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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Public Talk
Brisbane, Australia
9 June 2019
Virtues to Hold in Our Hearts

Master Jun Hong Lu:

Kindness is the foundation for a heart of compassion.
Repentance is the only route towards self-reform.
Contrition is the only way for one to make headway.
Diligence is the only way to success.
Gratitude is the only way to contentment.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
12 May 2019
The Secret to Happiness

Master Jun Hong Lu:

All things are a construct of the mind and the lifespan of mankind is bitter and short. There is no need for us to carry hatred, a sense of unfairness and vexations in our hearts as that will only cause us harm on a regular basis. In addition, living with frequent regrets will only cause us to sink deeper into the pain of the past from which it is difficult to extricate ourselves.

When one lives his life with the interests of others in mind, understanding that all suffering in the human realm is temporary, he will have a goal in his mind and will find it easier to let go of things. Only then will one be liberated from sufferings and attain true happiness.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s

Public Talk

Sydney, Australia

26 January 2019


Master Jun Hong Lu:

When you invest your energy or time on others, do not expect others to respond with similar benevolence. ‘Repay evil with good’, be indifferent to reciprocity, and you will enjoy a life full of benefactors.
*17 Feb 2022 - Today is the 100th Remembrance Day of Master Jun Hong Lu*

Let us watch this video in remembrance of His Great Compassion and Unconditional Love to all sentient beings:

Master Lu has perfected the spirit of altruism by bearing the sufferings of sentient beings.

He has attained Buddhahood to perfection. His mortal physical form may have passed into parinibbana, but His dharma body will live in eternity and His spirit of compassion will continue to shine universally.

It is now the responsibility of His disciples and Buddhist practitioners to carry on Master Lu’s mission of propagating Buddhism in order to realise Master Lu’s wish for Guan Yin Citta to thrive for generations to come.

Extracts from Master Jun Hong Lu’s Dharma Talk in New Zealand, Auckland

3 December 2017


When it comes to family conflicts and dealing with others, you should learn to adapt to the social environment so as to brighten your surroundings.

Learn to adjust your mindset so you can avoid being pessimistic and depressed;

Learn to forgive others so your life can become carefree;

Learn to dedicate yourself to helping others so you can fill your life with positive energy.

If you look at this world with emotions, it would be a tragedy; if you look at this world with rationality, it would be a tragicomedy; if you look at this world with stubbornness, it would be a farce; and if you look at this world with wisdom, it would be a play that manifests the law of causality.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
Hong Kong
8 June 2013


Master Jun Hong Lu: Through Buddhist cultivation, we will become a stronger person.  Do not worry about personal gains and losses. Let your losses become gains so that you will be blessed with virtue.  Turn all your afflictions into an opportunity that spurs you to progress spiritually.  

I hope you cultivate diligently. Forget and remove your pain so that you will make progress in your cultivation. If you could be awakened from your afflictions, you will attain the Prajna wisdom from Bodhisattvas.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Buddhism In Plain Terms
Episode 24
25 March 2020
(An Excerpt)


Master Jun Hong Lu: Many people say, _“When I was little, fortune-teller told me that I would be blessed with good fortune. But, why don’t I see any of these good fortunes now?”_

It is because every day, you have too many worries and are living in distress, so much so that they are constantly consuming your good fortune. Your mind starts off being negative to being more negative and gets more and more negative to being permanently negative. This is the beginning of a web of evil thoughts with mutual influence.

If your mind goes from negative to positive, and you slowly transform your thoughts:
From evil to kindness;
from unrighteous to righteous;
from being bewildered to awaken; and from deluded to purity,
this is the concept of “Diligence”.

Every day, you are filled with the commitments to make progress and the desires to be enlightened and filled with all the pure and righteous energy. This is how you will gain self-improvement day by day.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Buddhism In Plain Terms
Volume 11 Chapter 25
(An Excerpt)


Master Jun Hong Lu: "All dharma is devoid of self" means you do not own any of your undertakings in the human realm. You have no idea where you would go ultimately. If not for the name that was given to you at birth, you wouldn’t even know whom you are. Or, whom you would be after you die.

Just take a look at those names on the tombstones. Let me ask you, do you remember the name of your grandparents? Do you understand now?

You have to understand that the self is not an independent entity. Hence, the term "no self".

You have borrowed a name and a physical body to come to live in this world. And, in the end, you will have to return your “loaned” body and name to the universe.

You shall leave this world taking nothing with you, except your soul. This is what it means by “all dharma is devoid of self”.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk
Jakarta, Indonesia
12 March 2018
(An Excerpt)


Master Jun Hong Lu: In ancient times, there was a fencing master. When asked who and what was the one unforgettable thing that had benefited him the most in his life, he said it was the one word his mother once said to him. At that time, he was just 18 years old, young and vibrant and had just started practising fencing.

He used to complain that every time before his sword could touch his opponent, the other party’s sword was already on him. He said to his mother: “It’s all because my sword is too short!”

However, his mom said: “No, son. Remember this. Go ahead, step forward as that’s when your sword is lengthened.”

We should never blame or accuse others as our destiny is actually in our hands. When opportunities knock on one’s door, it is natural for everyone to grab them.

Hence, do not be jealous of others. When we see the success of others, we should know that it is because of their diligence and hard work.

If opportunities do not present themselves to us, we should work hard to create them. When you have the favourable conditions and spiritual foundation to back you up, be diligent so that you can return to Guan Yin Bodhisattva in the future.

Conversely, if you are faced with adverse conditions, you need to recite the _Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance_ to sincerely repent; strive hard to transcend the cycle of rebirth and return to the warm embrace of our heavenly mother this very lifetime.
Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Buddhism In Plain Terms
Volume 6 Chapter 32
(An Excerpt)


Master Jun Hong Lu: For Buddhist practitioners, we should understand that it is only through dedication that we are considered to be truly diligent. Have you dedicated yourself today? How much have you done for others, being of service to others and helping others? All of these are attributes of dedication and true diligence.

When you introduce Buddhism to others, don’t you think you are practising true diligence? As such, those who are truly wise will devote their lives to helping others. They will abandon their selfish interests and focus on helping others instead. This Buddhist tradition is termed as Mahayana Buddhism, a tradition whose aim is to help sentient beings to be awakened spiritually. 

In the Age of Dharma Decline, it would be a challenge to eradicate our attachment to self if we do not dedicate ourselves to helping others. Do you understand? 

If you do not help others you will always believe yourself to be infallible; only when you are able to blend in harmoniously with sentient beings, that you are a true Buddha and that’s because the Buddha exists among sentient beings. Many of us have long gone astray in the human wilderness. To be truly enlightened to the Buddha’s teachings, we must work hard without expecting anything in return.