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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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On 19 January 2019, Guan Yin Citta (Singapore) held yet another fortnightly English Sharing Session at the practice centre featuring many inspiring and enriching items on the lineup.

In line with the start of the new decade and Lunar New Year on 25 January, the keynote sharing highlighted some things we should do. Featuring items such as the *Tai Sui Bodhisattva of 2020*, the audience learnt more about how to dispel calamities, especially if they or their relatives are born in the zodiac signs that clash with Tai Sui. Such a helpful sharing epitomises how Buddhism is a practical yet spiritual practice, empowering all practitioners to improve their lives and hearts by feasible means.

Another sharing was on *2020 predictions by Master Lu*, where Master forecasted certain events happening in specific months throughout the year. As an annual affair that has proven itself to be shockingly accurate and genuine, this sharing does not aim to be an almanac. Instead, this hopes to be proof of how Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are real, and we must cherish all the good we have in light of all calamities.

Finally, a Buddhist friend shared about how she transformed *from a meatatarian to a vegetarian, from a hostile to a filial daughter-in-law - thanks to Guan Yin Citta*. The lighthearted and amusing sharing about Guan Yin Citta’s efficacy wowed many in the audience, inspiring all to continue their diligence and persistence towards spiritual practice.

If you wish to understand more about *Master Lu’s latest discourses, learn to apply Buddhist teachings into our everyday lives, imbibe yourself with more positive energy and blessings from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas*, we welcome you! Join us in the next *English Sharing Session* to embark on a wondrous expedition of wisdom and positivity!

Date and time:
Sunday 2 February 2020
11 Chang Charn Road,
Shriro House, #05-01
Singapore 159640
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(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, you have often mentioned in the radio program that there are not many who are true to their spiritual cultivation. May I know what are the criteria of true cultivation? Is it right that, as long as we persist in our daily recitation, we can be considered as being true to our cultivation?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Not necessarily so. What you do on the outside is useless. A true cultivator will always have Bodhisattva as their role model. On a daily basis, they will check their line of thought, behaviour, speech and deeds against that of Bodhisattva. Only in this manner that they can be considered as true to their cultivation.

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(Master Jun Hong Lu's call-in radio program)


Caller: Master Lu, we endeavour to apply what we have learned from _‘Buddhism in Plain Terms’_ into our daily life but we still get overwhelmed by fear when faced with challenges. I would like to overcome such fear.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Recite the *_Heart Sutra_* (Xin Jing). A wise man is not afraid of anything. Why am I not afraid of anything? Because I have wisdom. Just like a little boy who tells his mother, “Mommy, mommy, something has gone wrong…” He is scared stiff because he does not know how to deal with a particular situation. Conversely, when you have wisdom, you will be able to handle everything.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
Sydney, Australia
10 January 2020


Master Jun Hong Lu:
Be grateful to those who have hurt you, as they made your life distinctive;

Be grateful to those who have made things difficult for you, as they polished your mental attitude;

Be grateful to those who have deceived you, as they helped you gained wisdom;

Be grateful to those who despised you, as they helped you reinstate your self-esteem;

Be grateful to those who have abandoned you, as they made you independent and strong.

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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: I have encountered a problem. I have been busy reciting _Little House_ everyday, yet my quest to attain enlightenment is impeded. Why other Buddhist practitioners are progressing so well in their spiritual cultivation?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It is simple, in order to be enlightened, we have to perform recitations and study _Buddhism In Plain Terms_ at the same time. Isn’t _Buddhism In Plain Terms_, which I have given you, the key to attain enlightenment in this mortal world? Performing recitations will lead to transcendence of your spiritual cultivation. With higher state of mind coupled with worldly key, aren’t you able to unlock the door that leads to enlightenment?

Caller: I agree! The experience is extraordinarily each time I read _Buddhism In Plain Terms_.

Master Jun Hong Lu : Absolutely.

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Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
Melbourne, Australia
25 August 2017


Master Jun Hong Lu: As Buddhist practitioners, we should know that a kind person does no harm and a person who is morally upright will not go back on their words. We should not underestimate the power of kindness; neither should we think that to upkeep one’s moral conduct is worthless. We should always remember that, our kindness is a mode for us to amass good blessings while our moral righteousness is the disposition that gives us the room for manoeuvring in life.

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(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)


Caller: Master, please enlighten us on the way to overcome ignorance.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Listen more and talk less; think more and move less; be vigilant and cautious when dealing with people and refrain from being arrogant and anxious; learn from and listen more to others. Befriend virtuous and noble people, with that, you will surely overcome ignorance. Would you commit foolish acts if you are watched by me everyday?

Caller: No.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Some of them can still make foolish mistakes even with me around, however, I am able to stop them from continuing immediately.

Caller: I understand now. For those who are not by the side of Master...

Master Jun Hong Lu: Study _Buddhism In Plain Terms_. The energy in it is from the Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva has told us that we will be blessed by the Dharma protectors each time we study _Buddhism In Plain Terms._

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An Excerpt
Master Jun Hong Lu's Discourse
(Question 362)
10 February 2020


Master Jun Hong Lu: In life, we have to be prepared for everything. That’s precisely why Bodhisattva wishes for us to practise Buddhism - it is for our early preparation. We should not wait until our body is frail or for our family to meet with some mishaps to start performing recitation. Clearly by then, it is all too late.

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