observe your body becomes warmer after recitations.

In fact, this accelerated circulation of the blood, enhances activity at the nerve endings, movement in digestive system and stimulates the cranial nerves. With that, you will be filled with “life force” – it is only through “living” that one gains the “force of life”.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Dharma Convention
San Francisco, US
18 September 2014

One day, a young man visited a sage. He asked: “Master, which is the most important day of our life? Is it the day of our birth or death? Or is it the day we fall in love or the day we become successful?”

The sage answered, “The most important day in our life is today.” The young man asked, “Why?”

The sage added, “Because today is the only wealth we possess. No matter how many valuable memories and glorious achievements you had in the past, they are all gone. No matter how successful one will be in the future, it is yet to happen. No matter how ordinary and grim our life is today, it is in our hands and under our control.”

The young man wanted to question, but the sage added: “While we discussed the importance of today, we have wasted a lot of time and there’s not much time left today.”

Today is our only asset and it is also our only chance. What we have to do is forget about the past, let go of the future and make the best of today.

According to the Diamond Sutra, “The mind of the past cannot be obtained, the mind of the present cannot be obtained, and the mind of the future cannot be obtained.”
Any problem can be resolved if you are tolerant, whereas nothing can be resolved if you are intolerant.
🌻 Master Jun Hong Lu Words of Wisdom Vol. 7

Excessive speech hurts others and fussiness exhausts one’s energies.
Rather than hurting others or being exhausted, it is far better to constantly think of Guan Yin Bodhisattva.