Tianjin Zhongxin Pharm Group

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Tianjin ZX should be reporting decent Y2021 results coming end March. I am hoping that they will increase dividend.
The stock is depressed due to the current covid outbreak. This allow me to take up a small position.
Hi yoyo,

yes it is a pharma company with decent cash flow generated consistently. The company being a SOE is part of the "CCP approved clique" and has not seen its business curtailed and safe from XJP's wrath.

However, the div yield is quite low, but i guess this is because its business has a good track record of generating free cashflow annually and is a known SOE pharma here. Its worth a punt. I recall its Shanghai listed shares is selling at a much higher valuation than the Singapore shares but you cant transfer it over.
Thanks CY09 highlight on the SOE "CCP approved clique". Errrr Tianjin ZX has been increasing dividend from Year 2018. Last payout in Y2021 is CNY0.30 approx SGD 0.06 Based on the closing price of USD 1.00, the yield is about 4%. Certainly no rich, but by no mean low.

I am aware of the non-transferability, since both classes of shares are entitled to the same dividend, I am happier with the lower investment cash outlay as compare to our Shanghai counterpart.

By owning Tianjin ZX shares, I am indirectly supporting TCM popularity. Am I? Kill two birds with one stone - make money and serve good cause.

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