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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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It is important to see through all afflictions and all phenomena in the world. The ability to understand thoroughly and overcome whatever happens represents a philosophy to live by. As long as sentient beings exist in the human world, they will be contaminated.

Once a person cultivates themselves to the point of being free of contamination, they will not know affliction, and will have no ‘feelings, perception, mental formations or consciousness’. They can penetrate the nature of life, gaining insight into emptiness. This is the enlightenment attained by the Bodhisattva; they are awakened to the truth of the Bodhisattva.

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Words of Wisdom
by Master Jun Hong Lu (Question 20)
11 January 2015


Question: Is there a correlation between a person’s blessings and how well he observes the precepts?

Answer: There is definitely a correlation between a person’s blessings and how well he observes the precepts. The better a person observes the precepts, the more blessings he will receive. Don’t you think a person will have blessings if he observes precepts such as refraining from gossiping, flattery, harming others, stealing, and drinking alcohol? Will he not be greatly blessed if he can refrain from being greedy, angry and ignorant? On the other hand, if a person is greedy and has endless desires, will he have blessings? Surely not. The sight of him simply annoys people.

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Master Jun Hong Lu's Discourse
(Question 398)
17 July 2020


Question: Master Lu, you mentioned before that if we hate someone, we will bear the karmic obstacles of the person we hate, and the said party will take away a portion of our merits and virtues. Can you enlighten us on this?

Answer: When you hate a person, isn't there something bad about him that you are hating? As you hold grudges in your heart, the karmic obstacles will enter your heart, and thus you will bear them.

While you hate his shortcomings, his karmic obstacles and his wrongdoings, you will bring all these upon yourself. Hence, the more you hate, the more harm you are causing yourself.

Many people lack wisdom, they just don't get it. Here you are, hating such a person when he doesn't even know it, while you keep all the hatred in your heart - grinding your teeth, feeling broken-hearted, losing your appetite and sleep. And, you end up having all his karmic obstacles transferred to you.

Why should you care about such a bad person? Let go and throw it out of your mind! There are bound to be many who will hurt you throughout your life. If you take all of them to heart, how can you survive with such petty mind? Letting go is the only way!

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk, Brisbane Australia, 7 June 2019


Master Jun Hong Lu: See the world through your eyes, and the world appears small; See the world through your heart, and you will find the world to be boundless. Treat others with compassion and your heart will be as encompassing as the vast ocean, which receives hundreds of rivers. There are many matters in life where we must rely on our wisdom and genuine intentions to resolve our troubles.

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An Excerpt from
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk in Hong Kong
July 2, 2016


Someone once asked me, “What is Virtue?” Let me tell you that virtue is giving others hope, in other words, imparting wisdom to others. Virtue is not an external pursuit. It originates intrinsically from our compassionate nature, which develops into selfless love for all sentient beings, with the aim of helping people in this world.

Buddhist practitioners shall sow seeds extensively in the field of merits and diligently cultivate wisdom to accomplish the true purpose of life. The cultivation of both merits and wisdom is essential in practising Dharma. This is because merits and wisdom are just like a pair of aircraft wings. An aircraft could not take off when either of its wings is absent. Therefore, a blessed man certainly possesses wisdom, while a wise man is certainly blessed. So, let’s create a true life of Dharma through the cultivation of mind, merits and wisdom.

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Words of Wisdom
By Master Jun Hong Lu
13 December 2015


Master Jun Hong Lu: A wise person will always use his spare time to work on his own future. For example, we should spend every bit of spare time we’ve got reciting sutras to protect ourselves from getting sick in the future, just as we spend our spare time exercising to stay healthy.

To acquire sustainable spiritual strength and success, we must use all our time to do what is necessary.

In every era, there are a great number of Bodhisattvas who have succeeded in their cultivation. The secret to their success is, when other people are indulging themselves in world enjoyments, they are quietly cultivating themselves, helping people realise the importance of spirituality, and giving a hand to those in need. When other people still cannot see through the true face of the world, those who want to be Bodhisattvas have already gained insights into the true meaning of life. Therefore, when others begin to suffer and think it is about time to start searching for what truly matters in life, those aspirers have already succeeded in their cultivation, becoming Bodhisattvas!

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Dharma Talk by Master Jun Hong Lu, 20151214


Many people do not know the proper way to pray. Please keep this in mind:

When you bow down, close your eyes as this will help you to concentrate and stay free from distracting thoughts. When you lift up your head, open your eyes, gaze at Guan Yin Bodhisattva and instantly “capture” the image in your mind. Then close your eyes again as you bow down. By doing so, you would have retained Guan Yin Bodhisattva in your heart.

Prostration should be done at a slow pace. Hasty prostration serves no purpose. There are people who offer incense in a rush…(Master Lu imitated the action of offering incense hurriedly), it won’t be effective. By doing it slowly, you are showing your sincerity and respect.

Placing both palms together represents the unity of Buddha nature and our hearts. When you close your fingers and place your palms together, it helps clear the circulatory system.

Prostration must be performed at a slow pace as it takes a little while for Guan Yin Bodhisattva to receive your energy field and messages. When I invite Bodhisattva to come, even if she travels at the speed of light, it still takes a little while for her to get here as she’s coming from a very high realm.

How will you know about this if I do not tell you? Many people have been performing prostrations all their lives without knowing the essence, which is why they never seem to have their prayers answered.

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Wenda20161211A 03:59
(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, you advised us before that when we are enraged and are on the verge of losing our temper, we may recite in silence “May Guan Yin Bodhisattva help me to transform the greed, hatred and delusion within me” 10 times. Is that right?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, this is the latest from yesterday's discourse. Let me tell you, you must say, “May Guan Yin Bodhisattva have compassion on me and help me transform the greed, hatred and ignorance within me.” How does this work? It is because every anger stems from the three poisons, being Greed, Anger and Delusion.

Caller: In that case should we start first, by reciting in silence “May Guan Yin Bodhisattva have compassion on me and help me to transform the greed, hatred and delusion within me” or should we recite the Mantra To Untie Karmic Knots, or at times like this, should we first take a seat or should we pray to Bodhisattva directly?

Master Jun Hong Lu: When you are on the verge of flying into a rage, firstly you should pray to Bodhisattva, followed by performing recitation. That will be perfect! After doing so, see for yourself, whether you would still get angry. 

Caller: Indeed, relating to Bodhisattva is also considered an ingenious approach. 

Master Jun Hong Lu: Try it out and you will know what I mean. In fact, from the psychological point of view, when a person is fuming in anger, try to calm down and your anger will slowly subside.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk, Taiwan

September 14, 2014


Master Jun Hong Lu: “I would like to offer you the two most blissful gifts in life.

Firstly, forgiveness – it is a person’s source of happiness. When you are able to pardon and forgive others, you will gain inexhaustible happiness.

Secondly, seize life’s biggest wealth – that is your health. What’s more, should you wish to be happy, practise Buddhism.”

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s Discourse (Question 256)

17 September 2018


Question: When we pay respect to Bodhisattva, can we make the following prayer: “I wish that there will be more predestined sentient beings who are able to hear the Buddha’s Teachings, abandon sufferings and obtain happiness”. Is it proper to make wishes of this nature or are they considered too great?

Answer: This is an extremely commendable wish that everyone can make.

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