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Full Version: A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step 千里之行,始于足下。
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Do you agree that our first experience shape our future behavior?

This is how I begin.... and you?

A business trip to Munich.

Lufthansa domestic flight was delayed at Frankfurt airport. I was led to a candy/chocolate bar buffet counter.
Being a Asian, I make full use of the opportunity to load up big bag of Mars bar, etc ... to make my money worth.

After touch down at Munich, my taxi drive me directly to my hotel which is at sub-urban industrial district.

My first encounter with sheep walking across the road...

[Image: sheep-crossing-road.jpg]
Picture google from internet.

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.
For the past 6 months, something really funny happened in singapore stocks.
Bluechips drop significantly but the penny stocks not only did not drop but raise consistently... until last friday.... This week/month might be a turning point to the funny situation?

Back to my stories... Journey of a thousand miles begin with one step...

I'm not doing well with the hotel receptionist.
Although the check in process is swift but we can't communicate well.
After great effort then I managed to get a general direction to my office (training center).

Bored, I decided to walk to my office, look-see, look-see.
I followed the general direction and managed to locate the building.
The sun begins to set and the air is getting cooler.

My legs a bit pain (due to the new shoes that I worn).

There was nothing to see along the way... I mean, no shopping, no restaurants, nothing... just trees, grass and open space.

It's dark and I'm limping on the way back to my hotel.

There is a chair and let me rest for a moment... tired.

When I look in front, I saw a full moon.
Today is mid autumn festival.

I shed my tear as the following verse filled my heart:
[Image: Full+Moon+June25-10_3054.jpg]
Picture google from internet.
at 7:30am, I read about SGX actions on the 3 stocks. out of these 3, one of them was in my watchlist. I asked the questions, if at 1+ 2 dollar, people already wanted to buy, then at such a low price, why not?

when I check the price at early trading hour, it had dropped to 20+ cents. oh...well...

when I check again 15 mins later, it had dropped to single digit. I punch-in to make a buy but was rejected. Instead, the website asked me to call a certain telephone number.

i pick up my phone and dial the number... the rest is history... my tikam money in the account allows me to pickup many many lots at single digit price.... and I still wondering why people buy them at more than 1 dollar and yet when it's such a low price, nobody is buying?

ok, back to my story.


I'm a emotional person... I know.
I felt for things that's injustices, I felt when something wrong is being done, I felt too when love is in the air.

I focus my mind and instead of sadness, my heart is filled with warm of love.

Now, looking at the full moon, I couldn't feel more lucky than ever, I begin to relax.

Yesterday was Sunday, today is Monday.

I did not had any food since touch down in Frankfurt.
I survived on the goody bags from Lufthansa and also free coffee in hotel room.
I did not have the urge to eat and neither the urge to approach hotel receptionists... comms challenge.

I arrived at my training center early to take a good seat.
I also chop one seat for my office colleague.
I wonder where is Q?
Q touchdown one week ahead of me as he has a earlier class. We should be in the same hotel but he did not stay there.
Is there something terrible happen to him? (my mind stray again... Q is a very unique name. If you know someone by the name of Q, then likely he is the one I'm referring to.)

All the students are sited and the instructor had just came into the classroom.
Everyone is settling down and the classroom is quiet.

Suddenly, the door sprung open and Q jump in with apology.
"Sorry, sorry." funny that he apologies with a big wide smiling face. Big Grin

"Sorry, sorry." as I watch Q skillfully parked his luggage at a corner near the entrance.

I waved at him and he quickly settle down at the seat that I chop for him.

Relax. I'm not alone.
[Image: munich-img3.jpg]
Picture google from internet
Waited for a long long time then instructor call for a break.

Q and I go to vending machine (which dispense beers too in Munich).

I'm very curious.

Q explains that over the weekend, he went to "Bursolds" and Belgium for a weekend. I'm not exactly know where are these two countries but I'm glad that he managed to come back.


Today is wednesday. Our German instructor started the class by announcing that he won a lottery and no class on Friday.

Ok, one free day in Munich... I thought.

Never did I know that it's actually the budding of my travel aspirations.

Once the class ended, Q fly to Hauptbahnhof (Main train station in German... every town has one Hauptbahnhof).

Q hit the travel center immediately and booked the first tour that goes out of Munich on Firday. Fast fast. Traveling should be spontaneous... I think.

Thursday evening, Q requested hotel receptionist to pack a breakfast box tomorrow morning.

The hotel staff frown and explains that the restaurant does not open so early in the morning.

Q says that we do not need a full breakfast... bread, butter, jam and may be apples will do.

You should look at the face of the hotel staff. There is a sight of relief and follow by a bright smile.

Moral of the story: I learn that many people likes to follow instruction. If you tell them exactly what you expects, they will go all out to meet your expectations.

Friday morning, we had our goodies bag and we board our coach to Neuschwanstein 新天鹅湖堡。(see the photo in my previous post)

and this is the beautiful Munich city hall:
[Image: 07BD3FB26E614A6697B54B0C6D44A919.ashx?w=655&h=269]
picture google from internet.

Smile 天天快乐。
We had just joined a 100% German speaking tour... Tour guide included.

You see....

Berlin wall has just tore down and those rich people from East Germany are flopping to the west... part holiday, part looking for opportunities but mostly driven by curiosities.

They are mainly intellect like doctors, teachers etc and very well-mannered.

Only problem: They don't speak English (Tour guide included).

Everytime, before we reach our sight seeing site, our tour guide will gives a long introduction but we are 100% zero/clueless.

When we get down from the bus, our tour guide will show us his watch and then write down the departure/gathering time...
followed by pointing to a place/roadside waiting area for the bus.

You can imagine that we when to three countries (Germany, Switzerland and Italy) without knowing where we are exactly.

Two stories I wanted to share with you.

One of the night, we did not stay in the same hotel with the East German. Instead, the tour guide leave two of us near a hotel that's fronting a lake.

I spend my evening with Q, sitting on a table, oversea the beautiful lights, dotted on the beautiful mountain, across the beautiful lake.

This is a million dollar view and it etched forever in my mind...
And, for a million dollar too, I had no idea what is this lake or this place... until I visit it again by chance.

See my stories here: Italy Lake Como

Story #2:

One day, after we alighted from our bus.
As usual, tour guide will write down the gathering time and pointed to the bus waiting area, then he let us go.

We walked along a narrow strip of road with shops on the left and a lake on the right hand side.

I wonder into a souvenir shop and noticed a postcard of a crafted white lion lying on the floor.
This reminds me of a similar photo that I saw in Singapore.

I highlight to Q and he understood me immediately.

We rush out of the souvenir shop and starts asking for direction to the lion. (we must rush because we don't know the distance/time taken to reach the lion but we must return on time for the bus.)

Eureka! We found it!
and, by the way, we also found out that we are in Lucerne Switzerland.
I'll leave it to you to google the stories for the lion...or simply pay it a visit when you're free.
Big Grin
[Image: dsc08878.jpg?w=800&h=535]
picture googled from internet

Heart Love Compassion
Quote:There is a suggested way to read these travel stories. You need to slow down and take a deep breath. Stay focus and imagine that you're the person traveling. Read word-by-word and picture yourself on location. Enjoy.

On Sunday evening, we returned back to Munich Hauptbahnhof.
We totally enjoyed the beautiful Southern Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
Although we had no idea where we were, we were completely satisfied with the German tour.

During the trip, Q taught me a few key German phases that's absolutely essential for day to day survival.
How to pronounce all the ten digits.
How to recognize simple food on the menu. Kartoffel-Potatos, Schwein-pig.

Without Q's orientation, I wouldn't be so "kang-ho" later on.

Sunday 7pm at Munich Hauptbahnhof

Q helped me to purchase a train ticket to Paderborn.
He taught me to write down the destination on a piece of paper.
While handing over the paper to the cashier, try also to pronounce the name slowly.
Remember to says Danke - Thank you, too.

Q also orientated me on the train time table.
In particular, paid special attention to the coach.
It's very common to have night trains to stop half way and split.
First half of the train will go one way and the other half of the train will go another direction/city.

As Q waved goodbye to me, I realised that my Montessori had just began.
Q would fly back to home from Munich and I would have another week in Germany (plus two more weeks in UK.)

9pm in the six seaters compartment (train)
I chosen a window seat but there was nothing to look at.
It was pitch dark outside.
Feeling bore.
Then, a teenager walked into my compartment.
She took a quick glance at me and quickly push down two opposite chairs nearest to the door to form a bed.
Then, she closed and locked the train door and switched off the light and laid down quickly.


Mmm.... when in Rome, better do what the Romans do.
I studied the seats carefully.
After a few tried, managed to push them down and formed a bed too!

Finally, I could sleep properly.

See the picture below.
Now, you know that these seats can be push down to formed a bed.
So, you can sleep lying down too.

:-) Happy everyday...

[Image: QOD05.jpg]
picture googled from internet
Quote:The beginning of this thread is the story of how I developed my travel aspirations...

Many years later, a golden handshake kick starts my journey into full time Real Estate ....
This is how it begin...

My neighbor works in construction industry.
Understood that I had just gotten my golden handshake and still looking for a job, she shared that there will be a lot of job opportunities in Real Estate.
"You need not be a property agent. There are a lot of property related disputes and you could be a mediator, for example."

Her next statement really fired me up.
"Besides, I heard that the Real Estate exam is very difficult. Not many people can pass."

I must gives it a try! Thanks for the tips.

That was a sunday.
Wasting no time, I contacted my secondary school friend JT who is a property agent.
JT agreed to lunch with me on Wednesday to address my questions and concerns.

JT treated me to lunch.
He was sympathy to my situation.
He was sharp... he was aware of my hesitation in becoming a property agent.
He nudged me a little bit.
"I'm not saying that you should stop your job application.
You can continue to go for interviews.
But, when you have some free time, why not attend the Real Estate training and then get your CEA certificate?"

Thank you JT, I know what to do.

Later 7pm at home.
I tried to google for more information on how to get the CEA certification.
A) There are two methods to enroll for training.
One is to choose a Real Estate Agency/company and then attend their in-house sponsored training.
Alternative is to choose a training center and sign up NTUC membership and get 50% course rebate.

I choose the later as I'm not sure which agency is suitable for me.

B) There are a few training schools (including those sponsored by Real Estate Agency) that are offering full time and part time CEA training.
Let me google and see what's their references.
Mmm... hardware zone has an interesting discussion on the trainers and this particular trainer seems to have received a lot of praise. (of course, nobody attend two identical training just to find out which trainer is better. The feedback is based on individual student's perception. Smile

Next, let me find out the schedules offered by these few training schools. Take note:
Full time is 10 days 6 hours each.
Part time is 20 days 3 hours each, plus, it's available alternate days and it actually stretch more than one month.

Full time probably will be more suitable for me as I can afford to attend class everyday.

Wait a moment, there is another deciding factors before I choose which training school.
C) Exam schedule...
Mmm... The exam frequency is very bad. Only once a month (at that time).

I do a quick check on all the training school full time schedule and it's clear that I am very lucky.
The trainer that I wanted to attend is offering a class starting tomorrow at 9am.

After 10 days of training, aka immediately after the completion of the training, the school will gives me a certificate (says at 4pm).
I'll need to run to CEA exam center (close at 6pm) to register for the next exam which is scheduled two weeks later.

If I missed the registration, then the next available exam will be 1.5 month later.

You can imagine how happy I am when I realised that tomorrow class is specifically designed to meet the schedule of next CEA exam. Perfect clock works! Excellent job by the training school.

D) Immediately, I log on to the training center website to register for the class.
Another pleasant surprise, normally, there will be two instructors teaching the class because some of the modules are law conveyance related and had to be taught by "THE" trainer that I wanted to attend. The remaining module do not have this "law" requirements and usually taught by another trainer.
But, for the class that I'm registering, all classes will be taught by "THE" trainer.

After I completed my registration, there is a warning in RED The class is full. The administrator will call me if there is a vacancy.

Mmm.... all my pleasant surprise become un-pleasant surprise.

<to be continue...>
[Image: lg_portfolio_2.gif]

Smile Happy everyday...