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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Master Jun Hong Lu’s Discourse
(Question 63)


Q: A Buddhist friend has this question – why is that he feels down and quick tempered during the first and fifteenth days of the lunar calendar month?

A: The first and fifteenth days of the lunar calendar month are auspicious days, which explains why I advised all of you to be vegetarian and perform more recitations on days like these. However, if the person in question feels that on these days he is more prone to being angered, it indicates that his karmic obstacles are substantial. It is like, in Bodhisattva’s presence, the foreign spirits would lodge complaints against him, complaining about his cultivation, his refusal to offer Little House, etc. These are what's causing this Buddhist friend to feel uncomfortable and in such case, even his life will be shortened. Hence, for those of you who do not practise as diligently as you should on these days, you are inviting great troubles upon yourselves. Bodhisattva will not take sides. Everything is based on the Law of Cause and Effect. In addition, on these days, there should not be any sexual activities, any kind of misdeeds and you should not berate others since all the Bodhisattvas are watching, and not forgetting, the Dharma Protectors are very powerful too.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s Talk
Guan Yin Hall, Sydney, Australia
May 31, 2016


When Lord Buddha passed into Nirvana, his disciples knelt before him and asked, “Master, after you are gone, what are we to do?” Lord Buddha answered, “The Precepts will be your teacher."
As long as a person live by the Precepts, he will never be strayed. Cultivation of equanimity is essential to safeguard our primitive heart, the one that is sincere. You started off as a kindhearted person, how did you become unkind? That is because you have stopped perceiving others with a heart of equanimity and became judgemental – “this person is bad, that person is good, this person is rich, that person has no status…..” All these will transform into attachments and the development of a mind that lacks equanimity. Little by little, it will be detrimental to the kind, compassionate heart of the Buddha in you.

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Notice on English Dharma sharing session.

To allow our English speaking followers to understand better the teachings of Master Lu, our centre will conduct the next Dharma sharing session on:

Date: 19th March 2017 (Sunday)
Time: ‪2:00 - 3:30 pm‬
Venue: ‪11 Chang Charn Road, Shriro House‬, #05-01
Singapore  159640
Telephone no. ‪6222 2‬603

1. Totem enquiry: " Master Lu's Dharmakaya helped a Boy who suffered from serious Cramp illness
2. 2OR's latest Video clip on Guan Yin Bodhisattvas
3. Origin and Legend of Guan Yin Bodhisattvas and Master's explanation on common Related Questions
4. Testimonial: "How a Mother helped her Three Children to perform Daily Recitation"
5. Highlights of Spore/Macau Dharma Conventions: a. Morality is the Foundation of Buddhism. b. Significance of Dream. c. "I am a Good person, Why am I Suffering"?"
6. Questions and Answers

Note: Decent dress code (long pants, no skirt/low-cut designs/bare-back or sleeveless blouse).

Thank you with metta 
Oriental Radio Practice Centre Ltd (Singapore)

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(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, may I ask when we make incense offerings at 10pm, will foreign spirits enter our houses through the windows if the windows are opened while the curtains are closed?

Master Jun Hong Lu: If it is not related to you, it will not enter; if it is related to you, it will enter even if you had iron bars installed. The wall is simply non-existent to it. Why don’t you just install few more locks so that it will not enter? You people are really lack of wisdom.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk, Singapore
February 18, 2017


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[emoji843]Money can buy you jewellery; but it can't buy you beauty

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[emoji843]Money can buy you lust; but it can’t buy you LOVE

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