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(26-02-2022, 06:34 PM)Yoyo Wrote: [ -> ]
(24-02-2022, 06:37 PM)Behappyalways Wrote: [ -> ]Samudera result is out.....

NTA US 59.2 cents
EPS US 23.9 cents
Final Dividend 13.5 cents

More than 20% dividend yield

While Samudera Indonesia results has not yet released, it’s share price has rallied 22% on the back of the stellar result announcement of Samudera Shipping.

Hi Yoyo, I hoped you did get into this. I remember there were discussions with you on the approach to reverse engineer the Indo results at the start when I pointed out this interesting find. That was the catalyst that gave me the confidence to board this ship. Hope it did the same for you too since you did the work as well.
Yes Squirrel, I am vested albeit a reduced core. How I wish I am as convicted as you.
While we cheered on its stellar performance and the share price reaching all time high at 73 cents. do note that the new record is merely a tiny multiple over its historical high of 61.5 cents in 2006. Fellow shipping peers have been registering 2 - 2.5 times of their historical high. Let us hope for better market appreciation of its business.
The issuer of cargo transportation and logistics, PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk ( SMDR ) is optimistic, this year's performance can be better than 2021. This optimism is supported by the company's business conditions which during the first two months of 2022 were monitored positively.

Positive Performance at the Beginning of the Year, Samudera Indonesia (SMDR) Optimistic to Reach 2022 Target
(28-02-2022, 06:10 PM)Behappyalways Wrote: [ -> ]Positive Performance at the Beginning of the Year, Samudera Indonesia (SMDR) Optimistic to Reach 2022 Target

Thanks Behappyalways for the active news update.

The detailed translated article as follow: - Jakarta. Cargo and logistics transportation issuers, PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk (SMDR) are optimistic, this year's performance can be better than 2021. These optimism supported by the company's business conditions which for the first two months of 2022 were observed positive.

The Indonesian Ocean targets revenue in 2022 can exceed US $ 700 million.
President Director of PT Samudera Indonesia Tbk Bani Maulana Mulia said the target was chosen to see the trend of high service requests, so as used by the company to increase income this year.

'We have a maximize ship utility for the most profitable service,' said Bani, when contacted by, Monday (28\/2).

To take advantage of these conditions, the company also strives to optimize the productivity of the boat as much as possible. However, on the other hand, SMDR will still choose investment carefully.

In addition, SMDR is also investigating several opportunities for acquisition to support the existing business and increase the capacity and range of services in the future. But unfortunately, when Bali hasn't talked more detail about the acquisition plan.

Also read the Indonesian Ocean (SMDR) is optimistic that this year's revenue has penetrated US $ 700 million

'later in time, of course we will announce, now it cannot be disclosed,' said Bani.

In this 2022, SMDR prepared a capital expenditure allocation or capital expenditure (capex) of US $ 150 million. The capex fund, the plan will be used to increase the capacity of the ship and purchase new vessels.

The Indonesian Ocean has not officially released the company's financial performance for the financial year of 2021. But Bani said that the company's business rate in the past year was fairly satisfying, and successfully exceeded the previously set target.

As for, until the third quarter of-2021, SMDR recorded a service revenue of US $ 442.75 million. This value grew 22.27% compared to the same period the previous year of US $ 362.09 million.

The increase in income also lifted the acquisition of SMDR net profit by 878.78% to US $ 51.53 million. Even though in the same period of the previous year, the current period's profit that can be attributed to the owner of the Indonesian Ocean Entity, only reached US $ 5.26 million.
As part of my ongoing quirk, I would like to share with buddies here that I have exited Samudera Shipping Lines. It has been an interesting journey for this counter and all the best to holders going forward. Hope that my analysis has made a difference somehow for you.

More details as follows.

Lockdowns across China are spooking global supply chains again. The 17.5m population of Shenzhen, a vital export centre in the south of the country, has been placed into a week-long lockdown, as has the province of Jilin in the north, while Shanghai has placed some new measures on its citizens.

Shenzhen, which caused supply chain chaos last year with a Covid outbreak near its main port of Yantian, announced on Sunday a citywide seven-day lockdown as coranavirus cases spike in China to levels not seen since the illness was first detected in Wuhan more than two years ago. Every citizen in Shenzhen will undergo three Covid tests this week while all manufacturing and commercial activities have stopped in the city, one of the world’s most important exporting powerhouses.
Some of the chartered ships are chartered from the parent company. The parent company owns about 65% of the company

Samudera poised to benefit from ‘bumper year’ for shipping lines: SAC Capital

Divergent fundamentals pushed all-inclusive rates from North Asia down as many Asian production hubs went into isolation over coronavirus outbreaks, while rates from Southeast Asian origins balanced higher as increased blanked sailings further limited supply.

The spot market continued to play at muted levels during the week to March 18 amid surging coronavirus cases in key Asian production hubs, and a resulting slowdown in export demand.

Liners were reported lowering rates to below the average Freight All Kinds, with little expectation for short-term increases, carrier sources reported.

During the week to March 18, S&P Global Commodity Insights heard bookings into the USWC at FAK levels, indicating demand had still not risen to pre-Lunar New Year levels.

On the East Coast market, premiums continued to balance at $1,000 to $2,000 above the spot assessment of $11,000/FEU. One offer from China to Savannah was heard at $12,500/FEU from a freight forwarder.

“Of course, the situation in Shenzhen will upset things again and the coming wave expected for next month so we will continue to ride this rollercoaster,” said one US-based freight forwarder.

Elsewhere in South America, carrier direct offers were heard at around $9,800/FEU into the Pacific Coast, and $9,200/FEU into the Atlantic Coast, indicating few bookings were made above FAK levels were on that lane.

Southeast Asian all-in rates jump on blank sailings, lockdowns
The all-inclusive premium rates were heard at $16,000-$18,000/FEU for Southeast Asia to East Coast North America and $15,000-$16,000/FEU for the West Coast, sources said. This was $1,000-$2,000/FEU higher than a week ago.

“The blank sailings in the last few weeks were hinting at weak demand but rates have started going up now due to increasing congestion after several lockdown restrictions were imposed in Shenzhen,” a freight forwarder based in China said.

According to the Maersk update published on March 16, terminals at main ports in Greater China Area remain operational with vessel operations, yard handling and gate-in and gate-out functioning normally. However, some warehouse in Shenzhen will remain closed from March 14 to 20 and some depots have also been shut from March 15 until further notice.

“Amid the COVID outbreak, freight forwarder and shippers have to look for alternative ports,” a source based in Singapore said. “When operations at Yantian are disrupted, they move to Nansha or Da Chan Bay or Shekou, which are still being operated, if Shanghai is closed, they have to look at Ningbo, which is always the case and vice-versa.”

Even if the ports start functioning normally, shortage of the truckers will be the biggest challenge as they must go through a lot of tests at different checkpoints which often deter them from returning to work, the source added.

The disruptions in China-Europe rail and air freight has aggravated the concerns of congestion and backlogs, causing the premium rates to go up, sources said.

Meanwhile, rising crude oil prices have also fueled concerns of increase in bunker fuel surcharges and thus the container freight.

“The rising bunker fuel costs may have a higher impact on the rates on short-haul routes than the long-haul since freight levels are already so high on the latter,” a source based in India said. “We expect additional bunker fuel surcharges in the coming weeks.”

Asia to Europe market continues to soften
Container rates from Asia to North Europe saw slight downside over the course of the week as cargo imports eased slightly, however the market remained largely in wait-and-see mode regarding the latest coronavirus outbreak in Shenzhen.

Despite this, rates from Asia to the Mediterranean strengthened on FAK basis, rising to $13,700/FEU, from $13,000/FEU a week earlier. This firming came as gaps opened up in some carriers’ schedules and demand began to rebound, resulting in premiums re-entering the market.
Not really sure why SMDR has to report 2 months financial statement! Showing off? Haha

Anyway, 2months so far their patmi is over $35M as compared to their FY2021 of $93M.

As of today their market cap is about $360M.

What a bounce!
I have cut down my shares to insignificant amount.

A nice satisfactory ride.
Strong earnings mainly due to Samudera Shipping
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