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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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55 mins onwards - Even beings in the hell is also learning about Buddhism Smile
There will be retribution for people who said bad things about Buddhism....
Look at this example of woman (39min onwards....)

No laughing matter....

We really need to be careful with what we say or even think in our mind...

Every single action and thought/intent by human is seen by all gods, Buddha, etc.
Pls listen/look at from <1hr 5 min 10 seconds> onwards on "meditation".....
A woman came to seek help because she got into "some trouble" due to meditation...
<1 hr 13 min onwards>

Last 15 minutes or so...

Pls watch carefully....
<Master Lu’s Radio Programs in Sydney >

Master Lu’s radio programs currently only broadcasts live in Sydney, Australia.

If you need any help (e.g. health issues, family issues, etc), you can try calling into the radio program (FOC of course).

Please note that each year, Sydney has the summer Eastern Daylight Time from October to April, and the winter Eastern Standard Time from April to October. If you are trying to call through to Master Lu’s radio programs, please take the Daylight Saving Time into consideration.

If you do not speak Mandarin, you may ask someone to speak on your behalf if your call gets through.

◾Master Lu’s Radio Program Hotline: +61 2 9211 1301
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Where did this Dharma brother get the information that "小房子 is a tool to 'possess'?

If he has real information that "小房子 is indeed a tool to 'possess', pls ask him to come forward UPFRONT and share any supporting evidence with all learners of Buddhism.

If he still has any doubts, why don't you ask him to come forward and call into Master Lu's Radio Program and clarify with Master Lu ?

Could you kindly ask him to watch this video from 1 hr 22min onwards to understand what is real possession.


And could u also refer him to Master Lu's website to better appreciate and understand what 小房子 is.
小房子 is simply a combination of 4 commonly used Buddhist Sutra used by all Buddhists.

For normal people, we don't anyhow use Little House . The typical uses of Little House is listed below:-

Typical usages of Little Houses
1. transferring merits to karmic creditors
2. transferring merits to deceased persons
3. transferring merits to a child that was aborted or miscarried
4. transferring merits to karmic creditors of your house.


(20-09-2014, 06:37 PM)Behappyalways Wrote: [ -> ]many years ago, a dhamma brother said that 小房子 is a tool to 'possess'. That's why when my friend told me about a 'great master' a few years ago, my advice to him is that you can chant or whatever but don't use the 小房子
There is really nothing to seek in "Buddhism", one doesn't get super power or miracles and you don't need them to live a good life. It is more like a life-long learning & self-improving process.

Buddha called himself a teacher, which is rightfully appropriate, and Buddha's teachings are based on his real personal experience and reasoning that one can follow and use to reduce and end one's "sense" of suffering by seeing reality as reality is, "pain" as "pain" is. Having a correct mindset and assuming total responsibility for one's "level of happiness" is PART of the core of his teachings.

It's kind of difficult to explain because either you understand or you don't understand. After all, one's logic and reasoning is based on one's experience, just like value-investing.

In fact, there are no set beliefs or faith/religion called Buddhism or only "Buddhists" can reach nirvana (actual meaning is "blown out", by wiki. Just treat it as "end of suffering"), anyone from any faith also can, as long as you have the right understanding of reality. See the teachings as some "user-guide" by someone talented in mindset & reality 2500 years ago and who used his entire remaining life to help others with his insights.

In fact, one can go ask any Buddhist or monk (those with the right understanding only) and they will give you different answers while most people will end up only remembering a widely misused/misunderstood view of karma and a mi tuo fo.

By my personal experience, if one is not born with the right mindset in the first place, then the "click" inside you has to happen first. All the teachings are for this important FIRST "click" or in Buddha's words, a raft for one to cross the river. Once clicked, then the teachings will be apparent and one can best decide by himself what is correct and how to best live his life.

Trust Buddha on this, the result is very pleasing and blissful and nothing has changed, just the mindset.

By my personal experience, to be "enlightened", be earnest & diligent. There are many "teachers" on youtube and in books (Must always ask yourself whether they are talking sense). If you can, read the sutras (or their commentaries) too. Read the quotations on the teachings too. Read widely, think and reflect deeply. Try mediation. Learn to let go, learn to let be, be open, be less critical, be less selfish. Help others, think others instead of ownself, stand back and see instead of being angry. Seek peace in the mind.

For every understanding gained, one can be a better person and live a bit.......why settle for less and follow in the shadow of other people or even so-called "Buddhas" when all have this Buddha mind in themselves?
Of course, Buddhism is not about seeking "supernatural power". it is really just about cultivation of one's heart and mind, developing a heart of compassion for every sentient beings. Everyone has the seed of Buddhism inside us.

But, a lot of people got the "misperception" of why someone is showing off his supernatural power. The person never proclaimed that he is Buddha, etc.
(Pls provide supporting evidence if u think otherwise.)

Just another analogy. There are many ways to pass the 'O' level or 'A' level exams. Some people prefer to study by myself and keep trying until they pass. Some prefer to go for group tuition. Some prefer to go for personalized tuition, etc. Some prefer not to study at all and take the exam as it is. Some need to study very hard while some can pass the exam easily with just some hours of study, etc. Some keep studying and studying but keep failing and failing...Some are lazy while some are diligent, etc.

Everyone already knows the syllabus for the examination but yet different people have different level of performances. Some people just think what is the problem of failing the exam (i.e. no big deal). Of course, there is no big deal.

U just have to keep retaking the exam until u pass (i.e. keep "recycling" in this 6 realms until u "wake up" one day)..

First 10 minutes is very interesting.

A man possessed for 7 to 8 years was finally cured!

1st and 2nd cases were interesting ....

and 31 min 45 seconds onwards - a Chinese woman possessed by a Russian spirit for more than 30 years - CURED!!!