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Starhub just XD
power of CD ^^
The battlefield move to data market... Big Grin

StarHub offers ‘single-rate’ roaming

SINGAPORE — StarHub post-paid users stand to benefit from a new convenience when travelling overseas.

Singapore’s second largest telco yesterday announced its RoamEasy value-added service, which lets subscribers data roam at a “true single-rate”. The service charges a single data roaming rate of S$10 per 50MB when they connect to any mobile network in 20 overseas destinations. The current standard rate for data roam charges is at S$20 per megabyte.
CIMB Starhub report, rating NEUTRAL, TP $4.52

IMO, enterprise market is a promising one. M1 and Starhub are targeting it, but so far, base on fiber broadband's ARPU data (both residential and blended) on both companies' AR, no sign of any significant success. SingTel is still the dominant one in enterprise market at the moment.

I am not quite sure the roaming fee will play significant part on overall revenue?

Refer to management quote on fiber broadband. M1 is different from other small players with its mobile biz IMO

"management believes that the current landscape is not sustainable and expects the fibre broadband industry to consolidate. It thinks that two players are sufficient. We expect ARPUs in this segment to remain depressed in the short to medium term given that the smaller players including M1 are cutting prices to gain more subscribers as they come from a very low base. Therefore, we think that Starhub’s broadband franchise will be eroded by SingTel and the smaller rivals."

Facetime with the CEO
The main takeaways from Starhub’s participation at our Annual Asia
Pacific conference are: 1) it is eyeing the enterprise market as a growth
driver, 2) it is trying to stimulate roaming revenues with its new rate,
and 3) competition in fibre remains stiff

Starhub remains a Neutral with no
change to our DCF-based target price
(WACC 7.8%) given the lack of
re-rating catalysts for the stock. M1
is our top telco pick in Singapore as
it is the key beneficiary of the surging
take-up of tiered data plans
yeah, too much competition in the fibre broadband business.. everyone is like selling the same product and margins are getting thinner
starhub looks expensive at 20 times earnings
looks like the MDA ruling is turning out to be a lose-all deal, be it singtel/starhub/consumers.

Starhub have released their prices to watch the cross-carriage Barclays Premier League on cable TV.
Their cheapest "Surf and Watch" package comes in at S$47.37 (comes with 25Mbps cable home broadband). But this will have to be added on top of the S$59.90 (cross-carried BPL package) stand-alone package announced by rights owners SingTel last month.
So the total cost of watching BPL on Starhub is $47.37 (Surf & Watch) + $59.90 = $107.27.
However, to offset this, Starhub is offering a S$300 rebate to anyone who signs up or re-contracts to watch the BPL on their platform.
Another higher grade Starhub package offering the Deluxe HD Pack and 100Mbps fibre/cable home broadband costs S$62.37 (w/GST) per month. Both this package and the cheaper package are valid until 30 September 2013.
“In addition to providing a seamless, lag-free viewing experience on StarHub TV, the S$300 rebate is our way of showing our appreciation to football fans who choose to watch the BPL cross-carried on our platform,” said Ms Lin Shu Fen, Head of Home Solutions, StarHub.
“With the football season lasting almost ten months a year, this works out to $30 per month for ten months or almost 50% off the 2013/14 BPL season package price dictated by our competitor,” she added.
A fortnight ago, rival SingTel slapped a S$59.90 tag on its standalone, nine-channel EPL package – an over 70% increase from S$34.90 for a similar subscription plan last year.
Current SingTel subscribers will continue to be charged the lower rate, up until their contracts run out.
The new BPL deals come after SingTel’s failed appeal against Media Development Authority (MDA) orders for the telco to share EPL content with its rival StarHub.
Under this “cross-carriage” ruling, SingTel, as the initial exclusive rights-owner, will have to allow the next three seasons of the Barclays Premier League to be carried on Starhub as well.
Facebook user Ng Jia Jun commented on Yahoo! Singapore's Facebook page that despite Starhub's lower pricing, "$50 or $60 for watching EPL is still too expensive... Prices are inflated."
Another reader, Tan Peng Hock, said he expected SingTel to lower their prices in order to compete.
What say you? Will Starhub's new pricing convince you to switch if you're a mioTV subscriber or is it too still too expensive to watch the Premier League on TV?
Duopoly is still a bad thing, consumers still suffer, haizzz
Ultimately, it is all about demand & supply.

As long as there is demand, there will be supply.

Personally, I feel that FIFA is a huge part of the problem too. A lot of people are blaming the telcos for overpaying for the rights. But FIFA was the one who demanded the huge amount of money. You think FIFA seriously cares about the BPL viewers in Singapore?

Imagine this.....

Singtel & Starhub, "Hey FIFA. We had enough of all the shenanigans. We are setting our price at a reasonable $XXXm where we can charge our customers reasonable prices. This is the maximum we are prepared to pay."

FIFA, "That amount is too low! LOL....."

Singtel & Starhub,"There is no way we are going to be carrot head this time!"

FIFA, "Ok. Fine. Singapore can do without BPL for the next 3 years. See ya....."

Singtel & Starhub, ".............."

Having said all that, I am sure enough viewers will subscribe to the packages for the BPL to remain economically viable for Singtel and Starhub. Well, at least for the next 3 years. So, the viewers indirectly contribute to the problem because they keep paying and FIFA think we are suckers!

Sadly, I think "$100 BPL" is gonna happen within the next decade.

PS: I dun watch soccer. ^^
Hi just a correction it is not FIFA that singtel negotiates with, its the premier league collectively.

Secondly, Singtel/starhub has the power of being a small player. To the 20 clubs in premier league, Singapore is a small market which does not bump up much of their TV rights revenue. Essentially, for the premier league the more country it reaches, the more revenue it has. and Singapore only accounts for a small fraction of tv revenue BPL gets.

Just a small fact: Singapore's 3 yr rights to BPL is s$400 Million, while UK's 3 yr right costs s$3.45 Billion. If Singapore had bided for 300M, I am sure the premier league wont feel the pinch. My worry is that the 400M that Singtel has bided will set precedence for the next negotiation due next year. BPL will ask for the same amount or slightly more.

Population of UK is around 65M, while Singapore is 5M.
It look like as consumers, we can do nothing but watch our subscription goes up every year! Unless, quit the whole soccer hobby. Tried online streaming but bad quality and lagging.
May be soccer fans need to fire-up a excel sheet to know which is a better deal... or engage a consultant for advice...Big Grin

StarHub announces S$300 rebate for BPL fans

SINGAPORE - StarHub has announced the pricing of its packages to be paired with Barclays Premier League (BPL) matches cross-carried on its platforms.

It said those who sign up or re-contract for one of its two Surf & Watch bundles and register for BPL content to be cross-carried on its platforms will get a S$300 rebate off their bill.
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