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From experience, Starhub tends to do better underground eg in sub tunnels or basement shopping.

Also, their pattern of new plan launches are almost always reactionary to SingTel. That said, they do have excellent value proposition for the budget conscious like facebook free usage on Happy prepaid cards and better value prepaid plans in general. Recenty they also came out with some unlimited talktime plans which would be great for brokers and agents and salespersons.

(04-08-2013, 05:45 PM)Dividend Warrior Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-08-2013, 05:17 PM)NTL Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-08-2013, 12:33 PM)Dividend Warrior Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-08-2013, 12:04 PM)NTL Wrote: [ -> ]Does this means that Starhub is subsidizing their customers to watch soccer? Good news for Singtel as they still be collecting $59.90, and bad news for Starhub as they will only collect $17.37?

Singtel needs to pay cross-carriage fees to Starhub.

Oh, dunno there such a cross platform fee. Tried searching the internet, but unable to find out more info about it.

It sounds so funny that Singtel need to pay Starhub, so that Starhub's customers can watch Singtel's programs. Isn't that on normal business ground, it supposed to be Starhub paying Singtel so that their customers can watch the same program, and Starhub can charge the price they want to the customers?

So... Who set the fees amount? Starhub? Singtel? MDA?

The same thing already happened for Euro 2012. Starhub got the rights back then. But they paid Singtel a cross-carriage fee for showing the matches on miotv.
[Image: UEFA-Euro-2012-Pack-Early-Bird-Promotion.jpg]

It is mentioned in this article.

As for who sets the fee amount, I dunno......Huh
I guess it is the MDA who sets the amount.....

From the telco biz pov i suppose since the content owner gets to charge advertisers who run ads during airing of their programme they are the ones who stand to collect most of the revenue hence they are more than willing to pay the carrier (host) the fees for usage of their platform.
SINGAPORE: Pay-TV operator StarHub has been appointed by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) to commission and produce original Public Service Broadcast programmes.

MDA said these programmes will air on StarHub's pay-TV and Internet television platforms, and be made available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

StarHub is the first pay-TV operator to be appointed by MDA under its Public Service Broadcast Contestable Funds Scheme (PCFS).

Under the scheme, Singapore viewers will be able to enjoy more quality local programming on pay-TV as well, beyond free-to-air (FTA) television by 2014.

MDA said StarHub has been invited to come on-board the PCFS as it has shown a strong commitment to develop fresh, innovative local content.

StarHub will commission more local programmes including non-PCFS-funded ones.

StarHub has committed to extend the reach of its original-commissioned programmes through multiple screens and devices to reach even more Singaporeans.

It will make the content available on its TV Anywhere platform free of charge, six months after the initial broadcast.

MDA said StarHub's entry into local television content production will also help to introduce a new level of competition to the broadcast sector.
I chose to post the survey result here. One relevant result is the cable TV viewership...

(not vested)

Viewers still tuning in to free-to-air channels: Survey

SINGAPORE — Almost nine in 10 viewers here watched terrestrial channels on a weekly basis, with almost all tuning in via a television set at home, the latest Nielsen Media Index report released yesterday showed.

In comparison, cable TV viewership fell 4.5 per cent to 41.3 per cent.

MediaCorp’s Channel 8 continued to have the highest weekly reach among terrestrial channels at about 60 per cent. Channel 5 reached more than half (53.4 per cent) of the population here, while Channel U maintained stable weekly viewership of 47 per cent.

Channel NewsAsia had a reach of 35 per cent of adults here, with professionals, managers, executives and businessmen (PMEBs) making up half of its viewers. PMEBs also comprise 63 per cent of those who visit on an average weekly basis.

The year-long survey involved 4,703 respondents. Ms Rebecca Tan, Managing Director of Nielsen’s media business in Singapore and Malaysia, said: “While consumers are largely consuming audio and video content via traditional platforms, the number consuming content on digital/mobile platforms is forecast to grow.”

She noted that media owners and content providers here “are already ahead of the curve, offering options to view via multiple platforms”.

For example, MediaCorp said Catch-up TV on xinmsn is accessed by 300,000 viewers on average each week, in addition to those who view its terrestrial channels on a TV set.
StarHub's 3Q net profit dips 1% to $95.3 mil

StarHub said net profit after tax for the third quarter ended September fell 1% to $95.3 million.

For the quarter, operating revenue decreased 1% to $578.8 million from S$585.9 million a year ago. The decrease was led by lower equipment sales revenue. EBITDA was 1% lower at $186.9 million compared to a year ago.

Service revenues for the quarter was stable. Segment-wise, mobile revenue increased 2% YoY to $308.3 million for the quarter. Post-paid mobile services revenue was 2% higher YoY for the quarter. Pre-paid mobile services revenue decreased 2% YoY to $59.5 million for the quarter.

Pay TV revenue decreased 4% YoY for the quarter to $95.5 million. This was due mainly to lower subscription and advertising revenues.

Broadband revenue decreased 5% to $59.6 million for the quarter compared to a year ago.

Fixed Network revenue increased 3% YoY for the quarter. Data & Internet services revenue, which makes up over 80% of the Fixed Network revenue, increased $2.5 million to $76.8 million from a year ago.
Starhub is following a strategy which is quite different from the rest...

Partner start‐ups, not buy them

StarHub is intent on making a play for a slice of the start‐up pie, but it will take the partnership route instead of outright acquisi?on, its CEO, Tan Tong Hai, said yesterday. While StarHub co‐invests in start‐ups, it plans to offer other forms of support as well, especially through the MediaHub building, which is scheduled for completion in 1Q16.

hm... just wanna ask
starhub seems to have a very high dividend payout ratio
does it still have enough cash to go into such partnerships?
if not, do they have to tap into more debt for this sorts of co-investments?
Singapore, 29 November 2013 – StarHub today celebrated the first day of construction for its latest facility, MediaHub and shared how it plans to push the boundaries beyond conventional telecoms and media business. The building design was also unveiled at the event.

Minister for Communications and Information, Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, graced the groundbreaking ceremony held at Infinite Studios as the Guest-of-Honour. The event was attended by over 200 guests comprising StarHub’s customers, partners and public-sector officials.

MediaHub is located at one-north, a 200-hectare business park in Buona Vista developed by JTC Corporation. The six-storey building which has a basement, will occupy 8,590 square metres of land area with an estimated gross floor area of 21,400 square metres. Construction is expected to be completed by 1Q-2016.

Mr Tan Tong Hai, CEO of StarHub said, "This is indeed an exciting time for our business as MediaHub will mark another ‘hubbing’ milestone for StarHub. Not only will this building serve as a convergence hub for our fixed, mobile and pay TV networks, it will also be the place for our innovation and future business.”

MediaHub will also house a social media analytics lab and an adaptive production studio. These two facilities will work hand-in-hand to enhance ‘live’ TV production based on real-time social media conversations. It will also have a state-of-the-art business data centre to house all digital media and cloud services for StarHub and partners.

At MediaHub, StarHub’s SmartHub big data platform will also be deployed across all its networks, whereby massive datasets will be processed for in-depth understanding of consumer and social behaviour and sentiment. This will support its collaborations with institutes of higher learning, start-ups as well as local and multi-national corporations to create new analytic concepts and business models. In addition, StarHub’s i3 (Innovation, Investment, Incubation) division formed in February this year, will also use MediaHub to house its innovation showcase and incubation labs for start-up companies and nascent technology projects with commercial potential.

Mr Tan added: “As part of our go-green initiatives to lower our overall power consumption in our operations, we are pleased that MediaHub has been designed to achieve the Building & Construction Authority Green Mark (Data Centre) GoldPlus certification.”

StarHub has appointed JURONG Consultants Pte Ltd as the multi-disciplinary consulting service provider to look into energy efficiency, water efficiency, sustainable construction and management, indoor environment quality as well as other green features for MediaHub. It will deploy, amongst other things, an efficient air-conditioning system, energy efficient IT equipment and virtualisation technology to reduce overall IT equipment power demand.

[Image: starhub-620x469.jpg?hash=A2H4LzZmLG&upscale=1]

Wow......seems like Starhub owns the entire building! The construction cost must be huge.
Starhub will release its results tonight

I'm not expecting much, so as long as they keep paying the 20 cents dividends ^^
(06-02-2014, 09:15 AM)felixleong Wrote: [ -> ]Starhub will release its results tonight

I'm not expecting much, so as long as they keep paying the 20 cents dividends ^^

yup a 20cents guidance for FY2014 is good enough..

a capital reduction is a bonus.......
StarHub Reports 2013 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results

 FY Total Revenue Decreased 3% To S$2.36 Billion
 FY EBITDA Grew 2% To S$733 Million
 FY EBITDA Margin At 32.9%
 FY Net Profit After Tax Increased 3% To S$371 Million

Outlook for FY2014
Based on the current outlook, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, we expect the Group’s 2014 service revenue to grow in the low single-digit range and our Group EBITDA margin to be about 32% on service revenue. We expect our total CAPEX payments in 2014 to be about 13% of total revenue. For 2014, we intend to maintain our annual cash dividend payout of 20 cents per ordinary share.

(Vested) Big Grin
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