A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step 千里之行,始于足下。

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Gratitude - wish everyone a great weekend.
Waking up to another cool morning with birds chirping in the wood...
I wish everyone a relax and happy weekend.  Big Grin

Enjoy WB:

Increasing, noises in the market had becoming louder and louder. The volatility and uncertainty of the market had also increased the conviction needed by valuebuddies to hold on tight to their beloved shares/scripts.  

Extremely difficult and I'm afraid, the (downward) trends will continue and more and more challenging for our valuebuddies to hold on.

With lots of gratitude, I am really thankful of all the kind sharings/tips given by our valuebuddies.  Thank you very much.

One of our valuebuddies favorite stock Micro-Mechanics Holdings was covered by bloggers recently:
1) 27 Oct 2022 Dr Wealth - Zhi Rong Tan "Singapore Semi-Conductor companies dragged down by US-China Relations" 

2)  27 Oct 2022 The Smart Investor - Royston Yang "4 Red Flags to Watch During the Upcoming Earning Season"

3) 28 Oct 2022 The Edge - Felicia Tan "MMH Report 14.6% lower earnings of $4.2m for 1QFY2023"

MMH closed at $2.76 on 28 Oct 20222 (after it announced result in the afternoon @12.15pm


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