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Full Version: Guan Yin Citta & Master Lu
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Male Listener: Master had said before that Heart Sutra has the greatest merit; does this mean that our usual recitation on Heart Sutra will benefit all sentient beings?

Master Lu: The merits from Heart Sutra and Da Bei Zhou are both great, so are the other sutras and mantras which yield great merits. However, Heart Sutra is best at resolving one’s contradicting problems at heart. If you cannot think properly and contemplating suicide, the immediate recitation of Heart Sutra will rejuvenate your heart and you will receive Bodhisattva’s wisdom.

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One day, a bus filled with students met with an accident. Many of the children were injured. They were moved to the road side. Passers-by came along to lend a helping hand in the rescue effort. A lady quickly attended to a badly injured student to check on his injury. At that moment, a man appeared next to the lady, in a very rough manner he squeezed his way through and shoved the lady away, shouting at her, “Let me do it, I have first-aid knowledge”. He thought he could relief the suffering of the injured student. The least he expected was for his first-aid knowledge to cause the injured to wail in acute pain. When the lady saw that the man was at a loss and didn’t know what to do, she then went forward, patted his shoulder and said, “Mister, should you need the help of a surgeon, I am right behind you.”

Please remember many of us made mistakes and suffered from our own wrongdoing due to our tendency to take others too lightly. Those whom we are indifferent to may possess more superior cultural knowledge than us!

[emoji365]“There are mountains
beyond mountains”
[emoji365]“Heavens beyond
[emoji365]"When I walk along two
others, they may serve
me as my teacher”
[emoji365]“Within ten steps, there
are fragrant grasses”

Let go of our haughtiness and arrogance. Never be complacent and do not blatantly disregard the existence of others. Despising others turns us into a highly ignorant person, this is our biggest mistake!

Think about our many wrongdoings at home. Haven’t it stemmed from our assumption that we are the most capable? Some men thought that their wives’ effort in cooking was nothing great. Until the day they attempt to do it themselves. Only then they will realise that the task is not as simple and their cooking may even be rejected by dogs!

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