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The Ministry of National Development (MND) on Thursday said it was pleased that the Jilin Food Zone project had made good progress.

"Our private sector has taken the lead to drive this project and several companies have successfully negotiated commercial deals at the food zone," said MND.

Singapore's Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, witnessed the signing of an investment and cooperation agreement between Singbridge Holdings Pte Ltd and the Jilin City Government, and a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Singapore investment company Temasek Holdings and the Jilin Provincial Government in Beijing.

Other successfully negotiated commercial deals include Singapore Food Industries Pte Ltd's joint venture to develop an integrated pig farm to start pork exports by 2014, Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd's completed urban planning and design of the food zone core area for the Jilin City Government, and the signing of a joint-venture agreement with Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation Ltd's subsidiary and the Jilin City Government to develop and operate a logistics park.
Further to Announcement No. 00081 dated 28 September 2012 “Divestment of Shares in a Subsidiary – Country Foods Macau, Limited”, SATS Ltd. wishes to add that the sale consideration of the sum of MOP$4,080,000 or approximately S$0.626million for the divestment of the 51% equity stake in Country Foods Macau, Limited (“CFM”) was arrived at after taking into account CFM’s unaudited net tangible asset value of MOP$9.9 million or approximately S$1.6million as at 31 July 2012 and CFM’s financial position and business prospects.
SINGAPORE - The 28,000sqm Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore opened officially today, doubling Singapore's berth capacity to four.
(22-10-2012, 11:05 PM)pianist Wrote: [ -> ]SINGAPORE - The 28,000sqm Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore opened officially today, doubling Singapore's berth capacity to four.

It will be a positive impact on SATS as it will be a new source of income for them.
Full year EPS-16.5cts
Divdend-6cts normal + 4cts special
swee la. looking forward to the special d
(15-05-2013, 08:34 AM)kbl Wrote: [ -> ]Full year EPS-16.5cts
Divdend-6cts normal + 4cts special

Proposed dividend for 2013 should be 15cts swee lar!
Good enough for me!
Huat arrr!!!!
SINGAPORE — Airport terminal services operator SATS yesterday reported fiscal Q4 net profit fell 7.8 per cent on-year to S$46.2 million despite revenue rising 3.6 per cent to S$449 million.

Net profit was affected by a S$16.8 million provision for the impairment of the deferred consideration due on the sale of Daniels Group, which was completed in October 2011. The deferred consideration receivable is contingent on Daniels’ performance over the two years to March 2013. As its performance has been below expectations, an impairment provision was made.

SATS said turnover had benefited from increased flights and higher meal volumes. Continued passenger traffic growth at Changi Airport and robust intra-Asia traffic will provide opportunities for its gateway and food businesses, it said. But continuing manpower policies in Singapore and their impact on operating costs remain as major challenges, it added.
Fiscal full-year profit rose 8.1 per cent to S$184.8 million.

dividend yield of 5% with a solid net cash position, SATS looks great ^^
More good news to shareholders... Big Grin

(not vested)

SATS may increase dividend in coming years - Maybank

SATS, an airport and food services provider, is likely to increase its dividend in the coming years, as the company is expected to expand margins with its various businesses showing strength, according to Maybank Kim Eng.

“SATS announced special dividends in the last three years and we expect this to be the new normal,” Maybank said in a research note on Thursday.
SATS is always in my eyeballs.
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