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Guan Yin Citta helps me recover from my breast cancer recurrence

I’m grateful to the Merciful Guan Yin Bodhisattva!

I’m grateful to all the Buddhas present!

My gratitude to the Merciful Master Lu Junhong!

Dear fellow practitioners and every one!

I would like to share with you how miracles happened to me after I practiced Guan Yin Citta.

My name is Zhaoxin Yan. I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer in March 2003. I took the Western medicine treatment route, and the breast cancer was controlled and cured. But three years ago, in March 2013, my breast cancer recurred. Due to the delay of treatment for some reason, the cancerous tumor turned from normal skin color to red and then to dark. The doctor told me that I must have immediate surgery in order to remove the tumor. This surgery required seven to eight hours to complete and needed three surgeons- my primary doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, and a plastic surgeon. My doctor would lead the surgery. After that, the plastic surgeon would remove my breast and the orthopedic surgeon cut a part of my sternum off. The plastic surgeon would then use some of the muscles in my thigh and chest to fill my breast. The surgery would be complex and dangerous.

I was confused, anxious and helpless, not knowing what to do. Worrying about the complications of the surgery, I finally decided to give up the surgery treatment. I was completely disoriented. I followed whatever advice people gave me about the cancer treatment such as practicing Qi Gong and seeking Chinese medical treatment. The treatment had been delayed for a few months, and the cancerous tumor was growing gradually, and finally began to fester and was getting worse.

In 2014, I had an opportunity to get to know Guan Yin Citta through the introduction of my sister in law and Yao Jia, a fellow Guan Yin Citta practitioner. At the same time, a relative introduced me to a psychic master. She told me the master was able to treat cancer and had saved a lot of people. Without hesitation, I went back to Malaysia for the treatment. At the same time, I was practicing Guan Yin Citta, reciting Sutras and Mantras and little houses. At that time, I only burned two to three little houses per week. I did not make a vow and was half-skeptical. I did not make efforts to obtain a true understanding of the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door.

During my one-year treatment from the psychic master, I was living in a type of hell. The psychic master would squeeze out the extravasated blood from my wound every time in treatment. I turned pale because of the acute pain, which went deep down into my marrow. There were times when I could not help but cry; I kept asking myself why I had suffered such pain and torment. Then I had to quickly put on a smiling face to my loved ones, especially to my mother. I have to show my positive side so that my mother would not worry about me.

In the meantime, my cancerous wound contiunally manifested, and my physical condition was getting worse. Due to the wound, I could not do any housework. I could not even raise my arms. Any movement will affect my wound. Even lying on the bed was a luxury. I could not lie on my back. I had to recline in 45-degree position on a bed supported by a pillow pad under my back. I was unable to walk for too long outside because the wound would not stop bleeding. This situation lasted for more than a year.

{0 In February 2015, the wound grew larger and deeper, In fear of the further deterioration of the wound, my family got very anxious. They advised me to do medical checks once again. The medical report showed that the cancer was already at the fourth stage. The doctor said the cancer was inoperable because my sternum had already partially been swallowed up by cancer cells, and the left lymph glands had also been infected. The only thing I could do was chemotherapy, but the chances of recovery were only 30% to 40%. The doctor also mentioned if I did not do chemotherapy, the consequences would be very serious. Since the wound was close to the aorta, it could not stop bleeding if the aorta was hurt during chemotherapy. Doctors also implied that I only had six months to live.

At that time, I began to worry and fear deep down in my heart. In my lowest moment, my sister-in-law had a serious talk with me. She said, ‘your treatment was not on the right track, and you have been superstitious. Don’t contact the psychic master anymore. You need to practice Guan Yin Citta with one mind. Otherwise, it will be too late.’ Awoken by her words, I began to contemplate and repent what I did. I knew I did the wrong thing, and I felt truly sorry for it. In April, I started to follow my sister-in-law’s advice and made a vow to be a life-long vegetarian, not to eat raw seafood, to release a lot of fish, to preach Buddhism teaching, and to give my life to the Buddha Mother. Then my sister had a dream in which Master Lu looked at my totem and said that I needed to recite 1000 little houses.

In April 2015, I released 10,000 fish and made a great vow to recite 1500 little houses. I am grateful to Guan Yin Bodhisattva Mother, who had mercy on me, and did not give up on me. Initially, the wound was so smelly that I had to open the door at night. After a while, I was getting stronger, and my wound was getting better every day, and the stench disappeared. I started to have the strength to recite the little houses continually.

Last June, after releasing another 10,000 fish, I went to the hospital for a medical examination. The doctor saw that my wound had improved markedly and asked me what treatment I had done to my wound. That was because the doctor did not prescribe any medication for my wound. I told the doctor that I relied on my faith, which is Guan Yin Citta.

In August, I went for a medical checkup once again and did a CT scan and bone scan. The doctor said the size of the wound had been reduced by 40%. I gave Master’s Lu’s discs of ‘Buddhism in plain terms’ to my chemotherapy doctor.

In October, the doctor re-checked my wound. He said the wound had healed very well, and the right breast lumps were disappearing. Keep going!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank fellow Guan Yin Citta practitioners from Penang, Malaysia, who gave me 150 little houses. Up to now, I burned a total of more than 1,000 copies of little houses released more than 30,000 fish. Miracles appeared. I am in the process of recovery. Now I can sleep on my back and do housework.

I’m grateful to the Buddha Mother who not only allowed me to survive but also let me stay in this world preaching Buddhism and saving people. I hope my experience will inspire fellow practitioners and friends in need.

If there is any inappropriate remarks in my talk today, I ask forgiveness from the Guan Yin Bodhisattva, all the Buddas, and Master Lu.

My deepest gratitude to the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva!

My gratitude to the Merciful Master Lu Junhong!

I’m grateful to all the Buddas present!

My gratitude to Dharma Protectors!

I am grateful to all fellow Guan Yin Citta practitioners

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Discourse in Malacca
19 August 2016


Someone asked Lord Buddha, “As human, how do we prevent our single drop of water from ever drying up, especially when it tend to evaporate even more rapidly under the sun”. Lord Buddha replied, “To prevent this drop of water from drying up, we will have to put it into the river, lake or sea”. Similarly, when we are able to unite our heart with those of sentient beings’, we are able to rise above lives’ many obstacles and resolve its many grievances.

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We should take refuge in the Triple Gem of our own nature – the Buddha,the Dharma, and the Sangha.

We take refuge in our innate Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha: to have the Buddha in our minds, to practise the Dharma in our daily life, and to emulate the Sangha by observing the precepts.

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Wenda20170706A 25:31
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: When it comes to the dictation of karma, how does Bodhisattva transform such relationship?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Such transformation has to be worked out through our own effort. It is not something that Bodhisattva does for us.

Caller: I see.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Today, if negative karma is to befall, Bodhisattva may pre-empt us through dreams; for example, dreams depicting us meeting with car accident, or stricken with cancer. Consequentially, we will be awakened to a realization and will do our utmost in performing recitation, learning Buddhism and cultivating spiritually. Gradually, we will gain control of our health condition, as we are well aware that Bodhisattva is there to bless and protect us. On the same note, how do we make our cancer disappear? It is through our incessant recitation of scriptures, making great vows, and performing life liberation.

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Wenda20180223  41:04 
(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Master Jun Hong Lu:  Our mind is the most important machine, if it stops functioning or malfunction, we will encounter problems with our brain, limbs, as well as soul.   Due to the close relation between mind and body, many people who are psychologically ill are likely to suffer physiologically, and vice versa.  On that premise, what could possibly be the source of problem?  The answer is very simple: it is our troubled mind. The jealousy, hatred and greed that harbour in our mind will bring about demonic obstacles in us, and cause us to get caught up in a predicament which we are unable to break free. As such, the first lesson for any Buddhist cultivator is to master unmoving suchness.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting, Paris, France
September 30, 2017


In cultivation, we should focus our efforts on the “cause” rather than to pray for the impending “effect”: “Bodhisattvas fear causes, sentient beings fear effects”. 

Bodhisattvas would have contemplated on the effects of the deeds prior to committing it, whereas sentient beings carelessly commit causal actions without properly realising its retribution.  When the effects occur later, they will suffer and start to pray for Bodhisattva’s blessing.  That being said, we should focus our efforts on the "causes" rather than fervently praying for favorable "effects" to come about.

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Words of Wisdom by Master Lu, Sydney, Australia, 17 January 2016


Handling conflicts in life is like mastering the art of cooking. The heat at which you cook should not be extreme.

To have a positive mindset in life is like being able to control the heat while cooking. A raging temper will destroy your destiny, just like raging fire will burn the dishes.

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Wenda20160226 00:40 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]


Caller: We have Buddhist friends who are diligent in their cultivation and have shown improvement in their behavioural conduct. However, the only hurdle which they have difficulty overcoming is removing the hatred that is harboured within them. Due to their karmic debts, the sense of hatred kept recurring rapidly. May I ask, Master Lu, how do we effectively remove hatred from our heart?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Hatred stems from the lack of wisdom. Try thinking, ‘what are the causes of a lack of wisdom?’ Attaining wisdom is dependent on compassion. Thus, the way to remove hatred is to be more compassionate.

Caller: I see.

Master Jun Hong Lu: If you try to change your perspective and start observing a person’s weaknesses with a heart filled with compassion, do you think you will still hate him? For example, you hate a swindler for cheating you out of your money. But think again, with the meagre amount of money he got from you, he will end up being apprehended, shot dead, or sentenced to jail for a few decades? Nowadays, there are many swindlers locked in jail. When they first cheated other people, the victims hated them too, didn’t they?

Caller: Yes.

Master Jun Hong Lu: But it’s the end for the swindler, as he will eventually pass on in the jail. At this juncture, try to imagine the swindler as your child, brother or sister. Their life is ruined for cheating you of that small sum of money. In this way, you will be able to untie many of the knots that have formed within you. In addition, you will also treat the money lost as a lesson bought. As humans, the only way to gain wisdom is to reach an understanding progressively.

Caller: I understand. Gratitude to Master Lu.

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Buddhism in Plain Terms Vol. 1
Master Jun Hong Lu
(sharing with disciples on the topic of supernatural power)


Let me share with you today on “Ways to change your habitual outburst of bad temper”. The best method, of course, is to recite Buddhist sutras and mantras. The other method is to habitually think of the following phrases right before you are about to lose your temper.

“I can’t lose my temper as it is bad for my heart”

“I will make myself a laughing stock if I can’t control my temper”

“Losing my temper will deplete my virtues”, etc.

When you often think along the same lines, you will be able to form a habit. When the next outburst is about to occur, such a habit will become a "natural shield" which prevents the outburst from happening. In reality, all of you possess this "natural shield" but not everyone puts it into use.

For example, a husband often throws his tantrums at home but his wife has already formed this "shield". No matter how bad the outburst is, she remains unperturbed. She would think “What a poor man! He is suffering from another psychotic outbreak…” This phrase is her very own "natural shield".

It is about "being expressionless". There is no expression of sentiment or emotion. There is no form. In fact, everything is empty. There is no feeling that such substance exists.

You need to find a few convincing reasons or phrases that could liberate you from anger or other negative emotions. When you feel an outburst is about to happen, thinking about these phrases will help you control your temper and actions.

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Wenda20161021 57:56 [Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program]


Caller: Master Lu, relatively speaking, is EQ more important than IQ, or are they equally important?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Both EQ and IQ are important, because EQ influences IQ and vice versa.

Caller: Both are equally important?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, as they are complementary to each other.

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