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Listener : Master, this Dharma friend has been cultivating Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door for a few years. Previously, his son was a free thinker, somehow now he believes in another religion and he objects and deters his father from practising. He is deeply troubled by this. He wonders if he can recite Heart Sutra or Little House for his son.

Master : In fact, the problem lies with him. At the time when a child has yet to have any religion, he should be nurtured to have faith in a religion. This is of utmost importance and this is where he has failed. Now his son has already held faith in a religion and as it is different from his religion, naturally trouble will arise. (That’s right) Now all he can do is to try praying to Guan Yin Bodhisattva. Do you understand? Pray for wisdom, and see if his son has stronger affinity with other religions or Buddhism. (So, reciting Heart Sutra for him is alright?) Yes, that’s alright to do. (Alright, thank you Master). I have a lot of good friends in Australia who are Westerners. They always pray for my well-being in their churches too. It is the same with us, though others’ religion may not be the same, when we recite Great Compassion Mantra and Heart Sutra to pray for their well-beings there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. (I understand, Master. Gratitude to you, Master).

——摘自《因烦恼而生智慧 》
Say thank you to people who hurt us Smile





--卢台长讲于观音堂 2015-8-15
About Master Lu Junhong

Master Lu used to live a very prosperous life. However, to help more people learn Buddhism and understand the Law of Cause and Effect, he sold his house and used the money to start his own radio station— the Australia Oriental Radio.
因为澳洲的人工很贵,台长办电台的初期,没有人帮忙,连布电线都是亲自做,后来有几个人看到台长这么辛苦, 就提出来帮忙。
At the early stage, Master Lu had no helper because the labour costs were very high in Australia. Master Lu had to do everything on his own; he even wrapped the electronic wire by himself. Later on, after seeing Master Lu working so hard, several people decided to help him out.
台长一家人住的房子只有几十个平方,两房,还不如我们很多同修家里的房子大。 因为长期给人看图腾,很多灵性上了台长的身,这些灵性对台长的肉体五脏六腑造成很大的破坏,所以台长很多东西吃不下,平时就吃些简单的饮食,一些素菜面条之类的。
Master Lu and his family live in a two-bedroom unit, which is smaller than a hundred square metres. Many of us have a living place much bigger than Master Lu’s.
Master Lu has been using his spiritual power to help people for decades, but this has a great impact on his health: Many spirits occupy Master Lu’s body and cause serious damage to his organs. As a result, Master Lu has little appetite and only eats very simple food such as vegetables and noodles.

Do you notice that Master Lu has lost a lot of weight?

Do you notice that Master Lu wears the same type of black suit every day?

Have you ever heard that Master Lu’s shoes are leaking?
Have you ever heard that Master Lu sold his house to start his own radio station?

Do you know that Master Lu spend all his income on promoting Buddhism?

Do you know that Master Lu declines the offer from his followers in France to pay for the venue for his dharma talk?

你是否还知道,台长不接受我们一丝一毫的供养?... ...
Do you also notice that Master Lu never accept any offerings from us?

Master Lu once said,
“I ask nothing of you. I only want you to live a better life! I want your life to be better now!”

“Help more people…We need to help more people by encouraging them to practice Buddhism throughout their lives, not just to recite Buddhist scriptures for a few months!”

No matter how hard we try to propagate Buddhism, we will never be able to repay the kindness of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Master Lu. I couldn’t help crying whenever I think about Master Lu. There is no reason for me not to recite scriptures and practice Buddhism diligently. Only by becoming one of the thousand arms and thousand eyes of Guan Yin Bodhisattva and introducing Buddhism to more people can we live up to Master Lu’s expectations. All the efforts that we’ve made and the disrespect we’ve experienced are in no way
[From the Editor] A caller with the deepest gratitude towards the Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master shared some positive feedback during the “Say it as you Wish” radio program which aired on 5th April 2013. She has recovered from liver disease and has stopped experiencing painful headaches since she started practicing the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. Also, her daughter’s body odours were eliminated after she started performing recitations. There are countless efficacious stories out there and everyone goes on a different journey when they follow the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. Everyone will improve as long as he/she cultivates with the most sincerity. It is you who will benefit the most from the realisation of your transformation and Dharma Bliss.

Caller: I am so grateful and appreciative towards the Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master! Master, I have now fully recovered from liver disease. Also, when I used to get headaches, it was painful all the time but now the symptoms have improved. I have not experienced this type of headache since I started practicing the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door a year ago.

Master Lu: So, let me tell you, at the end of the day it was only you and not others, that has benefited from the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door.

Caller: Yes, yes! Also, my daughter had excessively sweaty underarms. However, since she started practising the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, her body odours have been eliminated, even after doing exercise.

Master Lu: The problem was due to her karmic obstacles.

Caller: Oh~~ I am so happy now!
【念经真的有窍门的 】 既要有声,又要听不见。既要念出自己的心声,声音又不能大。念经最好是嘴巴动,声音一点点,这种念法实际上是最好的。



— 卢台长《顿悟虚空,相应学佛》





— 卢台长《念佛妙法是“诚”,意念修养是“纯”》
Inspirational Stories 067 How the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door has tremendously changed my life and my family


Deepest gratitude to the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva and to Master Lu! I am very fortunate to be able to share with others about how the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door has tremendously changed my life and my family.

The house my husband and I lived in was given to us by my father-in-law. Four years later, we had a girl and a boy. My son was very quiet and he hardly spoke so we assumed he was an obedient child. When he first started school, his grades were average but they decreased tremendously year after year. I received complaints from his teachers, headmistress and tutors and he even got scolded for being rude when he did not answer his teachers. He felt pressured and life was not happy for him. Until he was 12 years old, he had problems expressing himself to his teachers and us.

At the beginning of our marriage, life was hard for our family as my husband’s job was not doing too well and therefore, I started to work very hard to keep our family going. I had to pay for the household expenses, food, tuitions, babysitters for the children and etc. Moreover, I had to make payments to my in-laws. When my husband’s business started to grow, it was a stressful period for me. He spent his money on overseas holidays and business trips with his friends. He began to forget that he had a family. He was a changed man and his words became hurtful to me. He only listened to his group of wild friends. Furthermore, he was unfaithful – he cheated and lied to me.

In addition to this, my in-laws pressured me, said hurtful words and made me do the chores. Their family was so big and I had to entertain them and make them feel comfortable when they came home for festive celebrations. However, they always complained about the food and the living arrangement. Everything I did was never right. They made remarks that I deserved to do all the work since I was staying at their house for free. To not create any further trouble, I kept everything to myself. No one defended me. My husband was too busy entertaining his friends and since I wanted to create a perfect home environment for my children, they were also unaware of the problem.

To overcome my stress, I started to search for inner peace with the help of Buddhism books. It helped but all my problems were still unsolved. From time to time, I confronted my husband about his actions but he always denied them. Thus, I could only confide in my friends and move on.

One day, one of my friends approached me with Master Lu’s books. She saw and felt how desperate I was and encouraged me to start practicing Buddhism by reciting sutras and mantras. My heart was heavy and I could not read the Chinese characters as I was English and Malay educated. My friend continually motivated and encouraged me. She thought that it was the only way for me to solve my problems without quarrelling with my family members. I guess that was the only way I could find comfort.

It took me a while to learn the scriptures. I started learning the Great Compassion Mantra with the help of the audio version on YouTube. It took me more than a month to learn since I was busy working, doing chores, managing the children and helping my husband with his paperwork. Later, I added the Heart Sutra and continued adding more scriptures until I learnt and memorised all the prayers for daily recitations. I began to understand that all doings were due to the karmas of my past life. In between recitations, I encountered several dreams. I even dreamt of a child that I had miscarried. I recited more than 60 Little Houses for the miscarried and aborted child. Furthermore, as I continued to practice the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, my son began to speak, laugh loudly and even became humorous. Slowly, he began to mature, became more obedient and even started to help around the house. Asking him to do his school work became easier and we saw improvements in his academic performance after adopting the ‘Triple Gems’ – making vows, performing recitations and life liberations. Even though his situation had greatly improved, I continued to recite Little Houses for him.

I continued to confess my wrongdoings to the Guan Yin Bodhisattva and continued to recite the 88 Great Buddhas Repentance daily. Amazingly, the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva helped me to confront my husband when I caught him being unfaithful. I was in the midst of moving out with my children. I just could not bear it any longer. He confessed and promised to stop all his wrongdoings and provide us with a new home. I recited more Mantras to Unite Karmic Knots for my husband and in-laws and it worked as they now speak to me in a more respectable manner.

Furthermore, things have improved. I started to perform life liberations and also encouraged my children to learn and practice the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. I think the most important achievement is to let people out there know that if there is a ‘will’, there is always a ‘way’.

I am so thankful to the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master Lu for helping me with my journey. Thank you to all my Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door brothers and sisters that are willing to help and share. Without all the enlightment from the Bodhisattvas, I would probably still be struggling today. I will sincerely help by promoting the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door and I am determined that I will be one of the thousand arms and thousand eyes of the Guan Yin Bodhisattva.
Reciting heart sutra can make one gain more wisdom

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【通达佛理 合光即悟】

1. 人要看到明天,不能总想到今天。能感受到明天的人活在希望当中,

2. 这个世界不是一个人的,是众生的。明白怎么样去帮助别人的人,

3. 对别人尊敬就是庄严自己。

4. 烦恼是你对人间事物的错误理解造成的。

5. 学佛人远离痛苦,想开想明白,一切都是缘分。

6. 一个真心学佛的人,不能每天有烦恼,有烦恼就是有漏。

7. 台长告诉你们一个方法,你们自己就知道有没有运气。运气好的人,身体一定好。当你身体不好的时候,运气一定是走衰的。所以要保养好自己的身体。不要给自己的身体造成任何的伤害。

8. 人往往将物质看的过重,这就是很多人要钱不要命的去工作。忘记了人只有唯一的一个宝贵的财产,就是你的身体。用身体去换来物质,最后是一场空。有个老板去世了,司机娶了他老婆。司机原来以为他为老板打工,没想到老板为他打工。

9. 我们用慈悲来化解人生一切烦恼。我们要看到别人的优点,忘记别人的缺点,你的人生才会完美无缺。

10. 人一定要有愿力,才有动力。一个人没有愿力就没有动力,一个人一定要改掉身上不好的习惯,让自己的心变得善良,你有这个动力就能获得所有人的爱戴。

11. 人生无常,让你会失去一切。当人在失去的时候会很心痛,你没有想你会得到。得到越多,失去越多。欲望越少,痛苦越少。今天什么都不求不贪,你保证平平安安。

12. 要在因上找果。真正学佛的人要种善因,得善果。一个人修行最重要的就是要现在好,从现在做起,不要再等,如果你想做一个好人,你现在就要做一个好人,那么你很快就会成为一个善人。你以后再做好人,你就是一个恶人。

13. 吃点苦那是好事,不吃苦,哪来甜啊?有多少人学佛不就是碰到了艰难挫折,他才开始学佛吗?很多人吃苦了,才找到了菩萨。烦恼多了,才想到通过学佛调节好自己的心态。人间的感情、金钱、物质不要看得太重,因为这些都是会逝去的。

14. 学佛要有大目标,千斤重担也能挑。心中没有菩萨道,一棵小草压弯了腰。

15. 学佛要学会忍辱精进。一定要学会忍耐。好好念经,菩萨一定会保佑你们的。